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Gabrovo, Tryavna, Sevlievo – traditions, creativity and experience

It’s a challenge to stay at one place for more than three days and each day to find what to do, where to go and what to see…

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Ellis Shuman: Visiting the Birthplace of Orpheus  

Ellis Shuman is taking us to Gela, a Bulgarian village believed to be the birthplace of Orpheus - the mythical Greek musician, poet, and prophet – who descended into the underworld in an attempt to save his wife, Eurydice.

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Top 5 Bulgarian Black Sea Vacation Spots

Summer is fast approaching.

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The Emirates Apart Residence, Luxury from Abu Dhabi in Sofia

Emirates Apart Residence is the most exclusive and only aparthotel in Bulgaria.

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Welcome to Bulgaria's Gabrovo - Place of Origin of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff*

"Welcome and good riddance", reads the sign that leads into Gabrovo, a hard-luck but endearing Bulgarian town at the foot of the central Balkans.

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Mavro Aloni - Greece's Batak

For most Bulgarians northern Greece equals the beautiful beaches of Khalkidhiki and the mystery of Mount Athos' monasteries, but very few know about Mavro Aloni (Black Harvest) – a place still bearing the scars of the country's fight for independence from

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Go Away Evil Spirits, the Kukeri Said

If you happen to be in Bulgaria in the first months of the year, you have the unique opportunity to enjoy one of the most popular spring traditions in the country - the Kukeri ritual.

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Welcome to Bulgaria's Gabrovo - Place of Origin of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff

"Welcome and good riddance", reads the sign that leads into Gabrovo, a hard-luck but endearing Bulgarian town at the foot of the central Balkans.

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Bulgarian Top Travel Spots in a Nutshell

Check out the must-see places in Bulgaria for travel, holidays and fun.

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I Foresee You Enjoying Southwestern Bulgaria...

Bulgaria has a deep history and much of the past remains for you to see. The spirit of Baba Vanga, Bulgaria's beloved mystical prophet, for example, lives on in the tiny mountainous village Rupite.

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Bulgaria's Zemen Monastery - Mysteries Buried under Beauty

“This evening Lyudmila learned the history of the monastery near Zemen. From the Princess of Monaco. The former Hollywood star. But it was not a Hollywood script; she told her facts.

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Summertime Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo - Ups and Downs

Summer vacation is traditionally devoted, at least in Bulgaria, to seaside fun or hiking/chilling in the mountains, but why not venture some city tourism? A trip to Bulgaria's greats Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo may well be an advisable choice

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The Lone Soviet Soldier: The Alesha Monument in Bulgaria's Plovdiv

The fate of communist era monuments in Bulgaria is still a thorny issue: should they be preserved or destroyed?; should at least some of them be kept, and which ones?; should all of them be put together in a single, distant location?

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Tsarevets: The Castle of the Bulgarian Spirit

If you plan a history trip around Bulgaria, then the Tsarevets fortress is the place to visit.

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Krushunski Waterfalls: Cascades of Bulgarian Relaxation

After a long summer by the sea, if you were lucky, you might feel the need for some fresh water after the salt has gone everywhere it shouldn't, so this time I am taking you to the Krushunski waterfalls - Bulgaria's largest.

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Cherven Fortress: Crafting The Bulgarian Empire

Our journey around the Bulgarian paradise is never ending and this time I am taking you back on the road to Ruse, a road infamous for many reasons

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Plovdiv Amphitheatre: Trajan Wonder at Bulgaria's Heart

It was completed under the rule of the Roman emperor Trajan, and is the largest Roman building to be found in Bulgaria.

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Obzor: Laid Back Bulgarian Black Sea Coves

In Hellenic times, the name of Obzor was Navlohos. Later, it became known as Heliopolis (Town of the Sun) and in Roman times it was given the name of Tempium Jovis (Jupiter's Temple).

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Kaliakra Cape: Bulgaria Legends and Steppe Nature

In the area the last remains of steppe habitats in Bulgaria occur. Kaliakra is a nature reserve, where dolphins, shags and a numbers of typical steppe birds can be observed

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Ivanovo Rock Churches: Medieval Bulgaria Unveiled

The village of Ivanovo is located south-southwest of Ruse. This place, together with the nearby village of Cherven, has interesting stories to tell about Medieval Bulgaria.

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Abritus: Bulgaria’s Roman Treasure Trove

Abritus, just 1km from the Bulgarian town of Razgrad, is an ancient Roman military town located in north-eastern Bulgaria, once a key stronghold in the region

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