G8 Leaders Hail Iraq Vote

US President George W Bush opened the annual Group of Eight (G8) summit, hailing the unanimous passing of a new UN resolution on Iraq hours earlier. The summit is taking place amid tight security, with thousands of troops and police virtually sealing the

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7 Turks Kidnapped in Iraq

Iraqi militants disclosed they had kidnapped seven Turks and threatened to abduct more foreigners working with U.S.

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Californians Bid Farewell To Reagan

Thousands of Americans have paid their respects Tuesday to Ronald Reagan, the nation's 40th president, one day after his family attended a brief prayer service at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Clad in a black suit and white pearls, Nancy Reagan

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Al-Sadr's Army Refuses to Disband

Nine of Iraq's major militias, except for the Mahdi Army, have agreed to disband, with militia members either joining the country's legitimate security service or re-entering civilian life, Iraq's interim prime minister, Ayad Allawi, announced. The Mahdi

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Al-Sadr Rostrum Blasted

An explosion has rocked the Great Mosque in Kufa, where Shiite rebel leader Moqtada al-Sadr gives the sermon at the main weekly Muslim prayers. Witnesses said the fire raged in parts of the religious compound early on Monday.

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Japan Jolted by Earthquake

An earthquake with a magnitude of 5 on the Richter scale hit the eastern Hokkaido and northern Tohoku regions just after 1 p.m.

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UN Nears End of Iraq Security Plans Discussion

The United Nations is moving nearer to agreement on a resolution on the future of Iraq prior to the 30 June handover of power to the interim government. A special Security Council session discussed a third draft of a resolution proposed by the US and UK.

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Reagan Honored with State Funeral

Ronald Reagan was remembered with jellybeans, flowers and American flags on Sunday at memorials in his hometown and outside the mortuary where the former president's body lay. Reagan will be memorialized at the first presidential state funeral in more tha

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J Lo "Marries" Marc Anthony

Less than half a year after the Bennifer split, Jennifer Lopez has reportedly tied the knot again to singer Marc Anthony. Lopez, 33, is said to have married the Latin singer at her home on Saturday in a private ceremony, according to People and US Weekly

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Bush Appoints New Envoy to UN

US President George Bush appointed former Missouri Senator John Danforth as his ambassador in the UN. Danforth comes to replace John Negroponte, who will take on the post of US ambassador in Iraq.

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Pope Meets Bush in the Vatican

US President Bush is meeting with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican, as protesters gather in Rome to demonstrate against US actions in Iraq. The leader of the world's Catholics has spoken out against the Iraq war and the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by some US

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Bush to Meet Pope in Rome

US President George Bush will meet Italian political leaders and Pope John Paul during his first full day in Rome, for talks expected to focus on Iraq. He arrived in Rome early on Friday ahead of services marking the 60th anniversary of key World War II e

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Handover Plans Get Iraq Backing

Iraqi foreign minister gave his broad endorsement to a UN draft resolution on the transfer of power to his government at the end of the month. In a speech to the UN Security Council, Hoshyar Zebari stressed the need to give Iraq full sovereignty.

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Promotional Tour for Clinton's Memoirs

Former US President Bill Clinton made the first of many public appearances to plug his forthcoming autobiography at a publishing trade show in Chicago. Clinton, whose long-awaited 957-page "My Life" goes on sale June 22, was in relaxed and philosophical m

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CIA Director Resigns

The director of the CIA, George Tenet, has resigned because of personal reasons. US President George Bush, who accepted his resignation, praised highly his work.

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OPEC Meets to Discuss Oil Output

Members of oil producers' group OPEC are meeting in Beirut to discuss boosting production by up to 11%, in a bid to lower the soaring price of oil. Saudi Arabia and Iran have put forward competing proposals to raise output, with Iran favouring a smaller i

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Cleric Gives Tacit Approval to Iraq Government

Iraq's most influential Shiite cleric gave his tacit endorsement to the new interim government. He also urged it to lobby the UN Security Council for full sovereignty to erase "all traces" of the American-run occupation.

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UK Air Traffic System Resumes

UK air traffic control computers resumed normal operations after a failure grounded flights across the country. The one-hour breakdown, which began at about 6 a.

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Parliament Approves Macedonia's New Government

Macedonia's new government was voted into office as Parliament approved it late Wednesday. Sixty-eight members of Parliament voted for the government of Prime Minister Hari Kostov against twelve.

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New Iraqi Government Starts Work amid Fresh Violence

The new Iraqi government began work amid fresh fighting in which at least 17 people were killed and an uphill struggle to win domestic and international legitimacy. At the interim government's first meeting Wednesday, new prime minister Iyad Allawi flagge

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UN Takes Over Haiti Relief Efforts

UN peacekeepers began taking over from a US-led multi-national force in flood-devastated Haiti. Brazilian troops are leading the force of 8,000 UN soldiers and civilian police, although it is likely to be a month before they are all in place.

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