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Bulgarians to Rally Against Plans to Drop Full Smoking Ban

Two protest rallies are scheduled for Tuesday in Bulgaria against the government’s plans to abandon the existing full smoking ban in enclosed public spaces.

Society » Health | October 8, 2013, Tuesday // 10:52 | Viewed: 958

Bulgarian Health Min Says No to Lifting Full Smoking Ban

Bulgarian Health Minister Tanya Andreeva has opposed plans made by ruling left-wing MPs to scrap the existing full smoking ban in enclosed public spaces.

Society » Health | October 7, 2013, Monday // 14:53 | Viewed: 1261

Bulgarian Right-Wingers Slam Rulers' Plan to Scrap Full Smoking Ban

Bulgaria’s Reformist Bloc, an opposition formation consisting of mostly right-wing parties, has strongly criticized the Socialist-led government over its intention to lift the full smoking ban in closed public spaces.

Society » Health | October 5, 2013, Saturday // 15:39 | Viewed: 2065

Bulgarian Socialist Party Moves to Lift Full Smoking Ban

The full smoking ban in enclosed public places must be dropped before winter, according to Spas Panchev, Deputy Chair of the parliamentary group of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP).

Society » Health | October 3, 2013, Thursday // 19:51 | Viewed: 3693

Bulgarian Ex-FinMin May Be Prosecuted over Transfer of Health Money- Report

Lawmakers of the three ruling parties in Bulgaria may launch a prosecution against former Finance Minister Simeon Djankov, as he is suspected in transferring state money envisaged for the health sector for other needs, violating the Bulgarian health insur

Society » Health | October 3, 2013, Thursday // 15:26 | Viewed: 906

Bulgarian Socialists Seek Ways to Ease Smoking Ban - Report

Bulgaria’s ruling Socialists are actively working behind the scenes to ease the full ban on smoking in public places in the country, according to media reports.

Society » Health | October 3, 2013, Thursday // 10:15 | Viewed: 1679

Bulgaria Moves to Vaccinate Refugee Children

Bulgaria’s Health Ministry has announced that it will vaccinate all refugee children on the country’s territory over the next two months.

Society » Health | September 30, 2013, Monday // 16:54 | Viewed: 995

Stricter Financial Policies for Bulgaria's State Hospitals

Bulgaria's Ministry of Health and the National Health Insurance Fund (NZOK) are working on a new mechanism for dealing with the debts of hospitals.

Society » Health | September 27, 2013, Friday // 12:32 | Viewed: 861

Crisis Drives Greeks to Bulgarian Dentists

Residents of the northern Greek city of Xanthi are increasingly crossing the border into Bulgaria in search of cheap dental services.

Society » Health | September 24, 2013, Tuesday // 13:57 | Viewed: 1496

Bulgarians Spend BGN 2.2 B a year on Pharmaceuticals

Bulgarians spend some BGN 2.2 B a year on pharmaceuticals, according to reports of Monitor daily.

Society » Health | September 22, 2013, Sunday // 18:22 | Viewed: 1982

Woman's Death Stirs Tension among Syrian Refugees in Sofia

The death of a 58-year-old Syrian woman has triggered slight tension in a refugee asylum in the Bulgarian capital Sofia.

Society » Health | September 20, 2013, Friday // 08:53 | Viewed: 1307

Anthrax Outbreak Reported in Bulgarian Village

A case of anthrax on livestock has been discovered in the Bulgarian village of Yasenkovo, in the northeastern Shumen Region.

Society » Health | September 15, 2013, Sunday // 13:13 | Viewed: 2843

Bulgarian Health Official Assuages Fears of Epidemics over Refugee Influx

Currently there is no threat of epidemics in Bulgarian refugee shelters, the Chief National Health Inspector, Dr Angel Kunchev, has assuaged.

Society » Health | September 9, 2013, Monday // 14:27 | Viewed: 1951

Social Assistance Agency Reports Dramatic Increase in Bulgarians without Health Insurance

Bulgaria's Social Assistance Agency has reported a dramatic increase in the number of Bulgarians without health insurance.

Society » Health | September 5, 2013, Thursday // 12:48 | Viewed: 1091

Bulgaria's National Health Insurance Fund Expects Deficit of BGN 108 M by end-2013

The management of Bulgaria's National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) expects a deficit of BGN 108 M by end-2013 and calls for a revision of its budget by Parliament.

Society » Health | August 22, 2013, Thursday // 12:59 | Viewed: 1040

Bulgaria's Health Minister Vows No Layoffs for Medical Staff

Bulgaria’s Health Minister Tanya Andreeva has assured that the planned 10% layoffs in state hospitals do not regard the doctors and other medical officials.

Society » Health | August 21, 2013, Wednesday // 17:45 | Viewed: 4395

Bulgarian Govt Mulls 10% Layoffs in Public Hospitals

The Bulgarian labor unions have alerted Wednesday about the Health Ministry planning 10% layoffs in State hospitals.

Society » Health | August 21, 2013, Wednesday // 12:00 | Viewed: 1053

Bulgarian Surgeons Remove 23-Kg Tumor, Call for Serious Prophylactic Exams

Bulgarian surgeons have operated successfully a woman with a giant tumor in her abdomen that weighed 23 kilograms.

Society » Health | August 20, 2013, Tuesday // 11:50 | Viewed: 2298

Bulgaria's Healthcare System Absorbs BGN 120 M in Bribes a year

Bulgaria's healthcare system is oversaturated with medical specialists and hospitals, yet it is inefficient and corrupt, according to a project for a national health strategy for the period 2014-2020.

Society » Health | August 14, 2013, Wednesday // 12:31 | Viewed: 1734

Bulgaria's Customs Agency Head Hospitalized in Serious Condition

Vanyo Tanov, head of Bulgaria's Customs Agency, was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Military Medical Academy in Sofia on Sunday noon

Society » Health | August 13, 2013, Tuesday // 12:40 | Viewed: 8088

One Third of Employed Bulgarians Have No Health Insurance

Only 40% of a total of 3.4 million Bulgarians who must make health insurance contributions pay their dues, according to the National Revenue Agency, NRA.

Society » Health | August 11, 2013, Sunday // 15:48 | Viewed: 1438