Taliban Attack School in Pakistan

At least 20 people have been killed and 40 hurt in a Taliban assault on an army-run school in the Pakistani city of Peshawar, officials say, quoted by the international media.

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Australia Names Hostage Victims in Sydney Cafe Siege

The two hostages, who died in the Sydney cafe siege on Monday, have been named as the cafe manager Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson, a barrister and mother of three.

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FT: US Has Spent More on Afghanistan War Than on Marshall Plan

The US has spent nearly USD 1 trillion on the war in Afghanistan, the longest overseas conflict the country has led, since it began in 2001.

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Two Hostages, Gunman Killed as Police Raids Sydney Cafe

Commandos from the Royal Australian Regiment stormed the cafe in Sydney where a gunman had held hostages in a siege which lasted 16 hours.

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US Chevron Considers Retreat from Shale Gas Project – Ukraine

Senior Ukrainian official Valeriy Chaliy announced on Monday that US energy giant Chevron considers to retreat from the shale gas project that had been agreed in November 2013.

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Gunman Holding Hostages in Austrialia's Sydney

A few dozen people are being held hostage by an unknown gunman in a cafe in downtown Sydney, Australia.

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EU Slams Turkey over Media Arrests

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and other officials have harshly criticized Turkey over its move to arrest a number of people working for leading media outlets.

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Exit Polls Predict Electoral Victory for Party of Japanese PM

Exit polls predict an electoral victory for the Liberal Democratic Party of the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the early parliamentary elections that took place in the country on Sunday.

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Collision of Military, Passenger Jets Averted, Russia Dismisses Swedish Accusations

The Swedish Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist announced on Saturday that a Russian military plane, which had turned off its transponder, almost collided with a passenger jet over southern Sweden.

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UN States Reach Agreement in Lima Climate Talks

The 194 states that participated at the United Nations (UN) Lima Climate Change Conference, which began in Peru on December 1, finally reached an agreement on the necessary measures to tackle climate change early on Sunday.

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Ukraine Has No Interest in Restoring Its Nuclear Status – President

The Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced that he never had interest in restoring his country's status as nuclear power.

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Juncker Warns UK on Discrimination Against EU Workers

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker warned Britain's prime minister David Cameron on the discrimination against workers from other EU countries.

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Over 4600 People Killed in Eastern Ukraine Since Start of Conflict

More than 4600 people were killed since the beginning of the conflict in eastern Ukraine this spring, said the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

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New EU Rules for Food Labelling Come into Effect on Dec. 13

The new EU rules for food labelling come into effect on December 13, reports Mediapool.

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Serbia to Launch Tender for Privatization of Telekom Srbija in early 2015

A tender for the privatization of the state-owned Telekom Srbija will be announced at the beginning of 2015, according to state-owned broadcaster Radio-Television Serbia (RTS).

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Russia Does Not Need French Mistral Ships – Russian Official

Russia does not need helicopter carriers of the Mistral type, because it doesn't seem very likely to land any troops, said the first deputy chief of the Marine College with the Russian government Segey Shishkaryov.

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Bulgarian PM, German Chancellor to Meet, Discuss Energy Matters

The Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov is to meet the German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a meeting scheduled for December 15 in Germany.

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CIA Director Defends Interrogation Techniques, Bypasses Issue of Torture

The director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) John O. Brennan defended on Thursday CIA officers who had been accused of using brutal interrogation tactics against al-Qaeda suspects.

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Gunfire near Israel's Embassy in Athens

Greek police are looking into a shooting near the Israeli embassy in the Greek capital Athens.

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TAP Gas Project's Capacity 'to be Doubled'

Shareholders in the Trans Adriatic Pipeline designed to carry gas from Azerbaijan to Europe via Turkey and Greece, are working to double its capacity, a Greek daily reports.

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Turkish President Intends to Chair Meetings of Cabinet in 2015

Turkish President Recep Erdogan will begin chairing the meetings of the government next year.

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