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Bulgaria Vows to Introduce Full Smoking Ban June 1 2012

A full smoking ban is to be introduced in Bulgaria on June 1 2012, the country's Health Minister, Stefan Konstantinov announced Tuesday, the global No Tobacco Day.

Society » Health | May 31, 2011, Tuesday // 13:36 | Viewed: 1503

No Dangerous Produce in Bulgaria after Lab Tests

Lab tests of a variety of imported produce have proved negative for Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC), the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency reported Monday.

Society » Health | May 30, 2011, Monday // 14:23 | Viewed: 1524

Agriculture Minister: No Contagious Cucumbers in Bulgaria

No contagious cucumbers have been imported to Bulgaria, stated Minister of Agriculture and Foods Miroslav Naydenov Sunday confirming an earlier study by the national Food Safety Authority.

Society » Health | May 29, 2011, Sunday // 16:21 | Viewed: 1591

Cucumbers Spread Hemolytic Syndrome on Through Europe

At least 1,000 cases of hemolytic uraemic syndrome believed to be caused by a strand of the Escherichia coli bacteria carried by Spanish cucumbers have been reported throughout Europe.

Society » Health | May 29, 2011, Sunday // 12:43 | Viewed: 2638

No Evidence of Contaminated Cucumbers in Bulgaria - Watchdog

There is no indication that there is here any of the contaminated cucumbers that caused a deadly E Coli outbreak in northern European countries, Bulgarian authorities have announced.

Society » Health | May 27, 2011, Friday // 18:34 | Viewed: 1662

Bulgaria Probes Retailers for Contaminated Cucumbers

Bulgaria's Food Safety Authority has said it is in the process of contacting all retailers, suppliers and caterers in relation to an outbreak of E Coli in Germany to ensure there is no contaminated product here.

Society » Health | May 27, 2011, Friday // 14:25 | Viewed: 1529

Bulgaria Registers Highest Rate of Completed Suicides in Europe

Bulgaria has recorded the highest rate of completed suicides in Europe.

Society » Health | May 26, 2011, Thursday // 13:48 | Viewed: 1824

Bulgarian Pharmacists Launch National Protests

Bulgarian pharmacists are launching Monday gradual protests across the country over the Bill for Medical Products, passed by the cabinet on April 20.

Society » Health | May 9, 2011, Monday // 08:23 | Viewed: 1642

Govt Moves to Revamp Bulgaria's Notorious Emergency Medical Aid

Bulgaria's Health Ministry has announced it plans to introduce standards for providing emergency medical aid, which is notorious failing to prevent numerous deaths by being slow and inadequate.

Society » Health | May 4, 2011, Wednesday // 16:20 | Viewed: 1951

Bulgarians Stuff Themselves Like Hell on Easter

Monday the Pirogov emergency hospital in Bulgaria's capital Sofia reported that overnight it was examining at least one patient with stomach issues every 5 minutes.

Society » Health | April 25, 2011, Monday // 10:35 | Viewed: 1686

Turkey Moves to Protect Itself from Bulgaria's FMD Outbreak

Turkish regions along the Bulgarian border are taking measures to prevent the spread of food-and-mouth disease from Bulgaria even though the Bulgarian authorities claim the infection came from Turkey.

Society » Health | April 22, 2011, Friday // 18:44 | Viewed: 2172

Sharpshooters Join Bulgaria's FMD Fight

Police sharpshooters are going to take part in the fight against foot-and-mouth disease, FMD, in the Bulgarian Strandzha region.

Society » Health | April 19, 2011, Tuesday // 14:45 | Viewed: 1734

Bulgaria Last in EU Healthcare Public Expenses

Bulgaria is the EU country in which the the least percentage of its GDP goes for healthcare – a mere 8%.

Society » Health | April 18, 2011, Monday // 12:48 | Viewed: 1353

Bulgaria Urges Blood Donations amid Acute Shortage

For the ninth successive year Bulgarians have been invited to donate blood as part of the national spring campaign, initiated by the country's Red Cross.

Society » Health | April 15, 2011, Friday // 09:41 | Viewed: 1606

Young Bulgarians Suffer from Depression, Psychosis, Alcohol Abuse

The mental health of young Bulgarians is facing increasing challanges that are staying underrecognized, according to a key Bulgarian psychiatrist.

Society » Health | April 11, 2011, Monday // 18:45 | Viewed: 2476

FMD Outbreak Crawls Further in Southeast Bulgaria

A sixth village in Southeast Bulgaria has been contaminated with food-and-mouth disease in the past four weeks leading to the slaughter of hundreds more domestic animals.

Society » Health | April 7, 2011, Thursday // 19:42 | Viewed: 1959

Bulgaria to Introduce Full Smoking Ban 2012

Bulgaria will introduce a full smoking ban, but not earlier than 2012, the country's Health Minister, Stefan Konstantinov, declared Thursday.

Society » Health | April 7, 2011, Thursday // 15:03 | Viewed: 2283

State of the Art Eye Clinic Opens in Bulgaria

A renovated eye clinic at Sofia's Alexandrovska hospital was opened Thursday by the country's PM Boyko Borisov and Health Minister Stefan Konstantinov.

Society » Health | April 7, 2011, Thursday // 14:26 | Viewed: 1400

5th FMD Outbreak Discovered in Southeast Bulgaria in 3 Weeks

Domestic livestock infected with food-and-mouth disease has been discovered in a fifth village in Southeastern Bulgaria in less than three weeks.

Society » Health | April 4, 2011, Monday // 17:07 | Viewed: 2709

Bulgarian Health Minister Demands All-out Smoking Ban

Health Minister Stefan Konstantinov demanded Sunday an all-out smoking ban in spite of Bulgarian ruling party GERB's unconvincing record on introducing anti-smoking measures.

Society » Health | April 3, 2011, Sunday // 12:34 | Viewed: 2686

Majority of Bulgarians Approve Smoking Restrictions

Two thirds of the Bulgarians approve the government's restrictions on smoking in public places, according to a poll by the National Center for Study of Public Opinion (NZIOM).

Society » Health | March 29, 2011, Tuesday // 14:37 | Viewed: 2135