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For Whom The Bells Toll on Christmas in Bulgaria

The story of Maria Zabova, bell ringer at Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, is a real epiphany, an inspiring tale of faith, strength and...mathematics. Milena Hristova finds out why the elderly woman is closer to God on Christmas than any of us.

Novinite Insider » Features | December 24, 2010, Friday // 08:59 | Viewed: 4830

Slightly Rebellious, Pink Flavored in Sofia

In times of severe economic and financial crises, most businesses are taking extreme measures in order to survive, including cutting expenses, delaying payments or laying off people.

Novinite Insider » Features | December 10, 2010, Friday // 19:32 | Viewed: 5200

Wary of Joining Troubled Euro? Not in Bulgaria!

Uncertainty surrounding the eurozone in the wake of the Greek and Irish debt crises has dampened the entry aspirations of the Czech Republic and the Baltic states, but Bulgaria is still flying the flag.

Novinite Insider » Features | November 29, 2010, Monday // 18:05 | Viewed: 3569

London Festival of Bulgarian Culture? Mission Possible

Try asking foreigners what they think about Bulgaria. The answers you will most probably get will be connected the beautiful beaches and mountains, or maybe about the famous yogurt or good wine.

Novinite Insider » Features | November 9, 2010, Tuesday // 20:11 | Viewed: 3459

Revealed: Scandal of Bulgarian Workers Plight in Germany

Bulgarians are driven to Germany, share a single densely packed grotty room and work long hours only to be left high and dry when their, usually Bulgarian, employers vanish into thin air. Is there hope for help when the dream job turns into a nightmare?

Novinite Insider » Features | November 4, 2010, Thursday // 12:14 | Viewed: 3949

President Dilma Rousseff between Bulgaria and Brazil (Interview Reprints) (Sofia News Agency) offers you a reprint of the only three interviews that Brazil's new President Dilma Rousseff, the daughter of Bulgarian immigrant Petar Rusev, over the years gave for Bulgarian media.

Novinite Insider » Features | November 1, 2010, Monday // 00:46 | Viewed: 3995

Bulgaria Miracle Healers - Cashing in on Downturn, Despair

Dimitar Zahariev, dressed up in a white suit, walks, quite rudely, a patient out of his consulting room as dozens of people wait in a corridor with a an old worn out parquet floor, shabby sofas and numerous photos of people with red marks.

Novinite Insider » Features | August 26, 2010, Thursday // 17:31 | Viewed: 6738

Bulgaria's Office Market - Out of the Doldrums?

Bargain prices and a good choice of supply are poised to help lift the office property market in Bulgaria out of the doldrums, according to analysts.

Novinite Insider » Features | July 27, 2010, Tuesday // 12:40 | Viewed: 6428

The Bulgarian 'Loch Ness Monster': the Water Bull of the Rabisha Lake

The world famous monster Nessie from the Loch Ness in Scotland is about to get a rather tough competitor - the Water Bull from the Rabisha Lake in Northwestern Bulgaria.

Novinite Insider » Features | March 5, 2010, Friday // 20:05 | Viewed: 31645

The Black Widow: UK Killer's Possible Bulgarian Victim

Dena Thompson’s Bulgarian boyfriend, Stoyan Kostov, was never traced and the fear is that he became a victim of the ‘Black widow’.

Novinite Insider » Features | February 17, 2010, Wednesday // 17:30 | Viewed: 22596

UK Plumber's Pipe Dream for Bulgarian Justice?

Duncan Banbury, from St Albans near the UK capital London, came to Bulgaria with his partner in 2004, with plans for the future and fond memories of a long and well appreciated career as an expert plumber and heating engineer.

Novinite Insider » Features | February 12, 2010, Friday // 14:41 | Viewed: 19905

Bulgarian Passports for Macedonians: Debunking Myths

Oliver Vodasov has managed to do something many Macedonians dream of – he has built up a successful career in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, a European Union member state.

Novinite Insider » Features | February 4, 2010, Thursday // 18:07 | Viewed: 16317

Vitosha Streets Reveal Their Secrets

Whether one has lived in the same city all one's life, or is visiting for the first time, there are hidden clues that can reveal the cultural and historical importance of the urban surroundings and its inhabitants.

Novinite Insider » Features | December 29, 2009, Tuesday // 15:12 | Viewed: 15157

Life after Cancer? In Bulgaria?

This is not an easy subject.

Novinite Insider » Features | October 23, 2009, Friday // 13:49 | Viewed: 19292

A Golden Week of Plovdiv Festivities: Bulgaria's Top TV Festival

The city of Plovdiv was once again the venue for the 2009 edition of the Golden Chest International Television Festival.

Novinite Insider » Features | October 13, 2009, Tuesday // 10:58 | Viewed: 15915

Playing on Stereotypes: UK Newspaper Tangled in British Ex-Pats Bulgaria Feud

UK newspapers have recently covered a number of stories about unfortunate British tourists or ex-pats covered in bruises or suffering from shock after problems in Bulgaria.

Novinite Insider » Features | October 7, 2009, Wednesday // 12:52 | Viewed: 12432

Bulgarian Residence for EU Citizens: 'Apartheid', Double Standards and Utter Confusion

2007 marked the start of Bulgaria's EU adventure and also the end of EU citizens having to apply for Bulgarian visas.

Novinite Insider » Features | September 25, 2009, Friday // 15:14 | Viewed: 9457

The Sofia Synagogue: Epitomizing the Spirit of Bulgaria's Capital for 100 Years

It is not just a coincidence that the same year Sofia turned 130 years as the capital of Bulgaria one of its most famous landmarks - the Sofia Synagogue - celebrated 100 years since its opening.

Novinite Insider » Features | September 12, 2009, Saturday // 05:34 | Viewed: 8165

Sex, Chalga and Alcohol - Sexual Harassment or Bulgaria's Best Selling Mix

In the peak of the summer season in Bulgaria the sun is always bright, the beaches are full of people and the emblematic summer TV commercials and billboards make a comeback.

Novinite Insider » Features | August 26, 2009, Wednesday // 16:09 | Viewed: 29765

Golf - The Great Challenge and Opportunity for Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country of extraordinary natural diversity - a rare combination of high, snowy peaks, vast green fields, and golden sandy beaches.

Novinite Insider » Features | July 29, 2009, Wednesday // 16:00 | Viewed: 8715

The Bulgarian Atrocity that Shocked The World

Batak was an important staging point for the Bulgarian April Uprising in 1876, in which Bulgarian rebels attempted to end the Ottoman Empire's domination over their country.

Novinite Insider » Features | July 16, 2009, Thursday // 15:02 | Viewed: 12758