Movie on Germany's Merkel Expected in 2017

A film about the life of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is to be screened in 2017, the managing director of AVE, the company behind the production, has said.

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Israel PM Netanyahu Declares Victory in General Eection

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the winner of the country's election held on March 17, after exit polls had first shown he was running neck and neck with the opposition Zionist Union.

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Israel Vote Exit Polls Show No Clear Lead

Just after voting ended in Israel's parliamentary elections, the result looks too close to call, exit poll data suggests.

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Dutch UN Helicopter Crashes in Mali

A Dutch UN helicopter crashed on Tuesday in northern Mali near the city of Gao, killing two people.

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Turkey, Azerbaijan Begin Construction of TANAP Pipeline

Turkey and Azerbaijan began on Tuesday the construction of the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP).

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Denmark to Hold Referendum on EU's Justice and Home Affairs

The Danish government agreed on Tuesday on the elements of the EU's Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) agenda, which will be submitted to a forthcoming referendum.

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Romania’s Anticorruption Chief Resigns

The head of Romania’s National Agency for Integrity (ANI) Horia Georgescu resigned on accusations of abuse of office during his tenure at the Central Commission for Compensations.

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Israel Votes in Parliamentary Elections

Israel is voting in parliamentary elections Tuesday to elect 120 deputies for the Knesset.

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Romanian Prosecutors Detain Anticorruption Chief

The chief of Romania's National Integrity Agency (ANI) Horia Georgescu has been taken into custody by prosecutors of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) on Monday.

World » Southeast Europe | March 16, 2015, Monday // 17:45 | Viewed: 1006

Greece 'Not Running Out of Money', PM Tsipras Says

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has fended off speculation in German media outlets that Athens could be running out of cash.

World » Southeast Europe | March 16, 2015, Monday // 15:29 | Viewed: 750

Russia Indicts Three over Nemtsov Murder

The number of those charged with the murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov in end-February now amounts to three, sources say.

World » Russia | March 16, 2015, Monday // 13:20 | Viewed: 644

Putin Puts Russia's Western Military District, Northern Fleet on Combat Alert

Monday's developments constitute the first public move of Putin since his "disappearance" from the spotlight early in March.

World » Russia | March 16, 2015, Monday // 11:33 | Viewed: 1222

Brazilian Protesters Demand President Rouseff's Impeachment

More than half a millions Brazilians marched on the streets of 60 cities across the country demanding the impeachment of President Dilma Rouseff.

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Romanian Financial Minister Valcov Resigns Following Corruption Accusations

Romanian Financial Minister Darius Valcov has submitted his resignation as announced by Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

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Kerry: US Will Have to Negotiate with Assad

The United States will have to negotiate with Syrian President Bashar Assad, US Secretary of State John Kerry told CBS News on Sunday.

World | March 15, 2015, Sunday // 16:42 | Viewed: 939

Tropical Cyclone Pam Claims First Victims in Vanuatu

The tropical cyclone Pam, which hit the South Pacific acrhipelago of Vanuatu, has claimed its first victims.

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Serbian Military Helicopter Carrying 7 People Crashes Near Belgrade

Serbian military helicopter carrying seven people on board crashed near Belgrade while evacuating a sick baby from southern Serbia.

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Bulgarian Economist to Head IMF Mission to Athens

Bulgarian economist Iva Petrova will head the IMF technical team to Athens and will participate in the negotiations with the Greek government on behalf of the IMF.

World » Southeast Europe | March 14, 2015, Saturday // 11:03 | Viewed: 1432

At Least 21 Killed as Ferry in Myanmar Sinks

At least 21 people died and nearly 50 are missing after a ferry capsized in northwestern Myanmar due to high waves.

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EU Unlikely to Impose New Economic Sancions Against Russia

European Union (EU) leaders are unlikely to reach an agreement on the prolongation of economic sanctions against Russia at their forthcoming summit next week.

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Sweden to Remilitarise Baltic Island in Response to Russian Activity

Sweden plans to station troops on the strategic Baltic island of Gotland, as Russia has increased its military activity in the region.

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