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Street Dogs in Sofia

Sofia, EU: In Terms of 2M Lv. Budget Provided, the Municipal Animal Control Does Not Face a Legal Policy on Low-Cost Neutering and Pet Recovering

Letters to the Editor | May 16, 2008, Friday // 00:00 | Viewed: 3075

Russe Orphanage No Different than Nightmarish Mogilino

Hello, I am an adoptive mother of a child from the Russe orphanage for younger children.

Letters to the Editor | March 12, 2008, Wednesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 2983


As an Englishman who has seen too many deaths and terrible illness caused by smoking I despair when I see so many young women shop assistants standing outside their shops smoking. Worst still children sitting by parents smoking in restaurants.

Letters to the Editor | January 2, 2008, Wednesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1393

Bulgaria Should Keep up its Role for Stability on the Balkans

As the voters in Kosovo decide that Kosovo will become independent and no longer live under Serbian hegemony and oppression again it is important for all people in the Balkans to support the freedom and human rights of minorities in their and surrounding

Letters to the Editor | November 20, 2007, Tuesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1552

I am Shocked at Mogilino Horror, Please Help!

Dear editor, I am absolutely shocked at the horror I saw whilst watching the programme revealing what is going on in the children's home in Bulgaria.

Letters to the Editor | November 20, 2007, Tuesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 3417

Bulgaria Govt Accomplice in Mogilino Assisted Murder, Abuse and Neglect

Dear editor, I too watched last night's documentary on the Mogilino Institute and was horrified and heartbroken at the treatment of those children, which was both medieval and criminal.

Letters to the Editor | November 19, 2007, Monday // 00:00 | Viewed: 2515

Mogilino Kids Treated Worse Than Animals, Do Something!

Dear editor, I was very disturbed this evening whilst watching a programme on UK TV about the children's Institute, in Mogilino, Bulgaria.

Letters to the Editor | November 19, 2007, Monday // 00:00 | Viewed: 2875

Bulgaria's Teachers Know How Much It Takes to Give the Best

Dear Editor, The teacher is a human being, whose work is to teach somebody something.

Letters to the Editor | October 24, 2007, Wednesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1487

"Deal" at Bulgarian Customs

Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Mihai Mocanu, and I am from Bucharest, Romania.

Letters to the Editor | October 22, 2007, Monday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1561

Prosecution Failure....Is Boris Velchev to Blame?

Dear Editor, If my diary is right the Marguini trial returns to Court on 3rd October.

Letters to the Editor | October 3, 2007, Wednesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1514

Former Yugoslavia

It is great to see that many Bulgarian people welcome the idea of a peaceful and prosperous Balkans as well as Bulgaria. So many groups in Eastern Europe bring violence and hate to the people of the Balkans such as the Serbs and Croats that true democrati

Letters to the Editor | September 23, 2007, Sunday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1314

Rogue Taxis Prowl Sofia Airport New Terminal

Here's an idea for a little investigation you could do.

Letters to the Editor | September 12, 2007, Wednesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1580

Bulgarians Out of Step with Politics, News

Dear Editor, Having read the article "Survey Shows Bulgaria Out of Step with EU, Closest to Russia" prompted me to share my experiences regarding Bulgarians and politics as a whole.

Letters to the Editor | September 11, 2007, Tuesday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1468

Bulgaria's Nurses will be Released Very Soon

The request to serve the sentences of all six detainees has been received by Tripoli and will be acted upon "without hesitation". Under the Repatriation of Prisoners Act it is a matter for the country where sentences are served to decide on the actual sen

Letters to the Editor | July 19, 2007, Thursday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1411

Life of Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat in Europe's Heaven for Food and Alcohol

Dear Editor, I am so concerned that there was a conducted EU Survey revealing the above [Bulgaria, Europe's cheapest for Food and Alcohol] without a corresponding and more important Survey on Wage/Pension Packets and general Standard of Living costs in

Letters to the Editor | July 14, 2007, Saturday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1602

Theft during Videnov Era Detrimental for Today's Bulgaria

Dear Editor, There is a connection, which exists in my mind between the wholesale theft of state assets in the Videnov era and the crumbling state of Bulgaria's schools and hospitals and the treatment of its pensioners today.

Letters to the Editor | June 24, 2007, Sunday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1519

Medieval Gold Jewellery Found in Thracian Mound in Bulgaria

A total of eleven gold rings, three bracelets and a pair of ear-rings have been found in a Thracian mound between Bulgaria's villages of Topolchane and Kaloyanovo. The artifacts were discovered in the tombs of three women by one of Bulgaria's best-known

Letters to the Editor | June 18, 2007, Monday // 00:00 | Viewed: 6023

Bulgarians Not Quite EU Citizens in Rome

Dear Editor, I am writing following a recent trip to Rome with a Bulgarian co-traveller.

Letters to the Editor | April 5, 2007, Thursday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1664

Berbatov's Fight for Freedom

I am a supporter of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and thanks to Mr Berbatov wearing a "You are Not Alone" armband he has made me aware of the plight of the 5 Bulgarian nurses & the Palestinian doctor. For the last 2 weeks I have been trying to raise the

Letters to the Editor | March 29, 2007, Thursday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1501

Justice in Libya!

Foreign experts recently warned that a spat between Libya and Bulgaria and a mutual display of signs of hurt national pride are likely to deteriorate the plight of the medics. I think this is absolutely true!

Letters to the Editor | March 9, 2007, Friday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1246

Albena and Maxim Have Already Graduated

In my view, Albena and Maxim were graduated when they proved themselves as the 2006 World Champions--a title throughout perpetuity. As with post-doctoral studies, I hope they will continue to focus on their creativity and not worry about placement as they

Letters to the Editor | January 29, 2007, Monday // 00:00 | Viewed: 1096