Letters to the Editor

Can Bulgaria Govt Sort Out the Roma Problem?

When Boyko Borisvo uttered the following words last week, in support of the Roma community in Bulgaria, they must have listened in disbelief ...

Letters to the Editor | April 13, 2011, Wednesday // 11:44 | Viewed: 2650

Is Bulgaria Heading for Autocratic State under Boyko Borisov?

More and more we are hearing the same rhetoric from the Bulgarian Prime Minster Boyko Borisov, regarding everything relating to Bulgaria and it begins with ....

Letters to the Editor | April 3, 2011, Sunday // 16:23 | Viewed: 2584

GERB Crime Stunt Fed by US, but Backfired

The recent releases by Wikileaks of the 2005 Uncensored Diplomatic Cable on Organized Crime in Bulgaria, proves how much the Americans know about it and why there is a smear campaign against the Ambassador in Sofia....

Letters to the Editor | March 29, 2011, Tuesday // 20:53 | Viewed: 1806

A Potty Solution for Potholes in Bulgaria

As we all know there are numerous potholes in the local roads, here in Bulgaria and many people complain that the councils collect taxes but don't fix the roads.

Letters to the Editor | March 17, 2011, Thursday // 15:11 | Viewed: 2568

Boyko Borisov and His Ministers Fiddle ... as Bulgaria Falls Apart!

Recently we have seen yet again the Bulgarian government boasting to anyone who will listen, how wonderful they are and an example to any country by way of their behaviour in Bulgaria and the EU.

Letters to the Editor | March 16, 2011, Wednesday // 10:48 | Viewed: 1921

Inconsistency and Prejudice in EU Argument about Turkey's Membership

For fifty- two years Turkey has been promised that at some point, it will become a full member of the EU, but they must first be patience and also make changes to some human rights issues and other things that are a prerequisite of full membership.

Letters to the Editor | March 10, 2011, Thursday // 17:18 | Viewed: 2695

Is Boyko Borisov about to Meet His Waterloo - Aleksei Petrov?

Two former friends and martial arts exponents are now locking horns for the political spoils in Bulgaria....

Letters to the Editor | February 9, 2011, Wednesday // 11:36 | Viewed: 3204

Boyko the Godfather!

When Boyko Borisov became the new Prime Mister of Bulgaria in 2009, could everything change in Bulgarian politics? Could a Bulgarian politician really have the ability to carry out the reforms that were needed?

Letters to the Editor | February 1, 2011, Tuesday // 12:51 | Viewed: 1333

FMD Disinfection Tax at Turkish-Bulgarian Border

I wish to bring to your attention that your use of "thoroughly disinfected" in your January 18, 2011 article "Bulgaria to Launch FMD Disinfection Tax on Turkish Border" is completely false and you may want to take a closer look at what the Bulgarian autho

Letters to the Editor | January 28, 2011, Friday // 17:43 | Viewed: 1628

Bulgarian Cinema - WHAT to Finance

Bulgarian Cinema - "to Finance or Not to Finance?" perhaps that is NOT the question.

Letters to the Editor | December 21, 2010, Tuesday // 14:57 | Viewed: 1026

On visible Climate Change and Invisible Water - Joint Letter of the Foreign Ministers of the Green Group

Praia, San Jos?, Reykjav?k, Singapore, Ljubljana Abu Dhabi, 26 November 2010

Letters to the Editor | November 29, 2010, Monday // 14:31 | Viewed: 1037

Americans Trapped in Sofia since Volcano

I have a friend who just adopted a little boy with Down syndrome from an institution there near Sofia http://gatheringthemfromtheeast.

Letters to the Editor | April 19, 2010, Monday // 19:54 | Viewed: 1948

Novinite.com Reader from Varna on the EON Power Utility

Subject: EON

Letters to the Editor | April 13, 2010, Tuesday // 17:41 | Viewed: 2209

Independent Scientists Slam EC GMO Draft Regulations

Formal Protest from Scientists: Commission Regulation on Implementing Rules for GM applications and assessments

Letters to the Editor | March 2, 2010, Tuesday // 14:56 | Viewed: 2733

Protest in Sofia over Change in Bulgarian Data Retention Legislation

On January 14th , 2010 there will be a massive protest around the Parliament building in Sofia under the slogan "Bulgaria is not Big Brother, 2010 is not 1984".

Letters to the Editor | January 8, 2010, Friday // 13:07 | Viewed: 2963

Dangerous Religions

I would like to point out that in this world we have religious freedom.

Letters to the Editor | October 18, 2009, Sunday // 13:54 | Viewed: 3608

Plovdiv Accepted False Animal Birth Control Too

On September 26, 2009, media in Plovdiv reported about a signed agreement between the Municipality of Plovdiv and the Four Paws Bulgaria Foundation.

Letters to the Editor | October 16, 2009, Friday // 15:17 | Viewed: 3657

Turkey Must Become Full-Fledged Member of the EU

The Republic of Turkey Must Become a Full-fledged Member of the EU

Letters to the Editor | October 11, 2009, Sunday // 13:56 | Viewed: 6360

Bulgaria: Corruption Incorporated, Dragon Slaying

From Mandy Cole

Letters to the Editor | September 18, 2009, Friday // 11:46 | Viewed: 2768

Asian Security: a Way forward

By Dulat BakishevExecutive Director of the Secretariat, Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA)

Letters to the Editor | May 14, 2009, Thursday // 17:20 | Viewed: 3098

EBRD: Bulgaria the "Balkan Tiger" Is Emerging as Global Player in Software Development

Nicholas Jeffery, Senior Advisor Strategy and Investment Planning European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - Telecoms Media and Technology

Letters to the Editor | May 12, 2009, Tuesday // 10:37 | Viewed: 4287