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Commenting article: Where Bulgaria Went Wrong

from Huffington Post (blog)

by John Feffer

Bulgarians can talk at great length about what went wrong in 1989-90 and why the country didn't immediately become economically successful and politically liberal after the end of the Cold War. Some will tell you that the politicians didn't embrace the Western model quickly or thoroughly enough. Others will wax conspiratorial about secret Communist Party machinations.

KK1988 - 15 Jan 2013 // 17:27:03

economically speaking, bulgaria did sort of open up to the western world but where it went wrong is that very few bulgarians were willing and able to keep up with that growth. the ones that prospered did so because they were ready for it. proof of that is in the few years after the fall of communism one of the top 3 richest people in bulgaria was an arab who came from dubai with money he didnt even own (borrowed money). started a business with that money, imported from dubai. and became filthy rich. you have to be ready for growth when the opportunity comes.