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Bulgarian Health Ministry to Increase Smoking Ban Checks during Holidays

The Bulgarian Health Ministry has announced it will increase the checks for smoking in public places during the upcoming holidays.

Society » Health | December 13, 2013, Friday // 17:24 | Viewed: 1449

Bulgarian Parliament Rejects Easing Full Smoking Ban

Bulgaria’s Parliament rejected on first reading the amendments to the Health Act, which proposed to liberalize the full smoking ban.

Society » Health | December 12, 2013, Thursday // 13:46 | Viewed: 1795

Bulgarians Protest against Ease of Smoking Ban

A protest against the smoking ban repeal is held in front of the Bulgarian Parliament Thursday.

Society » Health | December 12, 2013, Thursday // 12:07 | Viewed: 1056

Bulgaria's Parliament Decides on Easing Smoking Ban

Тhe Bulgarian Parliament is expected to put to the vote on Thursday the proposal for amendments to the full smoking ban.

Society » Health | December 12, 2013, Thursday // 07:34 | Viewed: 1324

Bulgaria Marks Global AIDS Day

Bulgaria will mark the World AIDS Day on Sunday with several campaigns scheduled around the capital Sofia.

Society » Health | December 1, 2013, Sunday // 10:55 | Viewed: 1256

European Study: Bulgarian Healthcare Is in 'Dire Straits'

Bulgaria's healthcare is four spots (30th) before the last one in Europe in the 2013 ranking of the Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI).

Society » Health | November 30, 2013, Saturday // 11:24 | Viewed: 1982

Bulgaria’s Health Insurance Fund to Check Hospital Records

Bulgaria’s National Health Insurance Fund (NZOK) will conduct probes into the activities of state and private hospitals.

Society » Health | November 25, 2013, Monday // 16:31 | Viewed: 989

Bulgarian Socialists Firm on Easing Smoking Ban before New Year

The Bulgarian Socialist Party will attempt to ease the full ban on smoking in public places in the country on time for the New Year celebrations.

Society » Health | November 25, 2013, Monday // 16:31 | Viewed: 2384

Number of Babies Born in Bulgaria down by 4500 in 2013

Bulgarian health Minister Tanya Andreeva has drawn attention to the worrying forecast that the number of babies born in 2013 will be 4500 less compared to 2012.

Society » Health | November 23, 2013, Saturday // 15:42 | Viewed: 3443

Bulgarian Cabinet, Hospitals Reach Deal on Overdue Payments

Representatives of Bulgaria's government have signed an agreement with representatives of health institutions for the full payment of overdues.

Society » Health | November 18, 2013, Monday // 19:37 | Viewed: 1250

Bulgarian Medics Postpone Nationwide Protest

The Bulgarian Doctors' Union has decided to postpone plans to stage nationwide strikes and protest rallies.

Society » Health | November 9, 2013, Saturday // 10:35 | Viewed: 1025

Bulgarian Medics Mull Nationwide Protests

Bulgarian doctors, nurses, and medical staff are deciding Friday whether to stage massive rallies across the country because of insufficient hospital funding.

Society » Health | November 8, 2013, Friday // 10:28 | Viewed: 1185

Hepatitis A Case Confirmed in Bulgarian Refugee Shelter

A child living in a refugee shelter in Bulgarian town of Harmanli has been infected with Hepatitis A, the case is confirmed by the Regional Health Inspection in the southern city.

Society » Health | November 7, 2013, Thursday // 16:40 | Viewed: 1280

Bulgaria Fears Polio Import from Syria

There is a “real risk” that Syrian refugees may bring polio to Bulgaria, according to Bulgarian epidemiology expert Angel Kunchev.

Society » Health | November 7, 2013, Thursday // 11:25 | Viewed: 1243

Health Budget Worse Than Ever, Says Bulgarian Doctors' Union Chair

The 2014 draft budget for the National Health Insurance Fund (NZOK) is worse than ever before, according to the Bulgarian Doctors Union.

Society » Health | November 5, 2013, Tuesday // 15:05 | Viewed: 858

More Bulgarian Medics Join Budget Cuts Protests

Protests of Bulgarian doctors, nurses, and medical staff against chronic shortage of money for hospitals are continuing Friday, so far only as peaceful demonstrations.

Society » Health | November 1, 2013, Friday // 10:16 | Viewed: 833

Sofia ER Hospital Rallies against Budget Cuts

About 200 employees of Sofia's "Pirogov" emergency hospital staged Thursday a protest rally against budget cuts.

Society » Health | October 31, 2013, Thursday // 18:18 | Viewed: 891

Bulgarian Parliament Committee Moves to Lift Smoking Ban

The Bulgarian parliamentary economy committee has adopted at first reading the Socialist proposal for amendments to the Health Act pertaining to smoking in public places.

Society » Health | October 23, 2013, Wednesday // 16:51 | Viewed: 2868

Bulgarian Activists Propose 'Black List' of Smoking Ban Violators

Bulgarian Association "Green Initiatives" proposes to generate a black list of all establishments that do not comply with the ban on smoking in public places.

Society » Health | October 20, 2013, Sunday // 14:37 | Viewed: 7161

Bulgarian Socialists Go Ahead with Easing Smoking Ban

Bulgaria’s Socialist Party has moved to parliament an amendment to the Health Act to ease the full ban on smoking in public places in the country.

Society » Health | October 16, 2013, Wednesday // 19:38 | Viewed: 8081

Sofia Mayor Concerned Over Refugee Center Conditions

Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova says the Ministry of Health and the Health Inspection must take emergency measures to improve conditions in the Vrazhdebna refugee center.

Society » Health | October 13, 2013, Sunday // 15:42 | Viewed: 1355