Letters to the Editor

Bulgarians Served Well in Iraq

I am an American that was stationed with the Bulgarian unit at Diwanyia, Iraq. I would like to say thank you to these men and women who served well in the operation in Iraq.

Letters to the Editor | December 21, 2005, Wednesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 962

Nationwide Animal Pets Abuse

During the last 15 years in Sofia City there's been carefully nourished a peculiar perplexity by a bulk street manifestation of growing-up domesticated dogs, followed by the disappearance of them most.

Letters to the Editor | November 25, 2005, Friday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1207

Appeal for Clemency for the Bulgarian Nurses in Libya

The Africans United for Taiwan (AAUT) has been closely following the Bulgarian Nurse Trial in Libya. The trial no doubt, demonstrates Libya's commitment to the rule of law, justice and human rights.

Letters to the Editor | November 14, 2005, Monday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1235

Solidarity with Bulgarian Nurses

I would like to bring to the public's attention the plight of a number of Bulgarian nurses who have been sentenced to death by our North African neighbour, Libya. For those who are not fully abreast with this case it revolves around an outbreak of HIV in

Letters to the Editor | October 31, 2005, Monday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1188

SNA and Liverpool Echo Should Help Michael Shields

Hi, I live in Liverpool; I am just an ordinary mother who believes in her

Letters to the Editor | September 3, 2005, Saturday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1157

Charity Campaign Launched for Floods Affected Regions

Since many on this board do not read Bulgarian, would someone be kind enough to verify the below physical mailing address taken from the BRC link http://www.redcross.

Letters to the Editor | August 7, 2005, Sunday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1248

British Hooligans Need to be "Tamed"

To all of you who are so concerned about Shields's sentence I would like to say: please stop writing nonsense! There is a person who admitted he committed the crime, but he is in the UK and doesn't want to go to Bulgaria! THE OLDEST TRICK IN THE WORLD!!!

Letters to the Editor | August 1, 2005, Monday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1557

Britons Afraid of Going to Bulgaria

I don't want to bring my family there as I don't know whether we would get out alive, what with the corrupt legal system and the Police who are their own mafia. Poor Michael Shields wrong place wrong time, no actually he was in bed at 2am that morning of

Letters to the Editor | August 1, 2005, Monday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1458

Evidence Ignored in Michael Shields Case

Sir's, I am the head of the British Charity SASHA, (Staffordshire Ambulance Staff Humanitarian Aid) I have donated 163;8.

Letters to the Editor | August 1, 2005, Monday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1430

Foreigners are not Safe in Bulgaria

Dear Editors, I have been assaulted and badly injured by three security guards in the restaurant Casablanca on the beach of Sozopol last Sunday.

Letters to the Editor | July 31, 2005, Sunday // 00:00 | Viewed: 2191

Jailing Briton to Chase away Property Buyers

Dear Editor, If this young man (Michael Shields) is innocent and the problem is not sorted out quickly it will have a very negative effect on the booming property market in Bulgaria.

Letters to the Editor | July 27, 2005, Wednesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1481

Michael Shields is Innocent!

Please, will some of the Bulgarian press take a serious look at the Michael Shields case? This is a clear case of mistaken identity.

Letters to the Editor | July 27, 2005, Wednesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1547

Bulgarians Abroad Refuse to Patch up State Budget

Dear Editor, For the last ten days a total of 5000 Bulgarians, currently residing abroad, have signed up their names in an international campaign against the decision of ministers and parliamentary members who want us to pay social security and health i

Letters to the Editor | March 13, 2005, Sunday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1190

Zero Tolerance for Offensive Postings

Dear Editor, Last year, when I first started participating on this forum, you have been very helpful to me on a few occasions when I contacted you asking for help and assistance.

Letters to the Editor | February 11, 2005, Friday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1538

Bexx Air or How to Become a Millionaire in 30 Seconds

Dear Editor, In the beginning he flew a lot of people with cheap tickets to Sofia and back.

Letters to the Editor | December 1, 2004, Wednesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 2039

I Bought Flying Card from Bexx Air and Payed for It

From Radoslava Stoimenova When they closed the Firm it was impossible to get them in the Office in Sofia (I've been there).

Letters to the Editor | November 23, 2004, Tuesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1493

Bexx Air Client Confused about Refunding

Dear Editor, Herewith I would like to inform You, that I do not agree with Mr.

Letters to the Editor | November 6, 2004, Saturday // 00:00 | Viewed: 2041

Iraq's War- "British, American Friendship"

The Americans have made a big show of requesting 650 British troops. This is less than 0.

Letters to the Editor | October 21, 2004, Thursday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1096

Bulgaria- Found Titian Painting May be Fake

Dear Editor Very Interesting story !

Letters to the Editor | October 15, 2004, Friday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1474

Bexx Air Customers Demand Compensation

Mr. Wiesemann, this time from Brussels, Belgium, is no longer in the mood for presenting his disappointed customers with his promised claimpaper.

Letters to the Editor | October 10, 2004, Sunday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1310

Novinite.com Hits Canadian Radio Air

Dear Editor, Thanks to you and me, while I was surfing, I read the news of the execution of the second American on your site and relayed your news throw e-mail to a radio-Canada Radio One.

Letters to the Editor | September 21, 2004, Tuesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 863