Macedonia Bans Serbian Music

The ban on Serbian music in the neighbouring Republic of Macedonia entered into force on Friday night.

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Europol: Growth in Migrant Trafficking Through Bulgaria Is Disturbing

The growth of migrant trafficking through Bulgaria is disturbing, announced Europol.

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Thousands Take To The Streets To Protest Hungary's Anti-Migrant Policy

Thousands of Hungarians took to the streets to protest against the anti-migrant policy of the government of PM Viktor Orban.

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Turkish Authorities Lay Off 1,500 Prison Employees

Turkish authorities have laid off 1,500 prison employees and supervisors, reported Reuters, citing Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag.

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Turkey Demands EU Fulfil Its Promise for Visa-Free Regime by End of 2016

The European Union must honour its promise to introduce a visa-free regime with Turkey by the end of the year, said a high-ranking Turkish official cited by Reuters.

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Turkey's State of Emergency Should Be Extended - Security Body

The National Security Council (MGK) of Turkey has recommended an extension of the state of emergency announced in the country in the aftermath of a failed coup attempt in July, state-run Anadolu Agency says.

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Vice President Georgieva To Leave EC for 1 Month

The Vice President of the European Commission Kristalina Georgieva will be on unpaid leave for one month and her functions will be taken over by Commissioner Günther Oettinger in October.

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5.4-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Rhodes Island

A 5.

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Turkey Fires 87 Secret Service Employees

Turkey has fired 87 employees of the secret service due to suspected links to the failed coup on July 15.

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Slovakian PM Fico: Asylum Seekers Quotas Are Politically Exhausted

The quotas for the distribution of asylum seekers among the member-states of the EU are “politically exhausted”, stated Slovakian PM Robert Fico on Monday.

World » EU | September 26, 2016, Monday // 19:28 | Viewed: 1490

Merkel Calls For Agreements on Migrants With Tunisia, Egypt

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stated that the EU must sign agreements on migrants with Egypt and Tunisia like the agreement already concluded with Turkey.

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Turkish Security Services Draft New List of 20,000 Suspected Gulen Supporters

Turkish security services have prepared a new list of 20,000 people who are suspected of being members of the organisation of Fethullah Gulen.

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EU To Distribute Debit Cards To Refugees in Turkey


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Bosnian Serbs Overwhelmingly Vote to Keep Banned Statehood Day

Voters in Bosnia-Herzegovina's entity of Republika Srpska have defied a ruling by the country's top court which bans celebrations in the region on January 09, according to local media.

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Bulgaria Reluctant to Send Joint Patrols with Serbia on Turkish Border

Bulgaria is not inclined to allow the deployment of joint border police units with Serbia to its border with Turkey, a recent government decision shows.

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Macedonia's Gruevski 'Using anti-Bulgarian Acts' to Win Elections' - MEP

The leader of Macedonia's main ruling party is trying to raise anti-Bulgarian sentiment to win the forthcoming elections in the country, a Bulgarian MEP opines.

World » Southeast Europe | September 26, 2016, Monday // 09:58 | Viewed: 1982

Russian MP: Bulgarian Politicians Have No Sense of Humour

Bulgarians who got insulted by a comment that Russia will buy the entire Bulgaria have to differentiate between what is serious and what is not, Russian MP-elect Pyotr Tolstoy has said.

World » Russia | September 26, 2016, Monday // 07:27 | Viewed: 1604

Hungarian PM Orban: EU Must Build Giant City for Refugees in Libya

“The EU must build a giant city for refugees on the Libyan coast in order to control the process of granting asylum to people from Africa before they reach Europe,” stated Hungarian PM Viktor Orban at a meeting of 10 heads of state in Vienna on Saturday.

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Bulgarian Historical Museum To Restore Kaimakchalan Monument

The National Historical Museum (NHM) has decided to restore the Bulgarian military monument at Kaimakchalan, announced the Director of NHM Bozhidar Dimitrov.

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Desecrated Bulgarian Memorial Plaque 'Was Illegal', Skopje Says

Macedonia's Foreign Ministry has declared "illegal" a Bulgarian memorial plaque placed on Kaimakchalan peak, at the Macedonian-Greek border, which a journalist from Skopje claims to have demolished.

World » Southeast Europe | September 24, 2016, Saturday // 22:43 | Viewed: 2405

Macedonia's PM 'Promised to React' on Bulgarian Monument Desecration

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has said his Macedonian counterpart assured him there would be a response from authorities to the desecration of a memorial plaque allegedly committed by a Macedonian journalist.

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