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Commenting article: Merkel: Crisis in EU to Last at Least 5 More Years

The financial crisis in Europe will not be over before five years, according to German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"Whoever thinks that the crisis can be overcome in one or two years is wrong," said Merkel at a regional forum of her Christian Democratic Union in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

However, she added that according to her the European Union is on the right track and is taking the right steps for recovery.

George Zheliazkov - 5 Nov 2012 // 06:29:21

“"Whoever thinks that the crisis can be overcome in one or two years is wrong," said Merkel”

Merkel, Europe would’ve never been in crisis if Western Europe weren’t so stubborn, conservative, outdated and narrow-minded in business and trade! (no wonder the Americans have the largest economy) The EU had the outstanding opportunity to invest in the emerging markets of Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia but your conservatism and narrow-minded approach dragged you to a near disaster!

Open your minds, show some flexibility and realize the opportunities! Focus on the emerging markets!
Build some prosperity!

great bear - 8 Nov 2012 // 00:43:42

too much too fast!!, many different countries, strong different identities forced into becoming one!. chucking lots of money into new european countries doesnt change the people overnight!.
I can see the UK pulling out soon to avoid being dragged down and hampering recovery, already much talk of this!, recovery underway!!. I can see Greece, Italy, Spain even France being isolated.... Ineresting watching when the shit hits the fan! must be a Bulgarian equivelent saying!!

Jerry - 8 Nov 2012 // 21:57:55

Merkel should have learned from the past and apply a German Marshall Plan for Europe.

Germany has an experience factor that should be applied as soon as possible.

"History Repeats Itself".