NATO Troops Fail to Arrest Radovan Karadzic

NATO troops failed to arrest ex-Bosnian Serb political leader Radovan Karadzic in an operation in his former stronghold of Pale, a spokesman said. Two civilians were injured in the operation that started shortly after midnight after an SFOR helicopter lan

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Uzbek Militants Seize Hostages

Militants seized hostages in Uzbekistan after an explosion rocked capital Tashkent. Police were carrying out an anti-terrorist operation in that neighborhood, local official said.

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Cyprus Talks on Fever Pitch

Cyprus talks between Greeks, Turks, the UN and the European Commission are in overdrive in the face of expiring today deadline to agree terms of island's reunification. Both Greek and Turkish sides reacted sternly to the latest draft of the plan drawn up

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Athens Hosts Olympic Torch

The Olympic Fire is expected to land on Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens on Wednesday. The first leg of the 2004 Olympic Torch relay has traveled around Peloponnese and the islands of Argosaronikos for seven days before reaching the main Olympic stadium.

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Greece Paralyzed by General Strike

Greece's largest trade union umbrella has held a 24-hour general strike on Wednesday demanding a satisfactory national general collective labour agreement for 2004. The union's main demands are for an 8.

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Miner Blew Himself in Bolivia Congress

An angry miner with dynamite strapped to his chest blew himself up in Bolivia's congress Tuesday, killing two police officers and wounding 10 others. The suicide bomber - whose demand for early retirement benefits underscored the grievances of many low-pa

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Uzbekistan Death Toll Rises to 42 after Clashes

Gunfire and explosions resounded in the capital Tuesday as Uzbek forces battled for hours with suspected Islamic militants after two more suicide attacks. Officials claimed 20 terrorists and three police died in the fighting.

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Scores Missing at Boat Accident

A boat carrying 107 people sank while crossing from Somalia to Yemen on Tuesday, world media reported. Only four people, including two crewmembers, reportedly were rescued so far.

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Uzbek Police Surround Terror Suspects

Uzbek forces laid siege to a group of terror suspects near the president's residence outside the capital, the government said, following an explosion and reports of a shootout between police and militants that left several people injured. The troops corne

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Row Over Miss India Marital Status

India's top beauty pageant, Miss India 2004, was marred by controversy, with the first runner-up fighting to keep her title after questions were raised over her marital status. Lakshmi Pandit, who during Saturday's pageant was declared Miss India World wa

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Philippines Bomb Plot "Thwarted"

Security forces in the Philippines have thwarted a plot to bomb civilian targets on the scale of the Madrid attacks, the president said. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo said forces had seized explosives, which were to have been used to bomb trains and shopping ce

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Annan Fires Security Chief Over Failures

Secretary-General Kofi Annan fired one senior UN official and demoted another for failing to protect UN staff ahead of the August 19 bombing of UN headquarters in Baghdad that killed 22 people. Acting on the findings of a scathing report detailing mistake

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US Officials: Saddam is Not Talking

Diplomatic and military officials say the former Iraqi leader has provided little useful information in interrogations so far - and may even be having fun. The questioning of Saddam - initially handled by the CIA - is now a joint CIA-FBI operation.

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Uzbekistan Probes Terror Attacks

Uzbekistan has launched a massive hunt for suspects after two women set off bombs at a children's store and bus stop in the capital - the first suicide attacks in the former Soviet Central Asia that's now a key supporter of the US-led war on terror. At le

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Ireland Bans Workplace Smoking

Ireland's long-awaited ban on smoking in workplaces and pubs came into force on Monday. The move envisages a EUR 3,000 ticket for anyone caught smoking in enclosed workplaces as well as pubs and restaurants.

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Pakistan Lifts Siege over Al Qaeda Fighters

Pakistan's army has lifted a troop cordon from around two tribal villages near the Afghan border after a deadly 12-day siege of Al-Qaeda fighters and their tribal supporters. However thousands of army and paramilitary troops remain in the wild semi-autono

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Chirac's Party Dealt a Blow in Elections

French President Jacques Chirac and his ruling conservative party suffered a crushing defeat in regional midterm elections yesterday, with the opposition Socialists and their Green and Communist allies seizing control of the vast majority of regional coun

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Turkey's Ruling Party Sweeps Elections

Turkey's governing Justice and Development Party won a sweeping victory in local elections on Sunday, with more than 40 percent support nationwide, results showed. Many political analysts said the stabilizing financial policies of the governing party had

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Storm Kills 2 in Brazil, Injures 39

A whirling storm battered the coast of southern Brazil, killing two people, injuring at least 39 others and destroying hundreds of homes. Meteorologists said winds exceeded 74 mph, making the storm the first hurricane on record in the South Atlantic.

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Iraqi Minister Escapes Assassination

Gunmen opened fire Sunday on a convoy carrying Iraq's minister of public works, killing a driver and a bodyguard and injuring two others. The minister, Nisreen Berwari, was unharmed.

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France Voting Second Midterm Polls

Polls opened Sunday in second-round midterm regional elections in France seen as a test of President Jacques Chirac's conservative government. His economic reforms and the rising unemployment have rendered him a rather unpopular image.

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