Russia-Crimea Bridge Already under Construction

Russian construction workers are already building a bridge that will link mainland Russia to the Crimean peninsula which the country incorporated last year.

World » Russia | May 20, 2015, Wednesday // 09:33 | Viewed: 4033

Sputnik: Bulgaria Might Be Seeking to Reannex Macedonia

Bulgaria's reactions to the situation in Macedonia raise suspicions about the country's "true intentions" about Macedonia, Sputnik News wrote on Tuesday.

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EU to Sign MoU with Ukraine on EUR 1.8 B Aid Tranche on Friday  

European Commission Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis will sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the third package of EU macreconomic assistance of EUR 1.

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Gazprom Cuts 2015 Gas Extraction Volumes

Russian energy giant Gazprom has announced a second major drop in the amounts of gas it is intending to extract in 2015.

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France, Germany, Italy Begin 'Eurodrone' Project

Italy, France and Germany signed on Monday an agreement to jointly develop a European drone program.

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Russia Bans Transit of NATO Equipment for Afghanistan

Russia has suspended transit to NATO equipment for Afghanistan via its territory, a statement by the country's Prime Minister reads.

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Obama Joins Twitter with Own Account

US President Barack Obama launched on Monday his first Twitter account that is not run by staff members.

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Macedonia MP Supporters 'Outnumber' Protesters at Monday Rally

Macedonia is subject to "dictatorship of the political minority", PM Nikola Gruevski told tens of thousands of supporters who attended the pro-government rally in Skopje on Monday evening.

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Bulgaria’s Ex Deputy PM Djankov to Advise Greek Govt on Fight against Corruption

Former Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Simeon Djankov is among the key lecturers at the Emergency Economic Summit for Greece scheduled to take place on May 19 in Athens.

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Macedonia's PM Gruevski Vows to Stay in Power

A rally in support of embattled Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski has started in front of Parliament building Skopje on Monday – a day after a protest meeting organized by the opoposition nearby demanded his resignation.

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EU Agrees Naval Plan to Fight Mediterranean Migrant Smugglers

European Union foreign and defence ministers on Monday approved plans for a naval operation targeting people smugglers in the Mediterranean.

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Russia Seeks No Further Delay to EU-Ukraine Trade Pact, Malmstrom Says

Russia didn’t seek a delay to the planned start of a free-trade pact between Ukraine and the EU at trilateral talks on Monday, EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said.

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Macedonia Political Leaders Fail to Reach Agreement, to Meet Again on 26 May

The second meeting of the leaders of Macedonia’s four biggest political parties aimed at resolving the political crisis in the country ended inconclusively on Monday, telma.

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Macedonia’s Political Leaders Meet Again to Try to Resolve Crisis

The leaders of Macedonia’s four biggest political parties met on Monday in a fresh attempt to ease tensions and find a way for resolving the months-long political crisis.

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ЕU Commission VP Sefcovic Launches Energy Union Tour  

EU energy chief Maros Sevcovic will start a tour of member states this week to reiterate calls for a concerted effort by EU member states to address global energy and climate challenges.

World » EU | May 18, 2015, Monday // 17:00 | Viewed: 1218

Two Explosions Rock Offices of Turkey's Kurdish HDP Party

At least three people have been injured after blasts hit headquarters of Kurdish People's Democratic Party (HDP) in cities of Adana and Mersin in Southeastern Turkey.

World | May 18, 2015, Monday // 14:04 | Viewed: 986

EU Reps Vote on Immigration Control Policy

The EU will be taking a decision on an upcoming operation across the Mediterranean, as stated by High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini.

World » EU | May 18, 2015, Monday // 14:02 | Viewed: 1087

Macedonia Party Leaders to Meet again on Monday amid New Protests

Leaders of the four major parties in Macedonia are set to meet Monday in a renewed attempt at solving the political crisis in the country.

World » Southeast Europe | May 18, 2015, Monday // 11:30 | Viewed: 1301

Pro-Government Protest to Take Place in Macedonia

The Macedonian governing party VMRO-DPMNE is set on organizing a counter-protest at 8 pm in front of the Parliament building.

World » Southeast Europe | May 18, 2015, Monday // 07:55 | Viewed: 1332

Video Purportedly Showing Macedonia’s Zaev Seeking Bribe Released on YouTube

A video recording purportedly showing Macedonian opposition Social Democrat leader Zoran Zaev arranging for receiving a bribe of EUR 200,000 in his capacity of Mayor of Strumica has been published online, independent .

World » Southeast Europe | May 17, 2015, Sunday // 19:36 | Viewed: 1733

Tens of Thousands Urge Macedonia's PM Gruevski to Go

Thousands of protestors demanded the resignation of Macedonia’s prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and his cabinet on Sunday.

World » Southeast Europe | May 17, 2015, Sunday // 17:46 | Viewed: 1735