Turkey Purges NATO Cadres After Coup Attempt

Turkey has fired hundreds of its senior military – representatives at NATO both in Europe and the USA after the unsuccessful coup attempt on July 15, showed documents to which Reuters has secured access.

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Germany Cuts Social Benefits for EU Member-States Citizens

The German government approved a law on Wednesday which stipulates that citizens of other EU member-states who have not worked in Germany will not be eligible to apply for full compensation for unemployment during the first five years of their stay in Ger

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Turkish President Erdogan: Iraqi PM Should Know His Limits

Turkey will not accept orders from Iraq regarding the Bashiqa military base, stated Turkish Presidet Recep Erdogan, cited by the Anadolu Agency.

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Luxembourg's PM Bettel: Close All EU Borders for 24 Hours

Luxembourg’s PM Xavier Bettel has called on all member-states of the EU to close their borders for 24 hours.

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Macedonia Mulls Extending State of Emergency to mid-2017

The parliamentary defense and security committee of Macedonia has proposed an extension of the state of emergency over the increased number of migrants entering and crossing the country.

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Suspect of Planned Chemnitz Attack 'Had Contacts with IS'

Syrian national Jaber al-Bakr, detained by German police over a planned attack in Chemnitz, had contacts with the Islamic State (IS) group, the prosecution says.

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Putin to Meet Turkey, Veneluzela Leaders in Istanbul

Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to have talks with his counterparts from Turkey and Venezuela, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Nicolás Maduro, while attending the World Energy Congress in Istanbul, TASS agency has said.

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Trump-Clinton Debate Inflames Social Media

Some noteworthy reactions of cartoonists and social media users after the second debate between US presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

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Greece's Relay Strike of Air Traffic Controllers Called Off

Greek air traffic controllers abandoned plans for a relay strike called off after a meeting with the country's Transport Minister, Greek daily Kathimerini reports.

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Georgia's Ruling Party Wins Elections

Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia party of PM Bidzina Ivanishvili has won slightly over half of the vote in the elections held Saturday, official data shows.

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Thwarted Bomb Attempt in German City of Kemnitz

Heavily armed special forces evacuated a block of flats in the German city of Kemnitz on Saturday.

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Parliamentary Elections in Georgia - Test of Stability

The Parliamentary elections being held in Georgia today are a test of the stability of the country after the campaign was tarnished by a car explosion and a shooting at one of the candidates, reported Reuters.

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Britain Suspends Foreign Professors From Brexit Project

The British government has requested that foreign professors be suspended from participation in the Brexit project assigned to the London School of Economics, announced a speaker of the university.

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All Flights To, From Greek Airports Cancelled

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed that, according to Greek media, all flights to and from airports in Greece will be cancelled on October 9, October 10, October 12 and October 13 due to 24-hour relay strikes of air traffic controllers.

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Turkish Government Issues 166 Arrest Warrants for Suspected Gulen Supporters

Turkey has issued yet another 166 arrest warrants for security employees indicted for links with the cleric Fethullah Gulen who, according to Turkish authorities, organised the coup on July 15, reported BNT.

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Banner Portraying Russian President Putin Hung on New York Bridge

A banner portraying Russian President Vladimir Putin and a slogan “Peacekeeper” was hung on the Manhattan Bridge in New York.

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Polish Parliament Rejects Controversial Abortion Bill

The Polish Parliament has rejected the controversial draft bill on a full ban of abortion.

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European Border and Coast Guard to Be Launched on Thursday

The new border and coast guard agreed by the European Union will be launched on October 06, Thursday.

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World Leaders to Give USD 15 B to Afghanistan amid EU Demand for Return of Migrants

Some USD 15 B in financial assistance were raised for Afghanistan at an international conference in Brussels, with the EU also reaching an agreement on migration and on a renewed peace effort.

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Polish Government Not To Support Anti-Abortion Draft Bill

A representative of the conservative government in Warsaw has announced that the mass protests of women against the full ban on abortion have influenced the ruling majority and they will not support the draft bill, reported NewEurope.

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Germany's Merkel: Closing of Balkan Route Does Not Solve Migrant Crisis Long-Term

According to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the closing of the Balkan route does not solve the crisis in the long-term.

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