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Take It Vitosha Style

By Ivelina Puhaleva The mostly frequented mountain of the two-million-large Bulgarian capital Sofia is attractive during any season with two wildlife reserves, three climatic zones, highest peak Cherni Vruh, varied flora and fauna, curative mineral sprin

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Safeguard Questions, No Answers

By Ivelina Puhaleva Less than a month before becoming a EU citizen, besides Bulgarian, I've felt deeply ashamed and truly dismayed at the easy-going way with which the country was imposed a sever safeguard clause.

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Speaking European Too Well

By Milena Hristova Here is an oddity.

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Kuneva: Bulgarian Consumers Will Be Among My Key Priorities

Meglena Kuneva is Bulgaria's EU Commissioner. She was approached by Darik News hours after the European Parliament voted for her candidacy.

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Glocalisation is a Wonderful Thing

By Zlatka Velichkova When the reality TV show Big Brother was first launched in Bulgaria I thought it was the most degrading thing a person could choose to watch out of the enormous options one has during prime time.

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Bulgaria's (Parallel) Authority

By Milena Hristova "How can the audience be so bored, when the stakes are so high?", a foreign colleague of mine recently asked me, amazed at Bulgaria's political theatre.

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Lost in Fog

By Ivelina Puhaleva People crowding in front of air carriers bureaus, boards showing cancelled, cancelled, cancelled flights.

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Stolen Lives

By Ivelina Puhaleva The impermeable fog clouding and cutting off Sofia city from the rest of the world was just a prelude to the black end of this week.

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Bulgarian Interior Minister: Accident was not Caused by Bad Road Infrastructure

Rumen Petkov is Bulgaria's interior minister. He was approached by Darik Radio to comment what was the cause for the terrible tragedy that happened only 24 hours ago.

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Hitting the Slopes

Some have been waiting for this moment for as long as last March - the moment when the slopes are again covered in snow and they can grab their skis or snowboard and head downhill fast. Over the past few years Bulgaria has become the dream destination for

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D_ 2, Me Too

It's been 6 years since D_2 first strutted out on a small Sofia stage, backed by Dimitar Karnev's guitar licks, Krasi Todorov's gentle fingers on the keyboard and Yavor Alexandrov's tastefully incessant drumming. They were just one of the so popular boy b

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The Phoney Santa

By Lora Petrova It is this time of the year, days before Christmas and the festive mood somehow starts to escalate uncontrolled by anyone.

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Fit of Schizophrenia on EU Doorstep

By Milena Hristova That could have been Bulgaria's final and most earnest reckoning with its totalitarian past.

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Out of Security Measures

By Zlatka Velichkova Security measures are the first thing that everybody takes into account in every sphere of modern life.

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Salute but Mute

By Ivelina Puhaleva The much awaited birth of Bulgaria's three-hundred-and-something-th party splashed out from the TV screen as real parody.

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A Christmas (Un)felt

By Petya Sabinova Fogs have been creeping over Sofia for days now, and the capital's citizens have but a few reasons to be joyful in this gloomy weather.

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The Silence of Bulgaria's Painful Past

By Milena Hristova "Are you optimistic?", I asked two years ago a colleague of mine, who had done solid research into the accessible files of the former state security service.

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Charmed by UNESCO Frescos in Sofia

Located at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain in the Sofia suburb of Boyana, the church's unique murals will come back to display next Monday. Even nowadays experts and historians, more than seven centuries later, still stay stun with their beauty, expressi

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EU Spokesman: Bulgaria's Gambling Law Must Apply to Everybody

Oliver Drewes is spokesman for the internal markets commissioner, Charlie McCreevy. He was approached by Darik Radio to comment amendments to Bulgarian law on gambling.

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Shall We Cry or Laugh?

By Ivelina Puhaleva A really weird thing happened today when the much awaited reaction of the European Parliament to the proposed delay in two nuclear units' closedown just did not feature on the agenda.

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Another Hangover in the Making?

By Milena Hristova The financial health of the Bulgarian state next year will be fuelled by an unhealthy for the Bulgarian people cocktail.

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