Jihadis 'Traveling on Fake Passports from Bulgaria'

A number of Bulgarian-made fake passports with Schengen visas were found in the belongings of jihadist fighters that had been operating in Southern Italy, a local daily says.

Crime | May 2, 2016, Monday // 15:24 | Viewed: 1672

Bulgaria Earns Praise from Europol for Busting Workshop for Forged Euro Notes

An operation by the Bulgarian authorities that led to the dismantling of an illegal workshop for counterfeiting of 100 euro banknotes has drawn praise from Europol.

Crime | April 30, 2016, Saturday // 12:09 | Viewed: 2136

Cash Machine Stolen in Bulgaria’s Velingrad

A cash machine has been stolen from the foyer of a bank located in the centre of the Bulgarian town of Velingrad, metres away from the building of the municipality.

Crime | April 29, 2016, Friday // 16:51 | Viewed: 2272

Bulgarian Authorities Detain 29 Migrants Near Vratsa

During a specialised police check conducted by officers from Vratsa, Bulgarian authorities detained shortly before midnight on Wednesday 29 migrants travelling in a minibus in the direction of Vidin.

Crime | April 28, 2016, Thursday // 22:06 | Viewed: 2225

Bulgaria Parliament ex-Official Faces Renewed Tax Evasion Trial

Former Deputy Parliament Speaker Hristo Biserov is to appear before court again on Thursday to face charges of tax evasion.

Crime | April 28, 2016, Thursday // 09:21 | Viewed: 2219

Bulgarian Counter-Intelligence Official Goes to Court for Disclosing 'State Secret'

The head of the financial security department at Bulgaria's counter-intelligence agency DANS is to be put trial over the alleged disclosure of a state secret, the prosecution says.

Crime | April 27, 2016, Wednesday // 10:52 | Viewed: 2515

Bulgarian Police Detain 22 Afghan Migrants near Border with Greece

Police have detained 22 irregular migrants from Afghanistan in a van following a pursuit near Zlatograd crossing on Bulgaria’s border with Greece, public broadcaster BNR reported on Tuesday.

Crime | April 26, 2016, Tuesday // 20:54 | Viewed: 2477

Bulgaria Sends Two Polish Citizens to Jail for Drug Trafficking

A Bulgarian court has sentenced two Polish citizens to six year in prison and fines of BGN 200,000 (EUR 100,000) each for heroin trafficking.

Crime | April 25, 2016, Monday // 19:00 | Viewed: 2782

Bulgarian Authorities Detain 21 Illegal Migrants Near Border with Turkey

Bulgarian border police officers have detained 21 illegal migrants near the border with Turkey.

Crime | April 25, 2016, Monday // 11:00 | Viewed: 2426

Serbia Tries Six People for Migrant Smuggling via Bulgaria

Six people charged with smuggled migrants crossing into Serbia from Bulgaira are set to appear before a Serbian court, local media outlets report.

Crime | April 23, 2016, Saturday // 16:14 | Viewed: 2926

Bulgaria Police Checking Officers' Links to People Smugglers

Police are looking into possible links of offers to people smuggling migrants into Bulgaria, an official has said.

Crime | April 23, 2016, Saturday // 09:06 | Viewed: 2813

Bulgarian Authorities Bust Printing House for Fake EUR 100 Banknotes

During a specialised operation on Friday, Bulgarian authorities busted a printing house for the production of counterfeit EUR 100 banknotes.

Crime | April 22, 2016, Friday // 20:59 | Viewed: 2512

Czech Police Detain Afghan Migrants in Bulgarian-Registered Van

Czech police have detained 26 illegal migrants from Afghanistan in a Bulgarian-registered van close to the border with Germany, Czech media reported on Thursday.

Crime | April 21, 2016, Thursday // 21:58 | Viewed: 2446

Criminal Charges Brought against Five Officials of Bulgaria’s Fund for Treatment of Children

Bulgaria’s prosecuting authorities have brought criminal charges against the director of the state-run fund for medical treatment of children abroad and four of his subordinates over suspected corruption, fraud and siphoning of funds from the National Hea

Crime | April 21, 2016, Thursday // 20:22 | Viewed: 2086

Head of Bulgaria's Fund for Treatment of Children Abroad Detained

Bulgarian authorities have reportedly the director of the Fund for Treatment of Children Abroad, Pavel Aleksandrov, the Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office has said.

Crime | April 20, 2016, Wednesday // 14:02 | Viewed: 4257

Bulgaria Busts Crime Group Making Fake Car Insurance, Technical Test Certificates

Bulgarian police have dismantled an organized criminal group dealing in fake documents for technical tests and third-party liability insurance of automobiles, the Ministry of the Interior announced on Tuesday.

Crime | April 19, 2016, Tuesday // 18:16 | Viewed: 3190

High-Level Official in Bulgaria's DefMin Charged with Malfeasance in Office

The district military prosecutor’s office in Sofia has charged Venislav Tsanov, director of the Defence Acquision Directorate of Bulgaria's Defence Ministry, with malfeasance in office.

Crime | April 19, 2016, Tuesday // 16:02 | Viewed: 1974

Bulgarian Man Detained over Beating of Roma Teenager in Video

Pretrial proceedings have been launched into the case of a man beating and insulting a Roma adolescent after the latter said he was "equal" to him.

Crime | April 18, 2016, Monday // 13:40 | Viewed: 4984

Bulgarian Authorities Detain 39 Migrants, Five Smugglers Near Border with Serbia

Bulgarian border police officers detained on Wednesday a total of 39 illegal migrants in the area of responsibility of the border police department in Kalotina.

Crime | April 15, 2016, Friday // 17:57 | Viewed: 4421

Bulgarian MP Indicted over Damages to State Agency

The Sofia City Prosecutor's Office has submitted an indictment against Svetla Bachvarova-Piralkova over disadvantageous transactions harming the state in her quality as a former agency official.

Crime | April 12, 2016, Tuesday // 12:10 | Viewed: 5059

Bulgarian Police Officers Bust Drug Ring at Sofia Disco

Police officers busted a drug ring operating at a nightclub in the Bulgarian capital.

Crime | April 10, 2016, Sunday // 13:53 | Viewed: 5691