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Commenting article: Bulgaria's 'War on Wheels' Shows Shy Signs of Taming

In 2012, Bulgaria has registered 6 714 serious traffic accidents with 599 fatalities and 8 191 injured people.

The sinister numbers, however, continue to go down every year. In comparison, in 2011 they were 6 790, 687, and 8 081, respectively.

This is the official data of the country's Interior Ministry.

peterperfect - 12 Jan 2013 // 10:34:20

This should be a wake up call to the transport ministry. Bulgarian driving instructors should be better trained and monitored, drivers should be better trained, roads improved so we don't have to continually look for potholes and ruts instead of ahead for traffic conditions, and better discipline for road users introduced. What is the vehicle numbers in Bulgaria and how many drivers are there? In the UK where there are 31,000,000 cars alone (excl lorries, buses etc) in 2011 there were just under 2000 deaths, 23,000 serious injuries and 200,000 total injuries. Bulgaria has 2.5m registered cars (suspect figure as this means that 1 in 3 of the population has a car which I find hard to believe) and has 500+ fatalities or, 25% of the UK rate with only 12.5% of the registered car figure. Point proven I think.