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Sharpshooters Join Bulgaria's FMD Fight

Police sharpshooters are going to take part in the fight against foot-and-mouth disease, FMD, in the Bulgarian Strandzha region.

Society » Health | April 19, 2011, Tuesday // 14:45 | Viewed: 1732

Bulgaria Last in EU Healthcare Public Expenses

Bulgaria is the EU country in which the the least percentage of its GDP goes for healthcare – a mere 8%.

Society » Health | April 18, 2011, Monday // 12:48 | Viewed: 1338

Bulgaria Urges Blood Donations amid Acute Shortage

For the ninth successive year Bulgarians have been invited to donate blood as part of the national spring campaign, initiated by the country's Red Cross.

Society » Health | April 15, 2011, Friday // 09:41 | Viewed: 1593

Young Bulgarians Suffer from Depression, Psychosis, Alcohol Abuse

The mental health of young Bulgarians is facing increasing challanges that are staying underrecognized, according to a key Bulgarian psychiatrist.

Society » Health | April 11, 2011, Monday // 18:45 | Viewed: 2435

FMD Outbreak Crawls Further in Southeast Bulgaria

A sixth village in Southeast Bulgaria has been contaminated with food-and-mouth disease in the past four weeks leading to the slaughter of hundreds more domestic animals.

Society » Health | April 7, 2011, Thursday // 19:42 | Viewed: 1957

Bulgaria to Introduce Full Smoking Ban 2012

Bulgaria will introduce a full smoking ban, but not earlier than 2012, the country's Health Minister, Stefan Konstantinov, declared Thursday.

Society » Health | April 7, 2011, Thursday // 15:03 | Viewed: 2280

State of the Art Eye Clinic Opens in Bulgaria

A renovated eye clinic at Sofia's Alexandrovska hospital was opened Thursday by the country's PM Boyko Borisov and Health Minister Stefan Konstantinov.

Society » Health | April 7, 2011, Thursday // 14:26 | Viewed: 1388

5th FMD Outbreak Discovered in Southeast Bulgaria in 3 Weeks

Domestic livestock infected with food-and-mouth disease has been discovered in a fifth village in Southeastern Bulgaria in less than three weeks.

Society » Health | April 4, 2011, Monday // 17:07 | Viewed: 2199

Bulgarian Health Minister Demands All-out Smoking Ban

Health Minister Stefan Konstantinov demanded Sunday an all-out smoking ban in spite of Bulgarian ruling party GERB's unconvincing record on introducing anti-smoking measures.

Society » Health | April 3, 2011, Sunday // 12:34 | Viewed: 2673

Majority of Bulgarians Approve Smoking Restrictions

Two thirds of the Bulgarians approve the government's restrictions on smoking in public places, according to a poll by the National Center for Study of Public Opinion (NZIOM).

Society » Health | March 29, 2011, Tuesday // 14:37 | Viewed: 2132

Radiation Levels in Bulgaria Remain Unchanged

Latest measurements, conducted Sunday, show that the radiation levels all across the country remain unchanged, the Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency informs.

Society » Health | March 27, 2011, Sunday // 12:12 | Viewed: 1947

New Flare of FMD Discovered in SE Bulgaria

Foot-and-mouth disease was discovered in three more villages in the southeastern Bulgarian Strandzha mountains.

Society » Health | March 26, 2011, Saturday // 12:57 | Viewed: 1623

New FMD Outbreak Found in Bulgaria's Burgas District

A new outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) has been found in the village of Granichar, in the Burgas district, experts from the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency announced Thursday.

Society » Health | March 24, 2011, Thursday // 14:46 | Viewed: 2515

Unique Stem Cell Transplantation Carried Out in Bulgaria

The first transplantation of stem cells from a non-family member donor in Bulgaria was carried out Tuesday night at the National Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Hematological Diseases in Sofia.

Society » Health | March 23, 2011, Wednesday // 10:08 | Viewed: 2256

131 Bulgarians Died during Flu Epidemics

A total of 131 people have died from flu during the two epidemics in Bulgaria in the period December 2010 – March 2011, showed data from the public health body RIOKOZ.

Society » Health | March 21, 2011, Monday // 12:52 | Viewed: 1393

New FMD Outbreak Found near Bulgaria-Turkey Border

A new outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) has been discovered in Bulgaria's Burgas district, a day before the European Commission was expected to lift the measures, imposed on the area because of the previous FMD cases.

Society » Health | March 20, 2011, Sunday // 14:05 | Viewed: 1980

Bulgarian Health Ministry to Increase Smoking Ban Checks

The Bulgarian Health Ministry has announced it will increase the checks for smoking in public places after 5 pm and on holidays.

Society » Health | March 18, 2011, Friday // 13:22 | Viewed: 2031

50% of Bulgarians Believe Health Is at Risk - Poll

Lack of funding, corruption and unreasonable distribution of money in Bulgaria's health care system are the top problems in the sector, according to a recent poll.

Society » Health | March 17, 2011, Thursday // 13:19 | Viewed: 1820

Bulgaria Health Minister: No Grounds for Radiation Pills Craze

Bulgaria's health minister has tried to assuage fears of radiation winds reaching the country after Japan nuclear plant blasts, which has spiked demand for the drug potassium iodide.

Society » Health | March 16, 2011, Wednesday // 10:16 | Viewed: 1788

Radiation Fears Spike Sales of Drug against Thyroid Cancer in Bulgaria

As Japan races to avoid a nuclear disaster, some Bulgarians are scrambling to obtain potassium iodide, a drug that can protect people from radiation-induced thyroid cancer.

Society » Health | March 16, 2011, Wednesday // 09:17 | Viewed: 2091

Bulgarian Doctor Fired for Confusing Stroke with Flu

A Bulgarian doctor from the Sofia emergency room is going to be fired one day after he confused symptoms of stroke and flu.

Society » Health | March 8, 2011, Tuesday // 15:30 | Viewed: 1958