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Commenting article: Sofia-Based Bar Fined BGN 10 000 for Breaching Smoking Ban

A Sofia-based bar has been fined BGN 10 000 for breaching the smoking ban in indoor public spaces.

The owner of the bar had to pay the fine over systematic breaches of the full smoking ban in enclosed public spaces, according to reports of TV7.

The site was issued eight statements of offence for a period of less than six months, with health inspectors saying that the owner preferred to pay fines and keep the customers satisfied.

Al - 3 Jan 2013 // 16:58:46

The article says: "According to data of the Sofia Regional Health Inspectorate, over 120 000 surprise checks have been conducted since the introduction of the ban on June 1, 2012, and the authorities have issued around 2000 letters of instructions and over 400 statements of offence worth a total of over BGN 120 000."

Heroes, indeed.

On might assume, the Health Inspectors have pocketed about BGN 2 000 000 ?

Just another example of EU generated sociofascism, undermining the last free nation within the EU.

Philippe - 3 Jan 2013 // 18:09:40

As I understood, Krasimir Georgiev, aka Krasio the Black, has a new job. He helps appointing new health inspectors...