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Sofia Residents Give Ardent Support to Active Life Campaign

Thirty thousand residents of the Bulgarian capital Sofia participated Sunday in the Live Actively campaign organized by the Sofia Municipality in order to make walking and cycling more popular as means of transportation in the city.

Society » Health | June 19, 2011, Sunday // 18:04 | Viewed: 1401

4 Workers Exposed to Strong Gamma Radiation in Southern Bulgaria

Four workers of the Gitava company, based near the Southern Bulgarian town of Stambolyiski, have been exposed to strong gamma radiation.

Society » Health | June 17, 2011, Friday // 14:04 | Viewed: 5676

'Half-Cured' Bulgarians Good Target for Clinical Trials

A US company specializing in bio medicines has started a campaign in Bulgaria for finding subjects for extensive clinical trials, motivating its move with the bad state of the Bulgarian health care system.

Society » Health | June 14, 2011, Tuesday // 09:27 | Viewed: 1223

Animal Anthrax Discovered in Turkey Near Bulgarian Border

Several cases of anthrax on livestock have been discovered near the Turkish-Bulgarian border in the village of Yeni Kadin, Odrin Region, Turkey.

Society » Health | June 13, 2011, Monday // 18:14 | Viewed: 1821

Bulgaria Moves to Merge Military, Interior Hospitals in 2012

The Military Medical Academy (MMA) and the Ministry of Interior Hospital (MIH) in Sofia will be merged as of January 01, 2012, Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov announced during a round table discussion Monday at the Council of Ministers.

Society » Health | June 13, 2011, Monday // 17:03 | Viewed: 1573

Drugs for Gastric, Peptic Disorders Best Selling in Bulgaria

Medicines for stomach ulcer, heartburn, gastritis, constipation and diarrhea are the best-selling drugs in Bulgaria, announced Prof.

Society » Health | June 13, 2011, Monday // 14:59 | Viewed: 2782

Bulgaria Decisively Refutes 'E. Coli Death' Claims

The second test carried out after the suspicious death of a 66 year-old man in the southeastern Bulgarian town of Haskovo Friday proved the deadly E. Coli bacteria was not the cause.

Society » Health | June 13, 2011, Monday // 11:15 | Viewed: 1657

Bulgarian Authorities: Radioactive Mushrooms Isolated, Not Chernobyl-Related

The shipment of Bulgarian mushrooms destroyed in the UK due to excessive radioactivity is an isolated case that has nothing to do with the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, according to the head of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency.

Society » Health | June 11, 2011, Saturday // 16:51 | Viewed: 3081

UK Raises EU Alert over Radioactive Bulgarian Mushrooms

Authorities in Britain seized and destroyed a ton of Bulgarian dried wild mushrooms after discovering excessive levels of radiation in them.

Society » Health | June 11, 2011, Saturday // 11:37 | Viewed: 3408

Anger in Sofia over Poor Water Quality, Loss

Half a year after it was acquired by France's Veolia Environnement, Sofiyska Voda, the company operating water supply and treatment services for the Bulgarian capital Sofia, has been criticized for the poor quality of the vital liquid.

Society » Health | June 10, 2011, Friday // 17:28 | Viewed: 2150

Bulgaria's National Liquor Rakia Touted as Cure for Deadly E. Coli

New data released in Bulgaria strongly suggests that the locally produced alcoholic drink rakia may be an efficient cure for the outbreak of E. coli, which involves a previously unknown strain of the bacterium.

Society » Health | June 10, 2011, Friday // 14:55 | Viewed: 5405

63% of Bulgarians Back Full Smoking Ban

A total of 63% of Bulgarians are in favor of the introduction of a full smoking ban in all public places, according to 2008 data freshly provided by the country's Health Ministry.

Society » Health | June 10, 2011, Friday // 13:22 | Viewed: 1312

Dead Man in Bulgaria Tested for E. Coli

The body of a 66 year-old man who died in the southeastern Bulgarian town of Haskovo Thursday is being tested for the deadly E. Coli bacteria.

Society » Health | June 9, 2011, Thursday // 20:30 | Viewed: 1242

Bulgaria to Declare BGN 10 M in Losses from Cucumber Crisis

Bulgaria will declare losses of EUR 10 M from unsold cucumbers due to the E.coli outbreak, Minister Miroslav Naydenov announced in Luxemburg at at the emergency talks among EU Agriculture ministers.

Society » Health | June 7, 2011, Tuesday // 17:09 | Viewed: 1617

Lab Tests Fail to Prove Produce Is Source of E.coli Outbreak

Scientific analysis and lab tests have failed to show that contaminated vegetables are behind Europe's deadly E. coli outbreak, the EU's Reference Laboratory for E. coli in Rome announced.

Society » Health | June 4, 2011, Saturday // 13:35 | Viewed: 2615

Top Bulgarian Epidemiologist Advises to Wash, Peel Produce

Top Bulgarian epidemiologist, Dr. Angel Kunchev, advises everyone to wash very well and peel produce before consumption.

Society » Health | June 3, 2011, Friday // 10:23 | Viewed: 1523

EC Lifts Warning over Spanish Cucumbers

The European Commission is recommending increased hygiene in order to prevent further spread of the deadly strain of the E.coli bacteria.

Society » Health | June 2, 2011, Thursday // 09:45 | Viewed: 1500

E.coli Outbreak in Germany Claims More Victims

The confirmed number of E.coli infections in Germany has risen from 373 on Tuesday to 470, according to information of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Germany's national disease institute.

Society » Health | June 1, 2011, Wednesday // 14:43 | Viewed: 1257

Cause of Deadly E Coli Infection Remains Mystery

Lab test have shown the cases of the hemolytic uraemic syndrome, caused by the so-called enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC), have not been spread by Spanish cucumbers.

Society » Health | May 31, 2011, Tuesday // 18:27 | Viewed: 1481

Europe Stops Buying Spanish Produce Over Fear of Infection

Most European countries have stopped buying fruit and vegetables coming from Spain over fears they might be contaminated with a hazardous strand of the E coli bacteria.

Society » Health | May 31, 2011, Tuesday // 14:48 | Viewed: 1393

1st Victim of Mysterious E Coli Infection Outside Germany Falls in Sweden

The death toll of the mysterious E coli epidemic spreading in Europe has risen to 15, after a Swedish woman passed away Tuesday.

Society » Health | May 31, 2011, Tuesday // 14:35 | Viewed: 1923