Letters to the Editor

Will There Be a Bulgarian Spring?

The year of great changes especially in Arab world have been in 2011, with its conception in Tunisia and encompassing -: Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, and Yemen.

Letters to the Editor | December 22, 2011, Thursday // 18:33 | Viewed: 2453

No Ads Abroad Turn Sour Bulgaria’s Wine Success

The main problem [with Bulgarian wine] is a total lack of any real effort in promoting it abroad.

Letters to the Editor | November 30, 2011, Wednesday // 08:57 | Viewed: 3057

The Gruesome Twosome - Bulgaria's New President and Vice President

At the press conference after the Presidential elections, both the winning GERB candidates were put on display and questioned by the assembled press corps about a lot of things concerning their future roles and aspirations for the jobs they had both been

Letters to the Editor | November 24, 2011, Thursday // 14:15 | Viewed: 2054

Who is the 'Tour De Force' behind Boyko Bоrisov?

After Bulgaria's Presidential and Mayoral elections Boyko Borisov and his GERB government / political party have consolidated their power over Bulgaria, with a stranglehold grip and now have a mandate to essentially do what they like for the next two year

Letters to the Editor | November 9, 2011, Wednesday // 12:23 | Viewed: 2544

Was 9/11 the Catalyst for America's Decline or Was It Inevitable?

9/11 was a tragedy waiting to happen because of American foreign policy past and present with the reverberations still with us.

Letters to the Editor | September 21, 2011, Wednesday // 10:47 | Viewed: 6568

Bulgaria vs. England Match - Racism

I am dissapointed to read that the English Football Association is to lodge a complaint against the Bulgarian fans' racist chants.

Letters to the Editor | September 3, 2011, Saturday // 14:57 | Viewed: 5163

Tsvetan Tsvetanov - The Houdini of Bulgarian Politics

Tsvetan Tsvetanov has been the man in charge of the Ministry of the Interior since 2009, which means he's the Top Cop and head of security for Bulgarian (and is also privy to a lot of World and European security matters), so he must have the highest secur

Letters to the Editor | August 29, 2011, Monday // 20:48 | Viewed: 2581

Are Taxi Drivers in Sofia Literally Taking Us for a Ride?

The first time a new visitor encounters a Bulgarian taxi driver, will be arriving at Sofia airport, when they are at their most susceptible (not knowing where their destination is or how to get there?)...

Letters to the Editor | August 16, 2011, Tuesday // 11:14 | Viewed: 3283

The Bulgarian - European Health Insurance Card Scandal

This is how the Bulgarian Health Fund is flouting EU laws for it's own citizens, and also EU people that are seeking health care in Bulgaria, who have an EHIC.

Letters to the Editor | July 22, 2011, Friday // 07:39 | Viewed: 6051

Red Tape Stifles Bulgaria

I am an Englishman who has lived here since 2004 during which time I have witnessed the incredibly complex processes needed to complete a simple transaction.

Letters to the Editor | July 21, 2011, Thursday // 12:05 | Viewed: 2030

Desecration of War Memorial

I don't think your news agency is the place I thought it was.

Letters to the Editor | June 28, 2011, Tuesday // 15:50 | Viewed: 3515

Are Bulgarians Their Own Worse Enemy?

The thing you become aware of when you first come to Bulgarian is the indifference to most things from the Bulgarian people and their general attitude to life around them.

Letters to the Editor | June 28, 2011, Tuesday // 14:46 | Viewed: 2832

Access to Internet on EU Territory - Fifth Freedom and Fundamental Human Right

EU - Wi-Fi PARADISE - Open Letter to the European Commission Regarding Access to Internet on EU Territory -- the Fifth Freedom and Fundamental Human Right

Letters to the Editor | June 21, 2011, Tuesday // 15:41 | Viewed: 3561

Bulgaria's Two Sacred Cows - Judiciary & Police

The recent damming report by the Open Society Institute on Bulgaria's justice and home affairs expenditure, shows that both the police and judiciary are vastly over staffed and absorbing vast amounts of money in order to maintain their present staffing le

Letters to the Editor | June 20, 2011, Monday // 13:00 | Viewed: 1685

Yes, Belogradchik Is Part of Bulgaria!

I can't imagine finding one Bulgarian who hasn't heard of the beautiful and wonderful beaches of Varna and Burgas, Nessebar, St.

Letters to the Editor | June 16, 2011, Thursday // 19:30 | Viewed: 2314

Hellish Bus Crash in Bulgaria – the Price of Indifference

I'm Russian citizen, currently living in Minsk, but my family is connected to Bulgaria.

Letters to the Editor | June 15, 2011, Wednesday // 13:13 | Viewed: 1520

Are We Seeing the Death Throes of GERB?

The events over the last couple of weeks have confirmed how far Borisov will go to stay in power, even if it compromises his principles and tarnishes his imagine worldwide (which he is so keen to protect).

Letters to the Editor | June 8, 2011, Wednesday // 14:48 | Viewed: 1736

Open Letter to the Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria

Honorable Sir, I turn to you as the highest authority overseeing the rights of all Bulgarian citizens, their protection from violations of the law and the person guaranteeing harmony in the relations between the State and its citizens.

Letters to the Editor | May 26, 2011, Thursday // 18:29 | Viewed: 2463

Borisov vs Parvanov - Who's the Real Statesman?

Both men represent Bulgaria on the world stage in different capacities and the way that they present themselves is very important for their country, especially with its bad image worldwide.

Letters to the Editor | May 17, 2011, Tuesday // 20:49 | Viewed: 2034

Are Bulgarian Socialists Sleep-Walking?

Everywhere the ruling party GERB and especially its leader Boyko Borisov are struggling to maintain their authority and now are on the ropes.

Letters to the Editor | May 11, 2011, Wednesday // 14:18 | Viewed: 1765

The King is Dead. Long Live the King!

Boyko Borisov (aka) Batman has just woken up to the fact that his flegling policical party and ego boosting brain-child may not win the up and coming Presidential elections in October, as their own candidates are very weak and the opposition ones are now

Letters to the Editor | May 7, 2011, Saturday // 16:50 | Viewed: 1837