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Commenting article: 9 Companies Buy Papers for Bulgaria State Rail Privatization

9 companies have bought the documents for the privatization procedure of the freight unit of Bulgaria's state railway operator, BDZ.

This was revealed Tuesday by Bulgaria's Privatization Agency at the expiration of the deadline for the purchase of papers.

This is the second attempt to sell Bulgarian State Railways' Freight Services, after the first procedure in the summer of 2012 fell through.

Sofianits - 8 Jan 2013 // 22:26:58

The freight operations of BNR are an opportunity for growth and colossal profits in the future. Rail freight uses about 5% of the energy of truck traffic, and is at least five times cheaper. You just load those containers on rail cars and ship them across the country. What an opportunity to make enormous profits.

All one has to do is to keep the Bulgarian legislature from unduly subsidizing the truck transport companies, who are destroying the highways, causing fatal accidents and getting a free ride in return for - you know.