Man Shot Dead in Bulgaria's Sofia

The body of a 39-year-old man has been found near a gas station near Kazichene, on the outskirts of Sofia.

Crime | February 27, 2015, Friday // 09:06 | Viewed: 964

Foreign National Finds Dead Body Near Bulgaria's Vidin

A Nevada resident who currently lives in the Tsar petrovo village near Vidin, where she owns a property, has accidentally encountered a dead body lying in the grass next to the main road.

Crime | February 26, 2015, Thursday // 18:06 | Viewed: 2030

Czech Shooting ‘Not Terrorist Attack’, Interior Minister Chovanec Says

The gunman who killed eight people in the Czech town of Uhersky Brod on Tuesday had a gun licence and the shooting wasn’t a terrorist attack, Interior Minister Milan Chovanec has said.

Crime | February 24, 2015, Tuesday // 21:19 | Viewed: 875

At Least Nine People Killed After Shooting in Czech Republic

At least eight people were killed after a shooting in the town of Uhersky Brod in the eastern part of the Czech Republic.

Crime | February 24, 2015, Tuesday // 17:19 | Viewed: 1292

European Court of Human Rights Rules against Bulgaria in 2 Cases

European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has ruled against the Bulgarian state over the clash between supporters of nationalist party Ataka and Muslims outside Sofia’s Banya Bashi mosque in 2011.

Crime | February 24, 2015, Tuesday // 16:12 | Viewed: 1132

Bulgarian Customs Seize 8.7 Kg Heroin in Kosovo-Bound Car

Bulgarian customs officers have seized 8.

Crime | February 20, 2015, Friday // 15:57 | Viewed: 1431

Bulgarian Swimsuit Model Arrested in USA's Florida

Bulgarian model Rali Ivanova was arrested Wednesday in the US Pasco County over charges of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Crime | February 20, 2015, Friday // 13:16 | Viewed: 1667

Bulgarian Prosecution Drops Toughest Charges against Dogan Attacker

The state prosecution has dropped charges of attempted murder against the man who attacked the DPS party's honorary chair Ahmed Dogan in 2013.

Crime | February 20, 2015, Friday // 12:02 | Viewed: 896

Ex Sofia Heating Utility Boss Sentenced to 3 Years' Imprisonment

Sofia Appellate Court (SAS) sentenced the former director of heating utility Toplofikatsiya Sofia Valentin Dimitrov to three years' imprisonment at second instance on charges of property mismanagement.

Crime | February 20, 2015, Friday // 11:55 | Viewed: 1024

Bulgaria Detains 44 Illegal Migrants at Border with Romania

Bulgarian border police have detained 44 illegal migrants from Syria and Iraq trying to cross into Romania, bTV reported on Wednesday.

Crime | February 18, 2015, Wednesday // 18:05 | Viewed: 1247

Bulgaria Prosecution Demands 10-Year Sentence for CSKA President

Prosecutors have demanded a ten-year sentence for Aleksandar Tomov, who owns the CSKA football club, in an embezzlement trial that started in 2008.

Crime | February 16, 2015, Monday // 13:52 | Viewed: 900

Macedonian Inmate Caught While Trying to Cross into Bulgaria

Bulgarian and Macedonian police have detained a 41-year-old inmate who was seeking to enter Bulgaria.

Crime | February 16, 2015, Monday // 13:13 | Viewed: 869

New Terrorist Attacks Threaten Belgium and France

Two Islamic state soldiers have threatened Belgium and France with new terrorist attcks in a video.

Crime | February 16, 2015, Monday // 08:55 | Viewed: 1153

Young Men with Batons Storm into Sofia-based Shopping Center

A group of young men armed with batons stormed into a shopping mall on Alexander Stamboliiski Boulevard in Sofia late on Wednesday.

Crime | February 12, 2015, Thursday // 08:07 | Viewed: 1310

Bulgaria Customs Seize 2 Kg of Heroin

Bulgarian customs officers have seized two kilograms of heroin at Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint at the border with Turkey.

Crime | February 11, 2015, Wednesday // 18:52 | Viewed: 1086

Illegal Cigarette Factory Raided in Hungary, Nine Bulgarians Detained

Nine Bulgarian citizens were detained for their alleged participation in a criminal group running a massive illegal cigarette factory in Hungary.

Crime | February 11, 2015, Wednesday // 11:52 | Viewed: 1127

Sofia Appellate Court Upholds 4-Year Prison Term for Ex Interior Minister

The Sofia Appellate Court has upheld the 4-year prison term of former Bulgarian Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov over the blocked wiretapping motions.

Crime | February 9, 2015, Monday // 17:50 | Viewed: 1240

Bulgaria Radical Imam 'Helped People to Reach Syria'

Ahmed Musa Ahmed, an imam accused of preaching radical Islam in the Bulgarian town of Pazardzhik, provided logistic support to two Bosnian Muslims who wanted to cross the Bulgaria-Turkey border, officials say.

Crime | February 6, 2015, Friday // 21:55 | Viewed: 2259

Svilengrad Customs Office Head Facing Bribery Charge Remains in Custody

The Plovdiv Appellate Court upheld Thursday the order for the remand in custody of Todor Karaivanov, director of the Svilengrad customs office.

Crime | February 5, 2015, Thursday // 11:31 | Viewed: 888

Former Bulgarian DefMin Acquitted in Bribery Case

A supreme court ruled on Tuesday that former Defense Minister Nikolay Tsonev, judge Petar Santirov and former Finance Ministry official Tencho Popov are not guilty of bribery.

Crime | February 3, 2015, Tuesday // 15:23 | Viewed: 981

Currency Exchange Businessman Shot Dead in Bulgaria's Plovdiv

A man involved in the currency exchange business has been killed meters away from his home in Plovdiv, the second-largest Bulgarian city, police say.

Crime | February 3, 2015, Tuesday // 11:25 | Viewed: 5241