Iraqi Oil Security Chief Killed

The security chief for oil industry in northern Iraq has been assassinated. Ghazi al-Talabani was attacked by armed men outside his home.

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US to Hand Over Saddam in 2 Weeks

Iraq's interim prime minister says the USwill hand over Saddam Hussein and all other detainees to Iraq's new government as sovereignty is restored. US officials have said they plan to continue to hold up to 5,000 prisoners considered a threat to the coali

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Bush Foreign Policy Attacked

A group of senior former US government officials will release a statement later this week condemning President George Bush's foreign policy. The group call themselves Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change.

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British Defence Chief Visits Troops In Iraq

Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon has made a surprise visit to the southern Iraqi city of Basra, where the majority of Britain's 8,000 troops in Iraq are deployed. On a 24-hour trip, Mr Hoon visited the headquarters of the provincial administration where he me

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Istanbul Hosts Islamic Conference Summit

More than two thousand participants including delegates and press members are expected at the 31st Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) Foreign Ministers' Conference, held in Istanbul on Monday. The Sixth Meeting of Neighboring Countries with Iraq wil

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Europeans Batter Governing Parties

Provisional results from elections to the EU parliament show gains for opposition parties across Europe. Governing parties in Germany, France and Poland have suffered big losses, while many Euro-sceptic parties have had their best result at the polls.

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Run Off to Decide Serbian Presidential Elections

Serbia's next president will be elected at a run off as a nationalist supporter of ousted president Slobodan Milosevic faced strong rivalry of a pro-western leader in yesterday's elections. Preliminary results released by the Centre for Free Elections and

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Critical Group Urges People Not to Vote for Bush

Angered by Bush administration policies they contend endanger national security, 26 retired American diplomats and military officers are urging Americans to vote President Bush out of office in November. The group, which calls itself Diplomats and Militar

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EU Election, Polls across Europe

Citizens of 19 European Union nations, including France, Germany and Poland, are completing the European Parliament election this Sunday. Europe's biggest election ever began last Thursday in Britain and the Netherlands.

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Serbia Elects New President

The people of Serbia go to the polls to chose a new president on Sunday. It is the fourth time in 18 months that Serbs have tried to elect a leader - previous attempts failed because a low turnout.

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Al-Sadr Endorses Interim Gov

Rebel cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has vowed conditional support for the new Iraqi interim government in a sermon on Friday. The representative also asked members of Sadr's militia to obey orders, an implicit request to adhere to a cease-fire that was broken th

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Cassini Faces for Moon Encounter

The Cassini spacecraft, which is en route to Saturn, is about to make a close pass of the ringed planet's mysterious moon Phoebe. Phoebe is only 220km across and Cassini's images of it will be twice as good as those from Voyager 2 in 1981.

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Poland's President Renominates Belka As PM

Poland's president nominated economist Marek Belka as prime minister for the second time, opening the way for lawmakers to confirm a new government or trigger early elections by rejecting it. Belka was first named prime minister May 2 after the previous g

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Police Station Attacked in Baghdad

Gunmen stormed a police station south of Baghdad. They drove off the poorly armed police and blasted the station in the fourth such attack against Iraqi security installations over the last week.

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Poll Dash for Blair's Party

Tony Blair's Labour Party is suffering heavy losses in England and Wales's local elections, media said. The party lost more than 200 seats, according to the BBC.

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R&B Legend Ray Charles Dies

Legendary R&B musician Ray Charles died at the age of 73 in Los Angeles, his publicist announced. Charles suffered an acute liver disease.

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Terror Group Targets Britons, Australians

A terror group, linked to al-Qaeda, has revised its strategy for the purpose of assassinating western diplomats and businesspeople, especially Britons and Australians, the Wall Street Journal reported in its Web site. Jemaah Islamiyah has been blamed for

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G8 Summit Leaders Vow United Mideast Effort

US President Bush and European leaders are pledging a united effort to promote democracy and prosperity across the larger Middle East, but the rare show of unity masks lingering discord on both that plan and, more urgently, on ways to support Iraq. French

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Delhi Welcomes the Olympic Torch

The Olympic torch arrived in Delhi Thursday morning to a rousing welcome amid tight security as the embers reached India for the second time in the Games' history for a 33-km relay to be held later in the day. The torch reached Delhi from Beijing.

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Risky Descent for Mars Crater

NASA decided to roll the dice on Mars this Tuesday by dispatching its rover Opportunity into a crater from which it may never escape. Endurance crater -- with its treacherously steep slopes and sandy sides -- has intrigued scientists with rock faces that

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Gunmen Attack Najaf Police Station

Shiite militiamen and Iraqi police fought for control of the police headquarters in Najaf. That was the first skirmishes since an agreement last week to end weeks of bloody clashes.

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