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Commenting article: Bulgarian Radical Islam Trial Continues amid Renewed Protests

The trial against 13 Bulgarian Muslim religious leaders for preaching radical Islam continues Wednesday at the Pazardzhik District Court.

The Wednesday hearing is scheduled to start at 9 a.m. and is expected to be accompanied by a protest rally scheduled by nationalist party VMRO-BND.

The demonstration is to start at 8:30 in front of the Pazardzhik Municipality and end opposite the Courthouse in the southern Bulgarian city.

peterperfect - 28 Nov 2012 // 15:25:29

Bulgaria is not an Islamic country (although there may be many Muslims citizens) so Shia law cannot and should not apply. If this group have been speaking out publicly in an undemocratic or inflammatory way then they should face a charge of inflating religious intolerance or something similar. Bulgaria must not allow itself to be backed into a corner by these groups as has happened in the UK and other western European countries, learn from their mistakes. I suggest Bulgaria takes its lead from Australia and our PM should study the statements made by their PM on citizenship in regards to other racial/religious groups.