Boat Carrying 300 Migrants Issues Distress Signal, 20 Feared Dead

The International Organization for Migration received a distress call from a sinking boat carrying 300 migrants in the Mediterranean Sea.

World | April 20, 2015, Monday // 15:00 | Viewed: 1010

At Least Three Die in Latest Migrant Incident Off Rhodes Island

At least three people died in the latest incident involving migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea, which occurred on Monday off the Greek island of Rhodes.

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Greece Launches Trial Against Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party

The trial proceeding against 89 members of the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn started Monday in Athens.

World » Southeast Europe | April 20, 2015, Monday // 12:12 | Viewed: 1001

IS Releases Video Depicting `Killing` of Ethiopian Christians

Islamic State (IS) released a new video, which purportedly shows the killing of up to thirty Ethiopian Christians in Libya.

World | April 20, 2015, Monday // 12:08 | Viewed: 1478

Bomb Targets UN Officials in Somalia, Kills Seven People

A bomb attack on a United Nations (UN) vehicle left seven people dead in the Puntland region of Somalia.

World | April 20, 2015, Monday // 11:32 | Viewed: 1062

Greece's Money to End in June - IMF Europe Head

Greece will likely run out of money in June and negotiations on reform have to be completed by that time, the IMF's European head has said.

World » Southeast Europe | April 20, 2015, Monday // 11:29 | Viewed: 1008

EU, US Hold New Round of Talks on Proposed Free Trade Agreement

The tenth consecutive round of negotiations between the EU and the US regarding the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is set to start Monday in New York.

World » International Business | April 20, 2015, Monday // 09:55 | Viewed: 991

EU Foreign Ministers to Discuss Med Incident

Foreign ministers of EU member states are set to discuss Sunday's incident in Mediterranean in which hundreds are feared dead.

World » EU | April 20, 2015, Monday // 08:23 | Viewed: 1031

France Still in Talks with Russia over Mistral Warships

The two Mistral warships France was to deliver to Russia are still subject to discussion, French President Francois Hollande has said.

World » International Business | April 20, 2015, Monday // 08:04 | Viewed: 997

Finland's Juha Sipilä Wins General Vote

Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb has admitted defeat in parliamentary elections held in the country on Sunday, with his party coming second.

World » EU | April 20, 2015, Monday // 07:41 | Viewed: 1117

Ex-Businessman to Win Finland Parliamentary Election

Juha Sipila, a former IT businessman who headed the Center Party a few years ago, is set to win Finland's general poll held Sunday.

World » EU | April 19, 2015, Sunday // 22:54 | Viewed: 860

France's President Urges EU Ministers Meeting over Med Incident

French President Francois Hollande has called on European interior and foreign ministers to gather for an urgent meeting after a boat with up to 700 migrants capsized in the Mediterranean.

World | April 19, 2015, Sunday // 16:14 | Viewed: 1192

Finland Voting for Parliament in Tough Times for Economy

Polls suggest the center-right opposition could defeat conservative National Coalition Party in the vote that is being held across Finland on Sunday.

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Belarusian President Not Attending Moscow's May 9 Celebrations

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has said he will not attend Victory Day celebrations in Russian capital Moscow on May 9.

World | April 19, 2015, Sunday // 13:18 | Viewed: 1332

Macedonia's Skopje, Bulgaria's Sofia to Become Sister Cities

Bulgarian capital Sofia will soon become the 19th sister city of the Macedonian capital Skopje, after the latter city's municipal council approved the move.

World » Southeast Europe | April 19, 2015, Sunday // 12:54 | Viewed: 1790

Russia Denies Reports of EUR 5 B 'Upcoming Deal' with Greece

Moscow has not proposed to Athens to make advanced payment for the construction of a "Greek leg" of the so-called "TUrkish Stream" pipeline, the Kremlin says.

World | April 19, 2015, Sunday // 12:33 | Viewed: 1115

Boat with up to 700 Migrants Capsizes in Mediterranean

Hundreds are now feared dead after another boat, said to be carrying out between 500 and 700 migrants, overturned off Libya.

World | April 19, 2015, Sunday // 11:36 | Viewed: 1054

US Calls for Greek Reforms as Athens Nears Energy Deal with Russia

US President Barack Obama called on Greece to carry out reforms in order to secure further bailout from its international creditors.

World » Southeast Europe | April 18, 2015, Saturday // 16:00 | Viewed: 1505

Over 10,000 African Migrants Fled to Italy This Week

The influx of refugees to Italy has drastically increased over the past few days, with most of them fleeing the civil war in Libya, according to the Italian Coast Guard.

World | April 17, 2015, Friday // 17:30 | Viewed: 1207

Kosovo FM to Attend Belgrade Conference, Risks Being Arrested

Serbian Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic announced on Thursday that the Foreign Minister of Kosovo Hashim Thaci risks being arrested if he attends a conference in Belgrade next week.

World » Southeast Europe | April 17, 2015, Friday // 15:59 | Viewed: 1091

Julian Assange to Be Interrogated by Swedish Prosecutors in London

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has agreed on being interrogated by Swedish prosecutors in London, as stated by his lawyer, quoted by the CNN.

World | April 17, 2015, Friday // 14:03 | Viewed: 1301