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Seeing Red

By Petya Sabinova Going to work today I stopped at a red light before a crosswalk and watched in dismay as a bus and several cars whizzed past me in the next lane, blissfully ignorant of the meaning of the colour red.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | September 12, 2006, Tuesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 653

Brad Pitt BG President?

By Milena Hristova Dear reader, if you feel like you can't make head or tail of Bulgaria's politics, blame it on the weather and the weird preferences of the electorate, not us.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | September 11, 2006, Monday // 00:00 | Viewed: 974

A Sin Confessed Half Forgiven

By Ivelina Puhaleva Cashing-in from people's misery and misfortune has turned out to be the latest "entrepreneurial" fashion at some places.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | September 10, 2006, Sunday // 00:00 | Viewed: 599

Paranoid Android

By Petya Sabinova With all the EC rapporteurs, commissioners and whatnots keeping an eye on Bulgaria, our officials seem to be snapping under the stress.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | September 8, 2006, Friday // 00:00 | Viewed: 711

Two-Way Story

By Ivelina Puhaleva Usually, every affair involves at least two parties, no matter whether it is about love, war, partnership ...

Novinite Insider » Editorial | September 7, 2006, Thursday // 00:00 | Viewed: 599

Tough Pick

By Petya Sabinova On the day Bulgaria celebrates its Unification, I take a look at the presidential candidates and think hard whether it is even worth traveling the 200 kms to my home town to cast a vote.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | September 6, 2006, Wednesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 672

It's No Man's Word

By Milena Hristova As gender roles blur, it is only on rare occasions that a man's word is his honour.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | September 5, 2006, Tuesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 863

Off to School

By Petya Sabinova In the heat of pre-election spins some bits of news are easy to overlook, especially if they are good.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | September 4, 2006, Monday // 00:00 | Viewed: 481

"Divided We Stand", Bulgarian-Romanian co-production

By Milena Hristova Life is not always fair, Romanians found out Saturday night after Bulgaria's football team stole their victory with two last-minute shots.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | September 3, 2006, Sunday // 00:00 | Viewed: 816

On Second Thoughts...

By Petya Sabinova Sadness has been creeping into my heart lately, as the battle of thickheaded giants between Boyko Borissov and Ivan Kostov gripped the media attention.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | September 1, 2006, Friday // 00:00 | Viewed: 663

Summer Time

By Nevena Prokopieva Bulgarian MPs decided to have a few days off after the hard work they have done during the summer.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | August 31, 2006, Thursday // 00:00 | Viewed: 677

Success in the Eye of the Beholder

By Petya Sabinova Over the weekend we all got to hear how great our Interior Ministry has been doing the past year, and how efficient our police is.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | August 30, 2006, Wednesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 767

Blue Balloon

By Petya Bondokova Everyone has seen grownups acting childishly, but Bulgaria's rightist parties really seem helpless.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | August 29, 2006, Tuesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 554

General Presidency Test, Level Z

By Milena Hristova General Boyko Borissov, Sofia mayor and GERB leader, is believed to be the magic key to a victory at the upcoming presidential elections.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | August 28, 2006, Monday // 00:00 | Viewed: 718

In Sports We Trust

By Petya Sabinova Whenever Bulgarians are left with nothing else, we turn to sports.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | August 27, 2006, Sunday // 00:00 | Viewed: 790

Dirt Digger

by Petya Bondokova No, that is not a profession.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | August 25, 2006, Friday // 00:00 | Viewed: 717

A Frenchman Asked Me Once...

By Milena Hristova At an informal dinner in Sofia last year, a French businessman, an owner of a consultancy, asked about my opinion of Energy Minister Rumen Ovcharov.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | August 24, 2006, Thursday // 00:00 | Viewed: 659

Jailhouse Rock

by Petia Bondokova Now isn't that a pity that someone is trying to spoil the image of Bulgaria's Parliament? ....

Novinite Insider » Editorial | August 23, 2006, Wednesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 675

Hollywood Makeup Artist: I Started Out as Actor

Dean Jones has been a makeup artist in Hollywood for over 20 years, and he has worked on mega productions like Jarhead, Poseidon and Pirates of the Caribbean. He is in Bulgaria as Special Makeup Designer for Nu Image's newest production Day of the Dead ,

Novinite Insider » Interview | August 22, 2006, Tuesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 2398

Alien Invasion

By Petya Sabinova It's August and everyone wants to be sprawled out on a beach somewhere, so there aren't much news around.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | August 22, 2006, Tuesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 852

Blame It on the Weatherman

By Nevena Prokopieva When people do not have really what to talk about, they usually talk about the weather.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | August 21, 2006, Monday // 00:00 | Viewed: 731