Japanese Hostages Faith Still Unclear

Japan grappled with conflicting information on Tuesday on the fate of three Japanese civilians taken hostage in Iraq. Japan, sharply divided over Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's dispatch of troops to help rebuild Iraq, has been on tenterhooks since kid

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Al-Sadr Militia Leaves Najaf Police Station

Radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr pulled his militia out of police stations and government facilities in three cities they took control of last week, partially meeting a US demand for ending the standoff in southern Iraq. Police on Monday were back on

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5 Dead in Moscow Car Explosion

Five people died and two were injured in a foreign-made car blast in southwestern Moscow at about 8 p.m.

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Australia Firm on Staying in Iraq

Iraq's worsening hostage crisis should have no impact on the presence of Australian troops or civilians in the war-torn country, Prime Minister John Howard says. He said the wave of hostage-taking meant increased risk for foreigners, but it should not wea

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India Stampede Kills 21 Women

Twenty-one Indian women died in a birthday rally stampede. Thousands had gathered in a park in the city of Lucknow.

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US Aircraft Downed in Iraq, Crew Killed

US Apache helicopter was shot down in Iraq Sunday, and its two crewmembers killed. The incident took place at about five kilometers west of the Baghdad Airport, Army officials announced Monday.

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Italians Destroy Al-Sadr's Office

Italian troops have destroyed the office of Shia clerical leader Muqtada al-Sadr in Nassiriya. Just a day after the morale-boosting visit of Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the Italians deployed in Nassiriya have reportedly attacked and demolish

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Two Die in US Chopper Down

Gunmen shot down a US attack helicopter during fighting in western Baghdad on Sunday, killing its two-crew members. Insurgents and Marines called a cease-fire in the besieged city of Fallujah, but the fragile peace was shaken by shootings that wounded ano

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Falluja Iraqis' Toll Tops 600

More than 600 Iraqis have been killed in fighting in Falluja since US forces launched an offensive against resistance fighters in the town a week ago. According to hospital sources, around 1200 people had been injured in the fighting, some of the fiercest

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ETA Pledges Cease of Fight

The Basque separatist organization ETA intends to cease its armed combat against Spansh government. In an interview for the Basque daily Dea, Arnaldo Otegi, MP from the Autonomy Parliament and leader of the banned nationalistic party Batasuna, declared th

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Scores Killed, More Trapped in Russian Mine Blast

An apparent methane gas explosion in a Siberian coalmine has killed at least 20 Russian miners and trapped 20 to 30 others underground. Another 13 workers either have been pulled out of the Taizhina mine, southeast of the city of Novokuznetsk, or made it

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Berlusconi Boosts Italian Troops Morale

Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has made an unannounced visit to Iraq early Saturday to meet with Italian troops based in the southern city of Nasiriyah. Some 2,900 Italian troops are deployed in Iraq to aid reconstruction efforts around the sout

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Spanish Police Probes Threat Video

Spanish police are examining a video, which may have been made by Madrid bomb suspects minutes before they blew themselves up. The video, found in the rubble of the Madrid flat where seven suspects died last weekend, contains an al-Qaeda ultimatum to Spai

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Sharon Calls for Party Vote on Withdrawal

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called for a referendum within his Likud Party on his plan to unilaterally withdraw from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank, Israeli officials said Friday. Sharon's request, lodged with the party Thursday night,

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US Forces Recapture Southern Iraqi City

US forces said they had retaken most of an important southern city from a rebellious Shiite militia, and an American-declared halt to fighting in the embattled city of Fallujah was undercut by bursts of gunfire on the first anniversary of the fall of Bagh

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Algerian President Wins Landslide

Algeria's current president has won a landslide victory with a huge margin of victory, according to official results of Thursday's poll. President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has swept 83 percent of votes cast.

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Chechen "Black Widow" Bomber Locked Up

A Chechen woman accused of trying to set off a bomb in Moscow last July has been sentenced to 20 years. Zarema Muzhakhoyeva, 22, was convicted of terrorism, preparing and attempting to commit a crime.

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Algerians Vote for New President

Algerians are voting in the country's presidential election, choosing from six candidates including the incumbent, Abdelaziz Bouteflika. He is regarded as the frontrunner while former Prime Minister Ali Benflis is seen as his main challenger.

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More than 200 Killed in Falluja

More than 200 Iraqis died in Falluja overnight as conflict between US forces and local insurgents aggravates. The city, mostly populated by Sunni Muslims, is a stronghold of anti-coalition rebellion.

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Loud Explosion in Baghdad

A powerful explosion has rocked Baghdad, as rebellion in the country intensifies. Smoke was seen rising from the capital's western part, where coalition headquarters are situated.

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Two More Nabbed over Madrid Attacks

Two more suspects were detained in Spain in connection with the Madrid bombings, which killed 191 people. The two men, both Moroccans were provisionally charged with terrorism offences on Wednesday.

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