3 Dead in Factory Blast in Scotland

An explosion leveled a four-story plastics factory in Glasgow today. Three people were killed and 37 were injured.

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Commanders Blamed for Iraqi Abuses

A US general who investigated abuse by US soldiers against Iraqi prisoners blamed a failure of leadership for allowing the situation to develop. Maj Gen Antonio Taguba told a Senate committee there had been no training or supervision, and a lack of discip

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Deadly Clashes in Gaza

Six Israeli soldiers and seven Palestinians were killed Tuesday in what Israel Defense Forces called a major operation in Gaza City to destroy workshops making Qassam rockets, according to the Israeli military and Palestinian hospital sources. Several hou

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Hamas Bomb Kills Six Israelis

Six Israeli soldiers were killed by explosion during a raid in Gaza. Militant group Hamas said they planted the deadly bomb.

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Indian Polls Predict Hung Parliament

Polls taken before Monday's final round forecast India's National Democratic Alliance could grab anywhere between 245 and 282 seats. The ruling economic reform-friendly party needs 272 for a majority in the Parliament.

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Israeli Troops Killed in Gaza Raid

Six Israeli soldiers were killed in an explosion that ripped through an Israeli military vehicle in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday. The incident occurred during a raid in which troops shot dead three Palestinians.

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Olympic Roof Building Works up

The roof construction of the main Olympics stadium in Athens is taking shape. Workers have begun sliding into place two huge arches that will support the roof.

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US Embassy in Tokyo Threatened

The US embassy in Tokyo has received an e-mail threatening a bomb attack this week, and officials have warned American citizens in Japan, the embassy said today. The notice said the threat had arrived "through the internet," but an embassy official said t

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New Image from Iraq Fuels Abuse Scandal

The Iraq prison-abuse scandal continues to grow as a chilling new photograph appeared showing a naked prisoner cowering before a guard dog, one of scores of still-secret images that leading US lawmakers say must be disclosed to the public.The New Yorker m

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India Nears End of Major Vote

Voting is reported to have started slowly in the final stage of India's marathon general elections. Officials say 10-15% of eligible voters cast ballots in the first two hours.

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Putin "to Avenge" Chechen Killing

Prime Minister Sergei Abramov took over as the new leader of the Chechen republic, after the assassination of President Akhmad Kadyrov on Sunday. The Kremlin-backed president was among those killed in a bomb attack in the capital, Grozny.

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1st Trial in Iraq Abuses Set for May 19

US military announced the first court-martial in the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse allegations, ordering a reservist to face a public trial in Baghdad on May 19. Spc.

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Baghdad Hotel Hit by Blast

A bomb exploded outside the Four Seasons Hotel in Baghdad, injuring up to eight people. The hotel, which is located in the centre of the city, is frequently used by foreign contractors.

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Blair Apologised for Iraq Abuse

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair apologised for any cases of mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners by British soldiers in an interview on French television. Tony Blair promised those responsible would be punished under military rules.

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Italy Breaks Up Islamic Cell

Italian anti-terrorism police arrested an Algerian cleric of a mosque and four Tunisians in a crackdown authorities said was aimed at preventing an al-Qaeda-linked cell from sending suicide attackers to Iraq. The suspects were seized in pre-dawn raids in

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5 Arrested in Caucasus over Deadly Blast

Russia detained five people and increased security in its northern Caucasus region after a bomb killed Akhmad Kadyrov, president of the Russian republic of Chechnya, Interfax reported. The identities of the five are being checked and it's premature to con

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Blair Faces Resignation Call

British Prime Minister Tony Blair has faced a call for his resignation by a senior member of his own Labour Party on Sunday. According to Lord David Puttnam, Labour peer and personal friend of Blair, the negative headlines about Iraq threaten to damage th

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Turkey Mulls Power Plant Construction

Turkey pledged ready to start the construction of a power plant. According to Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister Hilmi Guler stated on Friday that his country had reached the point of specifications with the nuclear plant project.

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Djindjic Murder Suspect on Trial Monday

The main suspect for the murder of Serbian Prime Minister Milorad Lukovic, dubbed Legia, will stand for the first time in court on Monday. The court is expected to rule whether the trial would be cancelled because of the defendants' plea to prepare the de

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British Army Abuse Scandal Deepens

The Daily Mirror has published further allegations of British troops abusing Iraqi prisoners. The Sunday edition of British newspaper has come out with shocking snapshots showing a soldier photographing a bound captive in the back of an armoured personnel

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Croatia Skipped for NATO Invitation

Croatia shall not be invited officially to join NATO during the upcoming summit in Istanbul end of June. According to John Colston, NATO's deputy secretary general, the Alliance will back up its wish to access to NATO structures urging the Balkan state to

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