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Commenting article: Bulgarian MP Offers to Defend Dogan's Attacker Pro Bono

A Bulgarian lawyer and Member of the Parliament from the conservative Order, Law and Justice party, RZS, is offering to defend pro bono the man who attacked with a gas pistol ethnic Turkish leader, Ahmed Dogan.

RZS MP, Emil Vasilev, sent the offer as an open letter to the media Sunday.

In it, Vasilev notes that many politicians in Bulgaria, led by inertia, have declared the incident a terror act stirring ethnic hatred in the country, while the prosecution hurried to say it was a murder attempt without analyzing any evidence and information about the attacker, only to backtrack the statement later.

sa-sha - 20 Jan 2013 // 22:12:28

"Pro bono"?- Pro bono publico?-For the public good?-It's time.

It's time to stop "bicycle" (and DPS, sure), it's high time.......