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Commenting article: Bulgarian Nationalists Ask Apology from US for WW II Bombing

Bulgaria's far-right, nationalist Ataka party is organizing on January 10 a protest rally in front of the US Embassy for the anniversary of the 1944 bombing of the capital Sofia.

The nationalists are demanding an apology from the Americans and material compensations for the families of those who were injured and perished in the bombing.

Ataka leader Volen Siderov stressed that they also press for the dismantling of the monument of American pilots in Sofia. He explained he was grounding the initiative on the nationalists' firm belief the US bombing was a premeditated massacre of civilians.

Yane - 8 Jan 2013 // 19:43:51

Mustafa Zafer Sunu, what else happened some time ago was the Armenian Genocide. Not everyone on earth thinks such deeds are ok simply because time will pass.

The monument to the US war-criminals is recent though.

sa-sha - 9 Jan 2013 // 10:50:33

There was no smallest military expediency in those barbarian bombings
of Sofia civilians by US airforces, sure, but there was a clear goal of US politicians: to cause the fury and indignation of Bulgarians, to focus their outrage on Russians, who were moving to Sofia in 1944 (but who never bombed it, btw)..."Sure" american "friends".