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Take It Vitosha Style

By Ivelina Puhaleva The mostly frequented mountain of the two-million-large Bulgarian capital Sofia is attractive during any season with two wildlife reserves, three climatic zones, highest peak Cherni Vruh, varied flora and fauna, curative mineral sprin

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Hitting the Slopes

Some have been waiting for this moment for as long as last March - the moment when the slopes are again covered in snow and they can grab their skis or snowboard and head downhill fast. Over the past few years Bulgaria has become the dream destination for

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Charmed by UNESCO Frescos in Sofia

Located at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain in the Sofia suburb of Boyana, the church's unique murals will come back to display next Monday. Even nowadays experts and historians, more than seven centuries later, still stay stun with their beauty, expressi

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Poetry in a Bottle

The cultivation of grapes and wine-producing throughout the Bulgarian lands find their origin in the high antiquity. Indisputable proofs about that are the archaeological finds, preserved until nowadays.

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Open the Window to "Bulgaria in Miniature"!

The thousand-century history and rich cultural traditions of Bulgaria have offered vast creative ground to the promoters and developers of a unique project. The mobile exhibition "Bulgaria in Miniatures" presents three-dimensional reproductions of Bulgari

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The Fairytale Underworld

In the northwest of Bulgaria, just 100 kilometers away from Sofia, up in the Balkan, lies a magical place where imagination can run wild and nature's seemingly random forms take familiar faces and shapes. By Petya Sabinova

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Switzerland? No, This is the Paradise of Smilyan!

Mention the village of Smilyan to a Bulgarian, and he will be quick to tell you the story of the gigantic kidney beans grown here. But it is as the only producer of yellow cheese in the country that the village is gaining popularity now.

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Bulgaria: Traditions, Talents, Hi-Tech

The woman adroitly pushes the shuttle though the loom and a beautiful flower blooms before the eyes of the curious visitors. Even if you have already been acquainted with the traditional Bulgarian motley carpets, pots and icons they all seem to take on ad

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In the Chic of Ski & Sports

By Ivelina Puhaleva Many foreign investors are still lagging behind recognizing the winter tourism and sports potential of Bulgaria, though the country offers one of best conditions in Europe.

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To La Reunion and Back

There is no need to fly to the Indian Ocean to learn more about La Reunion, the exotic southernmost department of France, 500 miles of Madagascar. All you need is a forty-minute drive from the capital Sofia to the town of Svoge and then northward to the n

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The Brightest End of Bulgaria

By Ivelina Puhaleva The wind of legends and history never stops here, on the farthest east cape of Bulgaria - Cape Kaliakra.

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Orpheus Revisited

There, Santa Claus lives in a cave, a throat of a devil spares none that dares approach it, while visitors are lured to hang on a rope for five hours over the wide chasm of a dark cave.

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High-Altitude Tourism: Shouldn't It Come Back to Earth?

By Milena Hristova Legend has it that when God handed out land to different peoples, he forgot about the Bulgarians.

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Go to Spain, Find Bulgarian Gold Treasures

By Asya Koleva A Hungarian friend once told me: "I cannot find anything interesting in archaelogy".

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Dreams Come True

By Nadya Dimitrova Make a wish and it will come true in the Ledenika cave as the small icon of Saint George carved into one of the rocks will take care of it.

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Bulgaria's Archaeological Find of 20th Century Hidden among Fearful Rocks

By Nadya Dimitrova The Thracian treasure from Rogozen is said to be Bulgaria's archaeological find of the previous century or as many archaeologists say "the horn of plenty was poured out over Bulgaria once again in 1986 when that great treasure was fou

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Short Break Summer Destinations

By Milena Hristova It is a question of good research and luck to get your dream summer vacation come true on the Bulgarian seaside.

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