Protests Against Mid-East Peace Plan

Radical Palestinian groups and Jewish settlers have both declared their opposition to proposals aimed at achieving peace in the Middle East outlined by leaders at a summit at Aqaba, Jordan. Hamas rejected Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas's call to

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Blair Faces Questions Over Weapon Claims

Tony Blair has again denied that intelligence documents on Iraq's weapons programmes were changed on the orders of Downing Street to strengthen the case for war against Saddam Hussein. Announcing that Parliament's all-party Intelligence and Security Commi

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Miss Dominican Republic Won Miss Universe

Miss Dominican Republic has won the 2003 Miss Universe title in Panama. Amelia Vega topped 70 other contestants to win the title.

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17 Injuries in Paris Blast

Some seventeen injuries have been reported after an apparent gas explosion rocked a building in a residential area of central Paris. Fire and police officials said the explosion was likely caused by gas and was not deliberate.

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US President Arrived Jordan for Mid-East Peace Talks

US Presiden George Bush arrived in Jordan Wednesday for peace talks with Israeli and Palestinian Prime Ministers Ariel Sharon and Mahmoud Abbas. Bush will hold separate discussions with the two top statesmen before the three of them meet together.

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Five Dead, Dozens Injured in Spain Train Crash

At least five people have been killed and around 40 injured in a train collision in Spain.

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WHO Questions Chinese SARS Drop

The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concern about the reported sharp drop in new SARS cases in China in recent days. Just three new cases of the respiratory disease were reported on Tuesday, compared with daily tallies well into double figur

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US President Promises Free Palestinian State

"The world needs to have a Palestinian state that is free and at peace, and therefore my government will work with all parties concerned to achieve that vision", said US President Bush in a statement following a meeting with Arab leaders in Egypt. The mee

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Protests in France and Italy Bring Air Chaos

French air traffic controllers joined a nationwide strike Tuesday in protest of pension reforms that should cancel 80% of scheduled flights to and from France. Meanwhile Italy's Alitalia cabin crews staged a four-hour strike against plans to reduce cab

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US-France Quarrel over Iraq Ends

US President George Bush and his French college Jacques Chiraq ended their first post-Iraq war talks Monday. After the encounter in France's town of Evian the two presidents insisted that there was a positive and constructive athmosphere.

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Bush to Urge Arab Leaders' Support for Peace Plan

A group of Arab leaders is expected to back the peace plan, voicing support for ending violence and moving toward peace with Israel. US President George W.

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Russia Stops Nuclear Exports to Iran

Russia will stop exporting nuclear material to Iran if the country doesn't sign up to tougher nuclear inspections, British official said Monday. The step follows a decision by the G8 leaders to issue a joint statement describing weapons of mass destructio

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UK Celebrates Coronation's 50th Anniversary

UK Queen Elizabeth attended a special service at Westminster Abbey to mark the 50th anniversary of her coronation. Sixteen other members of the Royal Family, Senior politicians, Commonwealth leaders and representatives of all faith groups were present.

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Bush, Chirac Meet for the First Time After Iraq


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Four Die in Bus Crash in France

At least four people died and another 45 were injured Monday when their "foreign-registered" bus crashed in southwest France, police said. Twenty-five of the injured were said to be in serious condition.

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Tense in Mid-East Ahead of Summits

Palestinians have said that little has changed in many areas despite Israel's claim that restrictions have been eased in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Israeli army said the total closure of the territories was lifted last night, a move that w

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G-8 Leaders Focus on Common Ground

Leaders of G-8 nations, still struggling with problems connected to the war in Iraq, focused the first day of their summit Sunday on an effort they all share: helping solve the economic afflictions of developing nations. All eyes were on the first meeting

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SARS Hopes Grow Across Asia

Single digit increases in the number of SARS cases in Taiwan and China is prompting cautious optimism the crisis may be turning the corner. Canada, however, is battling an unexpected resurgence of cases.

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Israel Lifts Closures on Palestinian Territories

The Israeli government has lifted its closure of the West Bank and Gaza ahead of peace talks with the Palestinians next week, a spokesman for the Israel Defence Forces said. The closure was lifted at midnight Saturday, the spokesman said.

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World Leaders Bury Differences

The Russian and US presidents say the Iraq crisis strengthened their partnership despite disagreements over the war. Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President George W Bush were speaking at a joint news conference after talks in St Petersburg - th

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US President Urges Unity Despite Splits Over Iraq

The US is committed to a strong Nato, despite divisions over the war in Iraq, US President George Bush said Saturday during his official visit in Poland. Bush called for the US and Europe to confront terrorism and weapons of mass destruction and announced

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