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Commenting article: EU Leaders Warn UK PM Cameron over Referendum

Germany and France have warned UK Prime Minister David Cameron that Britain cannot pick and choose EU membership terms in the wake of his pledge for a referendum.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said a future for the UK outside the EU could be "dangerous".

"We want the British to be able to bring all their positive characteristics to Europe... but you can't do Europe a la carte," he told French radio.

mattbg - 23 Jan 2013 // 22:40:20

he should be brave, and promise a referendum 6 months BEFORE the next elections, not AFTER.

let the public decide.

mattbg - 23 Jan 2013 // 22:44:05

can't do europe "a la carte" - ie you must give workshy french farmers/landowners massive subsidies so they can afford their foi gras, whilst the other european farmers struggle?

you must also stick to all the rules laid down by brussels whilst spaniards, greeks, italians etc all ignore them?

make the playing field fair, and the brits will be happy partners. until then, do like depardieu.