Turkey Blocks Access to Twitter, YouTube over Hostage Photos

Turkish authorities blocked access to Twitter and YouTube due to the websites' refusal to remove photos of a public prosecutor, who was taken hostage last week and was later killed by his abductors.

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Staggering 55% of Greeks Ready to Emigrate, National Survey States

Over half of Greek citizens are ready to leave their country if they find better jobs abroad, a new survey has established.

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Montenegro Records Impressive EUR 5,5 B in Foreign Investment

According to official statistical data, foreign investment in the country in 2012 amunted to merely EUR 435,6 M, while in 2013 - EUR 485,3 M.

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Ukrainian President Poroshenko Would Not Oppose Federalization Referendum

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has stated that the decentralization of the country will not be affecting several key areas - defense, national security, foreign policy, as well as the sovereignty and territorial wholeness of Ukraine.

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Palestine Turns Down Tax Transfer from Israel Due to Deductions

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas turned down on Sunday the tax revenues from Israel due to deductions.

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Kenya Responds to Garissa Attack, Bombs Al-Shabaab Bases in Somalia

Kenyan fighter jets bombed on Sunday positions of the militant Islamist group Al-Shabaab in Somalia in response to the recent terrorist attack carried against Garissa University College.

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Forbes: Poroshenko Offered Putin to Assimilate Donbass

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has offered Russian counterpart Vldimir Putin to ''include Donbass'' in the territory of the federation.

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Greece Will Deliver on Debt Payment by April 9 - FM Varoufakis

Greece's Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has told IMF head Christine Lagarde his country will be able to repay a debt installment by April 9, Lagarde announced after meeting the minister in Washington.

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Czech President Rebukes US Envoy over Victory Day Remarks

Czech President Milos Zeman has harshly criticized US Ambassador Andrew Shapiro after the latter commented on the head of state's decision to visit Russia on May 9.

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Cern's Large Hadron Collider Is Now Operational

The largest and most powerful particle accelerator in the world - the Large Hadron Collider in Cern resumed its activity today after a two year pause, stated the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN ).

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Pope Francis Urges for Peace, Tolerance at Easter Address

During his traditional Easter Sunday message to people all over the world, Pope Francis called for peace and tolerance.

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UN Security Council to Discuss Yemen over Saudi Bombing

The United Nations Security Council is hold an extraordinary meeting on Saturday over the humanitarian situation in Yemen.

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Foreign Ministers of Hungary, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia to Discuss Turkish Stream

The foreign ministers of Hungary, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, and Macedonia will exchange views on possibilities for participating in the Turkish Stream project at a meeting on April 7 in Budapest.

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Germanwings' Second Black Box Confirms Purposeful Plane Crash

Data from the second black box of crashed Germanwings aircraft confirmed that the second pilot Andreas Lubitz most probably caused the accident on purpose.

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The Telegraph: Greece Planning Nationalising Banks, Issuing Parallel Currency

Greece is drawing up plans to nationalise banks and introduce a parallel currency to pay salaries and pensions unless the eurozone softens its demands for austerity measures, according to Britain’s The Telegraph .

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Greek PM Tsipras Promises to Hire 4,500 Doctors Immediately

Healthcare will yet again be among the priorities for each and every Greek citizen. The health system has been a ''victim to the memorandum and austerity policies''.

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Oil Prices Mark Decrease Following Agreement on Iran Nuclear Program

Oil prices have marked a decrease on international markets following the agreement reached Thursday upon the Iran nuclear program.

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Death Toll Rises to 147 in Kenya University Campus Attack

At least 147 people have died in Thursday’s attack on a university college dormitory in Kenya, according to the latest count announced by the country’s Disaster Operations Centre.

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World Powers Strike ‘Framework’ Nuclear Deal with Iran

The EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini announced on Thursday that the basis for an agreement for a peaceful Iranian nuclear programme and a lifting of sanctions against Tehran has been reached.

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Islamist Terror Attack in Kenya Leaves At Least 70 Hostages Dead, 79 Injured

At least 70 hostages have been killed in Thursday’s attack by Islamist militants on a university campus in Kenya, the BBC reported, citing officials.

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Second Black Box of Germanwings Plane Recovered, Prosecutors Say

The second black box from the ill-fated Germanwings plane has been found, a French prosecutor said on Thursday.

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