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A Phoenix Rising: Bulgaria's Electric Vehicles Industry

Bulgaria is set for a boom of its electric cars and converted vehicles industry, experts from the Bulgarian Electric Vehicles Industrial Cluster predict.

Novinite Insider » Special Report | July 18, 2011, Monday // 02:46 | Viewed: 17203

Stranded in Belarus - Or Is Your Call 'Very Important' to Bulgaria's Diplomats Abroad?

When the news broke last Friday that Bulgarian poet, journalist and translator Dimiter Kenarov, the author of the short poem cited above (originally in Bulgarian), had been arrested in Belarus on June 29, his friends and relatives were shocked.

Novinite Insider » Special Report | July 7, 2011, Thursday // 14:41 | Viewed: 3547

One Charger for All... and Nobel Economics Prize for Two Bulgarians!

I was very young when the democratic changes in Bulgaria occurred in 1989-1990 but I do remember vividly two dates.

Novinite Insider » Special Report | February 14, 2011, Monday // 15:20 | Viewed: 7358

Bulgaria - in the Trap of the Wiretap

A "Tapegate" scandal, revolving around leaked discrediting conversations of senior government officials, is raging in Bulgaria, making all January headlines, and giving clear indications what is to come in this yet-so-young election year.

Novinite Insider » Special Report | February 3, 2011, Thursday // 19:30 | Viewed: 5179

Poems for Brazil: Dilma Rousseff's Father and Bulgaria's Greatest Poetess between Friendship and Love?

The relationship - whether it was friendship or something more - between Dilma Rousseff's Bulgarian father Petar Rusev (Pedro Rousseff) and Elisaveta Bagryana, the greatest Bulgarian poetess of all time, might have been one of the most beautiful stories o

Novinite Insider » Special Report | January 17, 2011, Monday // 22:55 | Viewed: 7558

The Amazing Story of Dilma Rousseff - Brazil's Bulgarian President

Dilma Vana Rousseff, a Brazilian politician of Bulgarian origin, has been inaugurated as the new President of Brazil, overshadowing Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel for the title of most powerful woman in the world.

Novinite Insider » Special Report | January 9, 2011, Sunday // 22:10 | Viewed: 31159

Welcome to the Future: Bulgaria's Industrial Zones - and Why China Is Interested in Them

In June 2010, the Bulgarian government broke the news that it formally invited Chinese authorities and companies to set up and manage a joint industrial zone in Bozhurishte, right outside of Sofia, a development that can well be seen as revolutionary.

Novinite Insider » Special Report | November 22, 2010, Monday // 18:22 | Viewed: 8349

The Bulgarian Taxis That Will Take You for a Ride

The burly or, some would say, just fat cab driver is reading some of them cheap, bad-quality papers in his taxi parked in front of a large mall in downtown Sofia when a jeep with a tinted windshield slowly pulls over, and four young muscular guys in dark

Novinite Insider » Special Report | July 29, 2010, Thursday // 03:54 | Viewed: 7033

One Year of Borisov - Brussels Speaking

Boyko Borisov always wanted to make history and he did during the elections for European and national parliament in the summer of 2009.

Novinite Insider » Special Report | June 8, 2010, Tuesday // 13:14 | Viewed: 4495

Bulgaria's Freemasons - from Bogomils to the Failed 21st Century Project and 'The Menace Dan Brown', Part II

Several Bulgarian Freemasons have been interviewed for this story and their opinions are included below.

Novinite Insider » Special Report | June 4, 2010, Friday // 17:46 | Viewed: 29989

Bulgaria's Freemasons - from Bogomils to the Failed 21st Century Project and 'The Menace Dan Brown', Part I*

Nowadays, a Masonic Temple can be found in just about every city, but in the history of human kind, there is hardly another organization so much surrounded by mystery, intrigue, secrecy, opposition, and controversy than Freemasonry.

Novinite Insider » Special Report | May 28, 2010, Friday // 11:34 | Viewed: 15811

What Does Britain's New Government Mean for Bulgaria and Europe?*

The UK’s new Conservative-Liberal Democrats government has caught the British public and Europe by surprise but it also promises a more open political system than anyone in the country has hoped for.

Novinite Insider » Special Report | May 26, 2010, Wednesday // 19:34 | Viewed: 3006

Interior vs. Judiciary: Who Is Right in the War of Bulgaria’s Government Branches?

"We capture them, and they let them go!" has become a catch phrase in Bulgaria in the last few years.

Novinite Insider » Special Report | March 5, 2010, Friday // 22:14 | Viewed: 2314

100 Days of Solitude: Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and the GERB Government

“The organized crime in Bulgaria is “countered” by the criminal disorganization of the Bulgarian state.” This quote is dated back to November 2001. It belongs to Colonel Boyko Borisov.

Novinite Insider » Special Report | November 3, 2009, Tuesday // 23:41 | Viewed: 11162

British Expats in Bulgaria: Property Pitfalls Possible in Real Estate Paradise

Whether one was forced to study Latin in school, or not, there’s a simple phrase that everyone should remember: “Caveat emptor!” or “Buyer, beware!”

Novinite Insider » Special Report | October 25, 2009, Sunday // 12:55 | Viewed: 8005

British Expats in Bulgaria: We Came Here "Just To Live Our Dream"

The British press moans and groans about a vast influx of foreigners, including Bulgarians, while the steady stream of UK emigrants goes almost unnoticed.

Novinite Insider » Special Report | October 16, 2009, Friday // 12:01 | Viewed: 41574

Bulgaria: Archaeology and Treasure Hunting Paradise. Or Hell

The Bulgarian archaeology paradise is not just there for archaeologists to explore, and for people from all around the world to enjoy...

Novinite Insider » Special Report | July 31, 2009, Friday // 14:41 | Viewed: 16756

The Ultimate Guide to Vote Buying in Bulgarian Elections: 5 Easy Steps

Note: The purpose of this article is to inform the readers of about vote buying in Bulgaria, i.e. to explain how it works. It is not intended to encourage anyone to buy or sell votes in Bulgarian elections. Even though we are concerned that s

Novinite Insider » Special Report | July 1, 2009, Wednesday // 14:37 | Viewed: 5810