Romanian Police 'Find Migrants' in Bulgarian Truck

Romanian police have found ten migrants hiding in a Bulgarian-plated truck en route to Germany, a Serbian newspaper says.

World » Southeast Europe | September 11, 2016, Sunday // 12:33 | Viewed: 2189

US, Russia in Row over Black Sea Interception

Moscow and Washington have traded mutual accusations over an incident with aircraft over the Black Sea.

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Four Dead, One Missing as Greece Hit by Flash Floods

At least four people have lost their lives and one remains missing after parts of Greece were hit by heavy floods, English-language Kathimerini reports.

World » Southeast Europe | September 8, 2016, Thursday // 07:02 | Viewed: 2593

Bulgaria, Austria to Cooperate in Countering Illegal Migration, Smuggling

Bulgarian Interior Minister Rumyana Bachvarova and her Austrian counterpart Wolfgang Sobotka discussed the state of bilateral cooperation in countering illegal migration and smuggling.

World » EU | September 4, 2016, Sunday // 15:49 | Viewed: 4836

Queues of Trucks Hamper Traffic at Bulgaria’s Main Border Checkpoints

Queues of trucks are hampering the passage of vehicles through Bulgaria’s main border checkpoints on Sunday.

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EU’s Capacity to Accept Economic Migrants Close to Exhaustion - Tusk, Borisov Warn

The capacity of the EU to accept more economic migrants is close to exhaustion.

World » EU | September 4, 2016, Sunday // 13:55 | Viewed: 2526

Uzbek President Karimov Dies Aged 78 - Reports

Uzbekistan's President Islam Karimov has reportedly passed away at the age of 78, Reuters and Anadolu Agency quote diplomatic sources as saying.

World | September 2, 2016, Friday // 11:55 | Viewed: 5286

Macedonia to Hold Postponed Early Vote in December

Macedonian politicians agreed on Wednesday that the snap election that was set for June but cancelled is to be held on December 11.

World » Southeast Europe | September 1, 2016, Thursday // 10:54 | Viewed: 9181

Brazil's Dilma Rousseff Impeached

The Senate of Brazil has voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff, local and world media report.

World | August 31, 2016, Wednesday // 19:42 | Viewed: 2505

Angela Merkel Severely Criticized Countries Unwilling to Accept More Refugees

Angela Merkel

World » EU | August 28, 2016, Sunday // 21:15 | Viewed: 10571

Czech Republic Refuses to Admit Refugees from Turkey

Czech minister of the interior Milan Chovanec stated that the country will not be accepting any refugees coming in from Turkey by the end of the year, a local TV station reports.

World | August 28, 2016, Sunday // 18:00 | Viewed: 6472

German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel Criticizes Merkel's Migration Policy

German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel distanced himself even further from the position of Angela Merkel on the migration policy.

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Germany Expects No More than 300 Refugees By End Year

Head of the German department on migration issues and refugees Fran Juergen Weise expects no more than 300 more people to come into the country.

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Alexis Tsipras: EU is Sleepwalker, Closing In on the Abyss


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Hungary Proposes to Send Police to Help Serbia Guard Borders against Migrants

Hungary has offered to send police to Serbia's borders with Macedonia and Bulgaria to help the authorities in Belgrade stem the flow of irregular migrants into Western Europe.

World » Southeast Europe | August 26, 2016, Friday // 09:20 | Viewed: 10588

Italy Issues State of Emergency Over Catastrophic Earthquake

Italian government has issued a state of emergency in the regions most severely affected by the earthquake, world news agencies report.

World | August 25, 2016, Thursday // 21:31 | Viewed: 5354

Victims of the Catastrophic Earthquake in Italy reach 240

The number of people who lost their lives in the Italian earthquake has now reached a count of 240 people, Reuters reported.

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Turkey to Open Third Bridge across Bosphorus Friday

Turkey will open on Friday a third bridge linking Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus following investment of some USD 3 B by the private sector, Anadolu Agency has reported.

World » Southeast Europe | August 25, 2016, Thursday // 13:34 | Viewed: 10038

Terror Attack on American University of Afghanistan Leaves at least 10 Dead

At least 10 people were killed and dozens were wounded in a terror attack on the American University of Afghanistan, the AP reported on Thursday.

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Serbian Hunter Suspected of Shooting Afghan Migrant Dead near Pirot

An irregular Afghan migrant has been shot dead in Serbia after crossing the border from Bulgaria, possibly by a hunter, the Defence Ministry in Belgrade has announced.

World » Southeast Europe | August 24, 2016, Wednesday // 16:33 | Viewed: 9784

Turkey Starts Military Operation in Syria to Push IS Group Back from Border

Turkish ground and air forces backed by planes from the U.S.-led coalition launched their first co-ordinated offensive into Syria to try to pushthe Islamic State (IS) group away from the border and prevent further gains by Kurdish militias, Reuters report

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