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Commenting article: Misuse Scandal Shakes Bulgaria's Scientific Research Fund

Bulgaria's Ministry of Education is preparing to launch a probe in the country's Scientific Research Fund, after a number of reports of criminal misuse of its resources.

Scientists have repeatedly insisted, louder in recent days, that there are rampant violations in granting State money and manipulations in selecting the winning bids.

The Fund's leadership countered boldly that for the first time this year financing has been distributed under strict rules.

Richie - 26 Nov 2012 // 18:55:16

Finally Novinite also reports on this scandal, which has been going on for a week. In addition, Gyurov has been recorded as saying that he removed "parasites" from the list of recipients, later specifying that he meant the faculties of physics and chemistry of Sofia University. The later came out as the best of all faculties in Bulgaria (i.e. across all sciences) in an independent visitation a few years ago.

Chushki - 26 Nov 2012 // 20:30:16

"lack of transparency and conflict of interests." Surely not! Hehehe