TAP Gas Project's Capacity 'to be Doubled'

Shareholders in the Trans Adriatic Pipeline designed to carry gas from Azerbaijan to Europe via Turkey and Greece, are working to double its capacity, a Greek daily reports.

World » Southeast Europe | December 12, 2014, Friday // 10:06 | Viewed: 997

Turkish President Intends to Chair Meetings of Cabinet in 2015

Turkish President Recep Erdogan will begin chairing the meetings of the government next year.

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Ukraine President Says 'Real Ceasefire' Being Upheld

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has asserted a "real ceasefire" which entered into force on Tuesday is now being observed.

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Food Prices In Russia Rise Considerably

The food prices in Russia have risen significantly, reports the Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily, quoting data of the Russian Statistics Service.

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Homicide Rates Decrease, But Violence Still Rife – UN

Although the number of people murdered in 2012 has decreased with 16 % compared to 2000, violence still remains widespread in the world.

World | December 11, 2014, Thursday // 14:50 | Viewed: 450

Romania's Constanta To Attract Tourists With New Natural Science Museum

Romania's Black Sea city of Constanta is seeking to attract tourists with a new large natural science museum complex, reports archdaily.

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UN Reports Record Number of Migrants Crossing Seas

The United Nations Refugee Agency warned that the international community was faced with increasing difficulties to respond to the growing number of people making dangerous sea journeys in search of asylum or migration.

World | December 11, 2014, Thursday // 12:11 | Viewed: 423

Turkish Stream to Replace South Stream Gas Pipeline- Erdogan

The new gas pipeline which may replace the South Stream gas pipeline may be called “Turkish Stream”, according to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

World » Southeast Europe | December 11, 2014, Thursday // 10:39 | Viewed: 1258

Kiev, Separatists to Extend Ceasefire as `Day of Silence` Mostly Observed

The Ukrainian army is planning on extending the ceasefire with the pro-Russian separatists, following a one-day truce on Tuesday during which the warring sides largely abstained from attacking each other.

World » Ukraine | December 10, 2014, Wednesday // 20:57 | Viewed: 535

Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Receive Their Awards in Oslo

The 2014 laureates of the Nobel Peace Prize Malala Yousafzay and Kailash Satyarthi received their awards from the Norwegian Nobel Committee at a ceremony held in Oslo City Hall on Wednesday.

World | December 10, 2014, Wednesday // 18:58 | Viewed: 498

UN Expert Calls for Prosecution of CIA, US Officials Over Alleged Torture During Interrogations

Ben Emerson, UN special rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism has called for prosecution of those responsible for torturing terrorism suspects.

World | December 10, 2014, Wednesday // 08:39 | Viewed: 580

EUR 115 B Left Greece During Crisis

Capital amounting to EUR 115 B “ran away” from Greek banks between the end of 2009 and June 2012, shows a study of the Greek national bank, quoted by Money.

World » Southeast Europe | December 9, 2014, Tuesday // 15:26 | Viewed: 649

Greek MPs to Vote for New President Earlier than Planned

The Greek government has decided that Parliament will have a vote on the new head of state two months earlier.

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Russia Will Not Participate In EU Meeting On South Stream

Russia is not going to participate in the EU meeting discussing the situation with the South Stream pipeline on Tuesday in Brussels.

World » Russia | December 8, 2014, Monday // 20:40 | Viewed: 1219

Russia Sets Up Company For Construction Of Pipeline To Turkey

The Russian state company Gazprom will set up a company for the construction of a gas pipeline to Turkey, a week after Russia's President Vladimir Putin announced the cancellation of the South Stream pipeline.

World » Russia | December 8, 2014, Monday // 18:16 | Viewed: 732

Mogherini to Discuss Syria, Ukraine in Turkey Visit

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini is due to meet Turkish leaders an an attempt to secure Ankara's support for the fight against Islamic State (IS) and sanctions against Russia.

World » EU | December 8, 2014, Monday // 13:51 | Viewed: 590

Russian Deputy Minister Accuses US of Seeking to Overthrow Putin

"It is hardly any secret that the aim sanctions is to create social and economic conditions to change [the ones in] power in Russia," a deputy minister has told Russia's lower house of Parliament, the State Duma.

World » Russia | December 8, 2014, Monday // 12:05 | Viewed: 564

Greek Parliament Approves 2015 Budget

The Greek Parliament approved the budget for 2015 in a vote early on Monday, following a five-day debate.

World » Southeast Europe | December 8, 2014, Monday // 11:59 | Viewed: 510

Russia, France Demand Immediate Ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine

Russia and France insist on the declaration of an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine and bringing to an end the bloodshed that has gripped the eastern part of the country.

World | December 8, 2014, Monday // 10:39 | Viewed: 632

Ukraine Transfers Gas Prepayment to Russia's Gazprom

Ukrainian state-owned utility Naftogaz has paid USD 378 M to the Russian concern Gazprom, in line with to its plans to have booked a billion cubic meters by the end of 2014.

World » Ukraine | December 6, 2014, Saturday // 16:33 | Viewed: 973

Macedonia Unveils Proposal for New Coat of Arms

Macedonia's cabinet has put forward a proposal for a new state emblem set to replace the one Skopje has had for the past twenty-two years.

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