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Conservative Sofia Mayor Candidate: I'll Work for My Promises even if I Lose

Lyuben Dilov Junior is the leader of one of the younger political parties in Bulgaria - the conservative movement Gergyovden which narrowly missed to seize seats in the Parliament after it ranked fifth following the last parliamentary election two years a

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Leftist Sofia Mayor Candidate: It's Time for Clear Rules

Stoyan Alexandrov was born in 1949 in Ilia, Kyustendil district. Graduated in the Higher Institute of Finance and Economics in Svishtov.

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Neil Buhne: Bulgaria is Country with Potential to be Realized

Neil Buhne took his post as a UNDP Resident Representative/UN Resident Coordinator in Bulgaria from September 2003. His previous assignment was as a UNDP Resident Representative/UN Resident Coordinator in Belarus since 5 July 1999.

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Arthur Eyffinger: Bush Should Have Brought Saddam to The Hague Court

Dr. Arthur Eyffinger, a prominent Dutch legal historian, is the curator of an exhibition entitled The Hague - International Centre of Justice and Peace, which opened in Sofia early October.

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Luc Vansteenkiste: Bulgaria Should Simplify Taxation System

Luc Vansteenkiste is President of the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB). He was one of the Belgian businessmen that took part in the Belgian-Bulgarian business forum that was organized by FEB and the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA).

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Jose Jorrin: Bulgaria's Cooperation with Spain Enhances Europe's Security

H.E Jose Angel Lopez Jorrin has been Spain's Ambassador to Bulgaria since 2001.

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James Roaf: Bulgaria Should Make Cautious Expenditure Plans

James Roaf is the newly appointed International Monetary Fund (IMF) Resident Representative to Bulgaria. Roaf speaks fluently several languages including Russian.

Novinite Insider » Interview | October 1, 2003, Wednesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 980

James Pardew: 100th Anniversary of US-Bulgarian Relations Marks New Start

James William Pardew was sworn in as Ambassador of the United States of America to Bulgaria in 2002. Ambassador Pardew previously was the U.

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Sten Ask: Swedes Honored Anna Lindh in Euro Referendum

H. E.

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Baron Daniel Janssen: Bulgaria Has to Speed Up Major Privatization Deals

Baron Daniel Janssen (born in 1936) is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Solvay S.A.

Novinite Insider » Interview | September 15, 2003, Monday // 00:00 | Viewed: 3270

Alexander Andreev: Deutsche Welle Brings Bulgaria Closer to Europe's Standards

Alexander Andreev is a Bulgarian national who is now editor at the Bulgarian section of Deutsche Welle, Germany's national broadcaster. His career as a journalist started at the Bulgarian National Radio before he joined the Deutsche Welle team in 1991.

Novinite Insider » Interview | September 5, 2003, Friday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1475

John Chomel-Doe: EBRD Urges Renewed Momentum for Reform in Bulgaria

John Chomel-Doe joined the EBRD in July 2001, after a successful corporate banking career at Barclays Bank PLC that took him through a very interesting range of emerging market postings in Russia, the Middle and Far East, and Africa. He also held senior r

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Ex-President of the Seychelles: Friendliness to Boost Bulgaria's Tourism

Sir James Mancham became the first President of the Seychelles when the country was declared a sovereign republic in 1976. Following a coup, he spent more than fifteen years in exile in London promoting joint ventures and transfer of technologies mainly f

Novinite Insider » Interview | August 21, 2003, Thursday // 00:00 | Viewed: 617

Kirk Kirkov: Attack On Me Should Not Be Allowed to Hurt Bulgaria's Image

Mr. Kirk Kirkov is the Chief Executive Officer of UMICORE MED and the President of the Bulgarian International Business Association (BIBA).

Novinite Insider » Interview | August 19, 2003, Tuesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1481

Gian B.Campagnola: Bulgaria Will Achieve its Goals

Italy's Ambassador to Bulgaria Gian Battista Campagnola was born in Rome. He graduated Political Sciences at the University of Rome.

Novinite Insider » Interview | July 29, 2003, Tuesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1294

Aladdin Harfan: Now Is Right Time for Investments in Bulgaria

Syria-born Aladdin Harfan runs a business corporation in Bulgaria that spans industries as diverse as home appliances, transport and hospitals. The 40-year old businessman arrived in Bulgaria in 1991 after graduating with economics degree at home and fail

Novinite Insider » Interview | July 10, 2003, Thursday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1473

Maria Zhekova: Passengers Were Lucky in Karlovo Train Collision

Maria Zhekova happened to return from Varna to Sofia on the train that collided early on Monday in Central Bulgaria. In the crash, she got a bruise on the left arm but insists to have surmounted the shock.

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Yaroslaw Lindenberg: No Reason for Envying Poland over Iraq Zone


Novinite Insider » Interview | June 24, 2003, Tuesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1111

Joachim Voegele: On-line News Will Prevail over Print Editions in 10 Years

Joachim Voegele is a German trainer and journalist. He participated in developing and launching the on-line editions of two regional newspapers (http://www.

Novinite Insider » Interview | June 17, 2003, Tuesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 2870

Governor Bob Miller: I See Significant Progress in Bulgaria's Business Environment

Bob Miller was Nevada Governor for ten years (1989-1999), longer than any man in the state's history. For two years before that, he was lieutenant Governor and chairman of the Nevada Commission of Tourism.

Novinite Insider » Interview | June 14, 2003, Saturday // 00:00 | Viewed: 940

Avis Bohlen: I Remain Optimist on Bulgaria

Avis T. Bohlen served as US Ambassador to Bulgaria (1996-1999).

Novinite Insider » Interview | June 3, 2003, Tuesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1386