Greece 'Should Adopt New Laws by Wednesday'

The Greek Parliament should pass fresh legislation by Wednesday if it is to receive new bailout assistance, Finnish Finance Minister Alexander Stubb has said.

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Russia Mulls Energy Supplies to Greece, Energy Min Says

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak has said his country is considering options to provide direct energy supplies to Greece.

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EU Leaders Divided over Greece Bailout Talks

Growing discord has started to emerge hours before Sunday afternoon's Eurozone summit which is due to decide whether to grant Greece another bailout package or move to "Plan B".

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EU-28 Summit on Greece Cancelled

European Council President Donald Tusk has cancelled the summit meeting of European Union heads of state scheduled to discuss Greece on Sunday.

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Greece 'Should Follow Bulgaria's Currency Model in Case of Grexit'

Bulgaria is the better currency model for Greece if the country slides towards Grexit, renowned economist Prof Steve Hanke says.

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Eurogroup Reportedly Demands Deeper Reforms from Greece – Reuters

According to media reports, Eurozone finance ministers have demanded deeper reforms from Greece in exchange for opening talks on a third bailout to Athens.

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Participants in Srebrenica Commemoration Attack Serbian PM with Stones

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and the delegation led by him were attacked and stones thrown at them during the commemorative ceremony marking the twentieth anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre on Saturday.

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Bosnia-Herzegovina Commemorates Victims of Srebrenica Massacre

Bosnia and Herzegovina marks on Saturday the twentieth anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre.

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Car Bomb Near Italian Consulate in Cairo Leaves One Dead, Four Injured

The explosion of a car bomb near the Italian Consulate in the Egyptian capital on Saturday claimed the life of at least one person and injured four people.

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Greek Parliament Approves Government's Bailout Reform Proposals

The Greek Parliament approved on Saturday the latest reform proposals, which the government in Athens submitted to the international creditors late on Thursday.

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LUKOIL Set to Appeal Romanian Prosecution Accusations

Russia’s LUKOIL has dismissed accusations of money laundering and tax evasion brought against the company by Romanian prosecutors who had seized EUR 2 B worth of company assets in an ongoing investigation.

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Iran Nuclear Deal Talks Continue

Negotiations over the Iranian nuclear program will continue until the end of the day on Friday.

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CESEC Countries Move to Build Integrated Gas Market

Fifteen EU and Energy Community countries in Central Eastern Europe and Southeastern Europe agreed on Friday to join forces to speed up the creation of missing gas infrastructure links, the European Commission said.

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Japan Might Issue Drone Prohibition Near Key Sites

A law proposal in Japan will be aiming at forbidding the use of unmanned aerial vehicles without obtaining of a formal permission first.

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New Reform Proposals May Lead to Resignation of Greek Energy Minister

The new reform proposals, which were submitted by the Greek government to the eurozone on Thursday, may lead to the resignation of Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis.

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BRICS Leaders Issue Anti-Terrorism Declaration

The declaration signed by BRICS leaders, issued at their meeting in the Russian town of Ufa, is set on confirming the organization's unified vision on issues of international importance.

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Greek Government Submits Reform Proposals to Eurozone

The Greek government submitted on Thursday the latest list of reform proposals to the eurozone.

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Turkey’s President Asks PM Davutoglu to Form New Government

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan asked Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Thursday to form the country's new government, reported.

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German Chancellor Dismisses Option of Writing Off Greek Debt

German Chancellor Angela Merkel dismissed the option of writing off Greek debt.

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EU Calls on Macedonian Leaders to Reach Compromise

EU Enlargement Commission Johannes Hahn will visit Macedonia early next week in a bid to help government and opposition leaders reach a compromise on resolving the  political crisis, MIA reported on Thursday.

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Greece Getting Ready for EUR 12 B Reforms in 2 Years

Greece has been preparing a reform package worth EUR 12 B in 2 years, as reported by Greek daily newspaper Katimerini.

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