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Commenting article: Bulgaria Attempts 'Scratch' Restart of Flopped SAPARD Trial

Bulgaria's Prosecutor's Office has approached the Supreme Court of Cassations, VKS, to restart the SAPARD money laundering case against murky businessman Mario Nikolov from scratch.

Speaking Monday for bTV, the Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Galina Toneva, who was recently nominated for Chief Prosecutor, said her office wants from VKS to return the case to the stage of pre-trail proceedings.

Toneva explained all charges must now be united in one single case as it was done in Germany where the defendants already serve their sentences.

peterperfect - 27 Nov 2012 // 11:21:21

This is the sort of crusading investigations Bulgaria requires to shake off OC and corruption. If this brings about a conviction for genuine reasons it will send a shock wave through Mafia & corrupt circles. This, however, must only be the start this kind of hounding needs to continue until Bulgaria is truly free of this type of vermin.

Chushki - 27 Nov 2012 // 22:07:30

Unfortunately Peter, this is just lip service aimed at placating those halfwits in the EU. A retrial may take place, but it will drag on for years and eventually a not-guilty verdict will be reached, probably on appeal. Georgi protects his friends and sponsors....

peterperfect - 28 Nov 2012 // 15:38:42

Hope you are wrong Chushki.