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Enlightening the Unenlightened

By Petya Sabinova On the day when Bulgaria's President gathers youngsters from various organizations in a forum dedicated on preserving what's Bulgarian, a colleague came to work fuming because of what she saw on the bus the previous evening.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | November 1, 2006, Wednesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 734

Energy Hammer-Anvil

By Ivelina Puhaleva With thrills and emotions linked to presidential elections 2006 being over, life has quickly come back to its normal pace - probably too quickly.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | October 31, 2006, Tuesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 432

A Chasm Impossible to Close?

By Milena Hristova Second terms always pose a problem.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | October 30, 2006, Monday // 00:00 | Viewed: 445

Second Vote Thoughts

By Ivelina Puhaleva Bulgarians have elected their next President.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | October 29, 2006, Sunday // 00:00 | Viewed: 367

How Free is Free Speech in Bulgaria?

By Milena Hristova More than 16 years after communism officially ended and amidst the increasing commercialisation of the media, Bulgarian journalists are learning how to come to grips with the manipulations that threaten free speech.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | October 27, 2006, Friday // 00:00 | Viewed: 841

Robert Hagemann: Corporate Tax Cut is Risky

Robert Hagemann is Chief of the IMF mission in Bulgaria. He was approached by Darik Radio to comment Bulgaria's draft budget for 2007.

Novinite Insider » Interview | October 27, 2006, Friday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1414

Bulgaria: Traditions, Talents, Hi-Tech

The woman adroitly pushes the shuttle though the loom and a beautiful flower blooms before the eyes of the curious visitors. Even if you have already been acquainted with the traditional Bulgarian motley carpets, pots and icons they all seem to take on ad

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The Naughty Kid

By Petya Sabinova Bulgaria seems to be the naughty, and slightly retarded beggar kid knocking on heaven's door.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | October 26, 2006, Thursday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1023

Crumpled Rose-Leaves on Bulgaria's Route to EU

By Milena Hristova At first it seemed like the week has been all bad news for EU-aspiring Bulgaria - UK shut the door to its labour market, while Germany called for triggering safeguard clauses.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | October 25, 2006, Wednesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 693

Through the Dog Flap

By Petya Sabinova Some people use to say that when God closes a door, he opens a window.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | October 24, 2006, Tuesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 838

Last Rites for Bulgaria's Right-Wing

By Milena Hristova "What is left for right-wing supporters to do? May be vote for Socialist Parvanov!", a colleague of mine asked frustrated three months before the presidential elections.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | October 23, 2006, Monday // 00:00 | Viewed: 798

Nationalist Vice-President Runner: Ethnic Turks Secured Parvanov's Lead

Pavel Shopov is ultra-nationalist candidate for vice president, running together with his leader, firebrand Volen Siderov. The presidential candidate pair is nominated and supported by nationalist Ataka (Attack) party.

Novinite Insider » Interview | October 23, 2006, Monday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1327

Elections 2006: The Good, The Bad and the Droll

By Milena Hristova If I have to repeat a metaphor, widely used in the election night, Bulgarians will have to decide by next Sunday in the hands of whose dog-keeper they would like to leave their pet (fate) - socialist Parvanov or nationalist Siderov.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | October 23, 2006, Monday // 00:00 | Viewed: 690

The Dark Side

By Petya Sabinova Over the past days some Bulgarians were shocked to find that the head of the commission created to hunt down people who lived beyond their means and laundered money or hid taxes had been appointed at a BGN 7,000 salary.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | October 20, 2006, Friday // 00:00 | Viewed: 688

Ralitsa Vassileva: The Bulgarian Face in CNN

The sophisticated anchor talks about what it takes to build a successful journalistic career in an interview by Milena Hristova Q: How would you describe your normal working day at CNN?

Novinite Insider » Interview | October 20, 2006, Friday // 00:00 | Viewed: 8047

Elections 2006: What to Reflect On

By Milena Hristova Time is ticking away for Bulgaria's presidential pre-election campaign and the nation is nearing a moment of crucial decision.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | October 19, 2006, Thursday // 00:00 | Viewed: 798


By Ivelina Puhaleva The delicate issue of appointing a EU commissioner - the first right Bulgaria can enforce as a full-fledged member - seems to bring more political disturbances than comfort.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | October 18, 2006, Wednesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 506

Undergoing Treatment

By Petya Sabinova By the looks of it lately EU is all about treatment.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | October 17, 2006, Tuesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 593

Being National

By Ivelina Puhaleva Unlike the approaching elections 2006, the latest week was marked by news from the world of sports - alas, sad ones.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | October 16, 2006, Monday // 00:00 | Viewed: 12172

Kidding Me Softly

By Milena Hristova "In shrinking Bulgaria, where are the people?", exclaimed the International Herald Tribune last week.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | October 15, 2006, Sunday // 00:00 | Viewed: 11211

Giving Up/Moving On

By Petya Sabinova Bulgaria has experienced another turbulent week and although we wished to start The Sofia Weekly with a big smile, bad news seem more than the good ones.

Novinite Insider » Editorial | October 13, 2006, Friday // 00:00 | Viewed: 472