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Commenting article: Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Major Roman, Byzantine Town

Bulgarian archaeologists believe they have discovered Blismos, a major ancient and medieval town in the Roman, Byzantine, and First Bulgarian Empires.

A team of archaeologists led by Dimitar Yankov from the Stara Zagora Regional History Museum and Rumyana Koleva and Chavdar Kirilov from the Sofia University has been excavating several spots lying in the way of the Maritsa Highway, which is under construction.

The excavations have been funded by the Bulgarian Road Infrastructure Agency in order to clear the way for the Maritsa Highway going from the region near Plovdiv to Svilengrad on the border with Turkey.

Yane - 7 Dec 2010 // 23:22:28

Yup, but too bad Bulgaria can't afford to protect it all from looters :(

Dino the Athenian - 7 Dec 2010 // 21:43:26

This unbelievable wealth of archeology coming out of Bulgaria lately is absolutely stupendous and amazing!