UK Voted No to Joining the Euro

Key economic tests for ditching the pound and joining the euro have not yet been met, UK Chancellor Gordon Brown said in an historic statement in UK's House of Commons, revealing the government's verdict on UK membership of the euro. Four of the five Trea

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Poland Celebrates EU-Entry Yes Vote

Poland's people filled public squares to celebrate with concerts and fireworks the approving of EU-membership in a referendum Monday. In capital Warsaw Poland's Grand Theater orchestra and choir gave an outdoor concert featuring Poland's national anthem

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Foreigners Evacuated from Liberia's Capital

French military helicopters evacuated Americans and other foreigners from the besieged capital of Liberia at dawn Monday, AP reported. The evacuations to the French navy ship came as Liberian soldiers reported more fighting on the western edge of the city

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Poland Vote Yes to EU Entry

About 75% of the Poles who voted in the referendum on the European Union entry said yes to the EU, with a turnout of around 58%, according to initial results. At least 50% turnout was needed for the referendum to be valid.

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Taiwan Reports Four New SARS Cases

Taiwan has reported four new probable SARS cases, dispelling hopes the World Health Organization may soon remove its travel advisory for the island territory. Taiwan, now with 680 SARS cases, is the third-hardest hit international region after China and H

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UK to Announce Euro Decision Today

Chancellor Gordon Brown will reveal today the government's decision on whether the UK is ready to join the euro. In an historic announcement in the House of Commons on Monday, Mr Brown is expected to tell MPs the economic conditions are not yet right for

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N Korea Declares Nuclear Arms Goals

North Korea has warned publicly for the first time that it is ready to develop nuclear weapons. A commentary carried by the official news agency in Pyongyang said it would build a nuclear deterrent to counter the threat from the United States, "unless the

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Pope Emphasizes Importance of Family

Pope John Paul II held up families as the bedrock of society Sunday as he celebrated Mass in this tranquil Adriatic seaport. The 83-year-old pope, outside the Vatican on a Pentecost Sunday for the first time as he continued his 100th foreign pilgrimage, e

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UK Admits Failings in Second Dossier on Iraq's Weapons

The British Government admitted there were failings in its controversial second dossier on Iraq's weapons. BBC cited a Downing Street spokesman as saying that Alastair Campbell, Prime Minister Tony Blair's director of communications, told the agencies "fa

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High Turnout Expected in Poland's EU Referendum

People in Poland are taking part in the second day of a referendum on joining the European Union. Only 17.

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4 Israelis Killed as Palestinians Attack at Erez Checkpoint

In the first deadly attack on Israelis since last week's Mideast summit, three Palestinians sneaked into an army post Sunday and killed four Israelis before being killed by troops. The Palestinians were disguised as Israeli soldiers.

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Plane Crashes into LA Building, 2 Dead

At least two people died as a small plane crashed into a three-story apartment building in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles late Friday afternoon. One of those killed was believed to be the pilot, and the other victim was later found buried under a pil

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Poland Votes in EU Entry Referendum

Poland voted Saturday in a referendum to decide whether to join the European Union. Opinion polls suggest most Poles back EU membership, but voter turnout could be crucial.

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Six Killed in Italy Crash

Six people were killed and more than 30 injured in a bus crash near Italy's town of Vicenza. About 65 people were on board the German-owned bus when it veered out of control and smashed into a guard rail at the entrance to a tunnel.

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6 Killed in Explosion of Afghan Peacekeepers' Bus

Six people were killed and 16 injured when an explosion hit an International Security Assistance Force troops' bus in the Afghan capital, AFP reported. The blast, which happened on the main route to the eastern city of Jalalabad, left several dead bodies

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U.N. Nuclear Experts Return to Baghdad

Under close American scrutiny, a small team of U.N.

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New Attempt on European Union's Constitution

Another attempt will be made Friday to resolve the final disagreements over a new constitution for the European Union (EU). The main row is over what weight of votes each member country should carry after the EU expands next year to a group of 25.

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French Troops Arrive in Congo

French troops began arriving in the town of Bunia in eastern Congo Friday where hundreds have been killed in weeks of violence. The soldiers are spearheading a 1,400-strong rapid reaction force being deployed under a special mandate from the United Nation

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Blast in Chechnya Killed Ten

Ten people, eight children and two women ,were killed by an explosion at a block of flats Chechnya's capital Grozny Friday. The cause is still uncertain, though the chief regional prosecutor Vladimir Kravchenko said it appeared to be a gas leak.

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United Nations Inspector Criticizes US-GB Coalition Over Iraq Weapons

Te United Nations chief weapons inspector Hans Blix criticized Friday the quality of the intelligence about Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction that the US and Britain handed him. Blix said that his teams followed up US and British leads at suspec

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Pope to Mark 100th Foreign Trip

Pope John Paul II is to embark on his historic 100th trip abroad to the former Yugoslav republic of Croatia. Arriving in the coastal town of Rijeka on Thursday, the 83-year-old pontiff will meet Croatian President Stjepan Mesic before travelling from one

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