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Commenting article: Bulgarian Holy Synod 'Extends Hand' to 'Rebel' Bishops

The Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church has decided to send letters to three metropolitan bishops to urge them to attend all its "winter" sittings, which will conclude on December 19.

The decision, made Friday, was to send the invitations to Veliko Tarnovo Metropolitan, Grigoriy, Pleven Metropolitan Ignatiy, and Plovdiv Metropolitan, Nikolay.

The announcement has been posted on the official site of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

Jerry - 17 Nov 2012 // 19:40:25

Time has come to unify our Church and Synod with Harmony and Love from our Creator that our forefathers have taught us.

We must seek Harmony from our Metropolitans in the United States, Europe, Asia and Canada.

Metropolitan Simeon due to his true experience factor in lay is our Patriarch who enfronts the needs of our culture, tradition and love for Bulgaria that flows in our blood in silience.

Our Synod has proven that Jesus true path was not to choose the Pharisees or Scribes or Kings but the simple and natural people without delusions.

Let us listen to Metropolitan Simeon.

Sempre Fidelis

Seedy - 17 Nov 2012 // 20:06:10

"Bulgarian Holy Synod 'Extends Hand' to 'Rebel' Bishops"?

I'd just extend a finger to the whole bunch of them.....

Jerry - 18 Nov 2012 // 14:49:16

Time has come to address the issues of the Bulgarian People and its Brothers.

We observe with horror how swiftly the vision of morality and bad habits is obscured and the capacity to judge is lost.

The worst problem that have aroused disgust is regarded as "Natural".

Look closely what is happening in the bombing in Jerusalem, Gaza - Sinai where our Orthodox Institutions are in "Harms Way".

Sempre Fidelis