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Sofia University President Prof. Ivan Ilchev: Occupation - Bad Idea

Interview of and with Professor Ivan Ilchev, Ph.D. in history, president of Sofia University, the oldest and biggest higher education facility in Bulgaria.

Novinite Insider » Interview | October 31, 2013, Thursday // 18:26 | Viewed: 5238

Veselin Vackov, Prague Journalist: Czechs Voted Against Graft, Thrift interview with Veselin Vackov, regional director of the leading Czech media group MAFRA, publisher of the daily newspapers MF DNES, LIDOVÉ NOVINY and METRO and operator of internet portals, TV and radio stations.

Novinite Insider » Interview | October 30, 2013, Wednesday // 09:56 | Viewed: 4981

Journalist Momchil Indzhov on Boevski: Brazil Just Expels Foreign Drug Traffickers

Momchil Indzhov, a journalist from "24 Chassa" (24 Hours) daily, is an expert on Brazil. Commenting the release of former Olympic champion Galabin Boevski, he says expelling foreigners convicted for drug trafficking is part of a recent policy.

Novinite Insider » Interview | October 25, 2013, Friday // 13:05 | Viewed: 26333

Boris Cheshirkov, UNHCR Bulgaria: We Need Burden Sharing, Not Burden Shifting

Interview of with Boris Cheshirkov, Spokesperson for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Bulgaria, on the topic of the increasing refugee flow into the country and the state's response.

Novinite Insider » Interview | October 23, 2013, Wednesday // 10:08 | Viewed: 7450

Analyst Zhivko Georgiev: Bulgaria Deserves Help over Syrian Refugee Influx

Interview of and with Zhivko Georgiev, a Gallup sociologist and political analyst, on Syrian refugee influx to Bulgaria and what may come next.

Novinite Insider » Interview | October 18, 2013, Friday // 16:41 | Viewed: 3378

Fabio Capello: The Bulgarian National Team Needs More Confidence

The legendary Italian football coach Fabio Capello was in Sofia on Friday as a part of the European tour of the UEFA Champions League Cup, organized by UniCredit.

Novinite Insider » Interview | October 18, 2013, Friday // 15:42 | Viewed: 8377

Bulgarian Banker Tsvetan Vassilev for DW: I Have Never Invested In Newspapers

Interview of Deutsche Welle with Tsvetan Vassilev, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bulgaria's Corporate Commercial Bank, KTB.

Novinite Insider » Interview | October 15, 2013, Tuesday // 09:01 | Viewed: 13793

Miss Bulgaria 2013 Nansi Karaboycheva: Give Hope to Stray Dogs

We phoned Nansi Karaboycheva, Miss Bulgaria 2013, for a quick chat about her impressions from Miss World and her future plans.

Novinite Insider » Interview | October 11, 2013, Friday // 16:28 | Viewed: 6236

Genka Shikerova: I Won't Let Fear Permeate My Thoughts

The car of Genka Shikerova, a journalist known for her incisive interviews of Bulgarian politicians, was set on fire outside her Sofia home on the night of 16 September, reviving concern about freedom of information and the safety of journalists.

Novinite Insider » Interview | October 3, 2013, Thursday // 08:12 | Viewed: 5715

Bulgaria Analyst Evegeniy Daynov: Protests against Mafia May Go on for Years and Succeed

Interview of and with Evgeniy Daynov, a leading political analyst, on the unrelenting public outrage against the Socialist-led government and what may come next.

Novinite Insider » Interview | September 9, 2013, Monday // 20:46 | Viewed: 4844

Mohamed Khalaf: Russia, US, Saudi Arabia Have a Deal over Syria

Interview of and with Mohamed Khalaf, an Iraqi-born journalist and correspondent in Bulgaria of a Kuwaiti newspaper, on Syria's crisis.

Novinite Insider » Interview | August 30, 2013, Friday // 15:35 | Viewed: 13081

Brzezinski: Syria May Suck Us into Large Regional War

Following is an interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski for The National Interest

Novinite Insider » Interview | August 29, 2013, Thursday // 11:41 | Viewed: 9844

Solomon Passy: Strike on Syria - the Sooner, the Better, for Bulgaria Too

Interview of and with Dr. Solomon Passy, founder and President of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria and former foreign minister, on Syria's crisis.

Novinite Insider » Interview | August 28, 2013, Wednesday // 15:31 | Viewed: 4385

Social Media Made World More Ethical - Bulgarian PR Expert Behar

The rapid growth of social media has made the world more transparent and ethical, according to Bulgarian PR expert Maxim Behar.

Novinite Insider » Interview | August 22, 2013, Thursday // 16:47 | Viewed: 2837

Pollster Mira Radeva: New Elections Only Way Out for Bulgaria

Interview of (Sofia News Agency) and with pollster Mira Radeva, head of MBMD agency

Novinite Insider » Interview | August 7, 2013, Wednesday // 11:36 | Viewed: 17163

Maxim Behar: Social Media Turned PR Business Upside Down

Leaders Magazine

Novinite Insider » Interview | July 19, 2013, Friday // 12:20 | Viewed: 6589

Maxim Behar: Generation F Rules the World

An interview by Emil Spahiyski from Trud daily with Maxim Behar, leading Bulgarian PR expert and journalist, who recently presented his latest book, "Generation F - They Rule the World Today."

Novinite Insider » Interview | July 1, 2013, Monday // 16:50 | Viewed: 7683

Analyst Evegeniy Daynov: Bulgaria's Govt Must Stop Being Stupid, May Topple in 10 Days

Interview of and with Evgeniy Daynov, a leading political analyst, on the unrelenting public outrage over the appointment of a media magnate to a top security post and how it boiled over into protests against the government.

Novinite Insider » Interview | June 19, 2013, Wednesday // 15:18 | Viewed: 6440

Solomon Passy: Turkey is Hungry for Pro-European Reforms

Interview of and with Dr. Solomon Passy, founder and President of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria and former foreign minister, on Turkey’s unrest.

Novinite Insider » Interview | June 13, 2013, Thursday // 15:16 | Viewed: 4970

Pollster Aslanov: Bulgaria's New Parliament to Complete Term

Interview of and with Yurij Aslanov, head of Aphis, a Bulgarian polling agency

Novinite Insider » Interview | May 21, 2013, Tuesday // 15:20 | Viewed: 23291

Greens Co-Head Borislav Sandov: We Will Enter Bulgaria's Parliament First Time

Interview of and with Borislav Sandov, co-chairman of the Greens party “Zelenite”, on the upcoming general elections in Bulgaria on May 12.

Novinite Insider » Interview | May 9, 2013, Thursday // 17:20 | Viewed: 6429