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Commenting article: New Ethnic Turkish Leader: Somebody Wants Tensions in Bulgaria

There are factors interested in holding Bulgaria's 2013 parliamentary elections in an atmosphere of ethnic tensions, according to Lyutvi Mestan, the new leader of Bulgarian ethnic Turkish party DPS (Movement for Rights and Freedoms) who replaced emblematic leader Ahmed Dogan days ago.

Mestan's comment referred to last week's assault against Dogan during the DPS party conference by 25-year-old Oktay Enimehmedov, an ethnic Turkish Bulgarian from Burgas.

Ahmed Dogan, founder and leader of the DPS party ("Movement for Rights and Freedoms"), was the target of an attack right on the floor of a party conference on Saturday by 25-year-old Oktay Enimehmedov, also a Bulgarian citizen from ethnic Turkish origin. However, the gas pistol that Enimehmedov pointed at Dogan's head misfired.

sa-sha - 25 Jan 2013 // 20:08:04

Ну и рожа....Тоска-печаль
Муцуна ужасна...Тоска-тъга

sa-sha - 25 Jan 2013 // 20:10:58

......и водка