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Bulgaria's National Health Insurance Chief Resigns over Bonus Scandal

The embattled director of Bulgaria's National Health Insurance Fund, Neli Nesheva, who got involved in a bonus scandal on Wednesday, has filed her resignation.

Society » Health | February 17, 2012, Friday // 12:33 | Viewed: 1083

Bulgarian PM Seeks Resignation of National Health Insurance Fund Chief

Commenting on the scandal with the director of Bulgaria's National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), Neli Nesheva, who was revealed Thursday to have pocketed a huge bonus for 2011, Prime Minister Borisov has called for her resignation.

Society » Health | February 17, 2012, Friday // 11:58 | Viewed: 822

Bulgaria's National Health Fund Chief Tries to Dispel 'Bonus Scandal'

Dr. Neli Nesheva, who is the director of Bulgaria's National Health Insurance Fund, has sought to manage a scandal, which erupted after an opposition party leaked information about her 2011 payment bonus.

Society » Health | February 16, 2012, Thursday // 15:01 | Viewed: 1128

Bulgaria Hopes to Please EU Health Commissioner This Time

Bulgaria will welcome EU commissioner for health and consumer policy John Dalli on Thursday, just a day after moving a step closer to a full smoking ban.

Society » Health | February 16, 2012, Thursday // 08:51 | Viewed: 986

Bulgaria Moves Step Closer to Full Smoking Ban

Bulgaria's parliamentary health commission has approved unanimously the proposal for introducing a full ban on smoking in closed public spaces as of June 1, 2012.

Society » Health | February 16, 2012, Thursday // 08:06 | Viewed: 1409

Bulgaria Launches Free AIDS Testing Campaign on 'Love Day'

On St Valentine's Day, Bulgarians will be able to get free testing for HIV and AIDS in 38 stations across the country.

Society » Health | February 14, 2012, Tuesday // 10:51 | Viewed: 1010

Bulgarian Police Detain Famous Miracle Healer

Bulgarian police have detained Thursday in Sofia a famous self-styled alternative medicine healer, who apparently also practiced in Greece and Turkey.

Society » Health | February 9, 2012, Thursday // 17:15 | Viewed: 1624

Bulgaria Marks World Cancer Day

Bulgaria joins Saturday many countries across the globe in marking February 4th - World Cancer Day, dedicated to raising awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment.

Society » Health | February 4, 2012, Saturday // 18:26 | Viewed: 1266

Bulgarian Women, Too, Remove Risky Breast Implants

Nearly 150 Bulgarian women have rushed to remove potentially faulty silicone breast implants supplied by Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) following the example set by the ladies in France.

Society » Health | January 31, 2012, Tuesday // 15:31 | Viewed: 2175

Bulgarian Woman Gives Birth on Way to Hospital as Ambulance Battles Snow

A 23-year-old woman from the northeastern Bulgarian town Dulovo gave birth to a baby girl in an ambulance on the way to the hospital on Friday.

Society » Health | January 27, 2012, Friday // 13:52 | Viewed: 2031

Bulgaria, Greece Turn WD Teen Patient Nightmare into Happy Ending

A thirteen-year-old Bulgarian comatose patient, who was saved after authorities and doctors in Bulgaria and Greece pooled their efforts for a liver transplant, took the first step toward his new life on Thursday.

Society » Health | January 26, 2012, Thursday // 16:46 | Viewed: 2170

30% of Bulgarian Children Are Overweight

Some 30% of Bulgaria's children aged between 6 and 19 are overweight, according to a survey conducted by the Sofia Medical University and the National Center for Public Health and Analyses.

Society » Health | January 20, 2012, Friday // 17:54 | Viewed: 2875

Bulgaria to Surely Introduce Full Smoking Ban This Time - Minister

Bulgaria will ban smoking in closed public spaces in the summer of 2012, the country's Health Minister Stefan Konstantinov has declared.

Society » Health | January 20, 2012, Friday // 11:19 | Viewed: 1622

Bulgaria's Stoichkov Makes Dream Come True for Teen Coma Survivor

Hristo Stoichkov, Bulgaria's most internationally renowned football player, made the dreams of a very sick boy come true on Wednesday, when he surprised 13-year-old Tanyo in hospital, just weeks after his liver transplantation.

Society » Health | January 18, 2012, Wednesday // 14:05 | Viewed: 2319

60% of Bulgarians Back Full Smoking Ban

60% of the Bulgarian citizens are in favor of the full smoking ban in closed public spaces that is expected to be introduced later in 2012, a poll conducted by Gallup has revealed.

Society » Health | January 13, 2012, Friday // 12:38 | Viewed: 5881

Bulgaria Slaughters 15,000 Ducks to Ward Off Bird Flu

15,000 domestic ducks have been killed by Bulgarian veterinary authorities, after having been found to be infected with a flu strain similar to the virulent bird flu.

Society » Health | January 10, 2012, Tuesday // 14:32 | Viewed: 7932

Bulgaria Bids Farewell to Brave Patient Rights Activist

Approximately 300 people gathered to pay their last respects to Teodora Zaharieva, the country's most fervent cancer patient rights activist.

Society » Health | January 9, 2012, Monday // 15:27 | Viewed: 2269

The Bulgaria 2011 Review: Health and Healthcare

Bulgaria's 2011 health news were marked by doctors and patients disgruntled over healthcare budget cuts and poor conditions at healthcare facilities, a large-scale flu epidemic in the first months of the year, an FDM outbreak, an E Coli scare, growing cas

Society » Health | January 6, 2012, Friday // 04:15 | Viewed: 14541

Teenagers Have 11% of Abortions in Bulgaria - EU Data

A total of 10.7% of all abortions in Bulgaria are carried out by girls under the age of 20, according to a major report based on EU data.

Society » Health | December 31, 2011, Saturday // 08:12 | Viewed: 1271

Bulgaria Cracks Down on Poor Quality Rakia, Wine

Bulgarian producers and sellers of alcoholic drinks of suspicious origin will face hefty fines, the government decided on Wednesday, bringing local laws in line with EU legislation.

Society » Health | December 28, 2011, Wednesday // 14:31 | Viewed: 2707

Bulgarian Women Advised to Check Risky Breast Implants

Bulgarian doctors have asked 3,000 women who received faulty silicone breast implants supplied by Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) to undergo regular checks or have them removed.

Society » Health | December 27, 2011, Tuesday // 17:49 | Viewed: 1697