UN Takes Over Haiti Relief Efforts

UN peacekeepers began taking over from a US-led multi-national force in flood-devastated Haiti. Brazilian troops are leading the force of 8,000 UN soldiers and civilian police, although it is likely to be a month before they are all in place.

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Julia Roberts Pregnant with Twins

Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts is due to give birth to twins. The 36-year-old star is due to give birth early next year, her spokeswoman told the BBC.

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Brazil Jail Revolt Kills 34

At least 34 people were killed - many burnt or horribly mutilated - in a rebellion at a prison in Rio de Janeiro. The rebellion has now ended, but police said they were still securing the Benfica facility in northern Rio, and feared more bodies could be f

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Baghdad Blast Kills 25

An explosion just outside the US Green Zone headquarters in Baghdad killed 25 people as officials met to name an Iraqi government for the June 30 takeover. The blast was at the offices of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, close to Iraq's Foreign Ministry

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World's Oldest Woman Dies at 114

The world's oldest living woman has died after a bout with pneumonia. Ramona Trinidad Iglesias Jordan, 114, died on Saturday in a nursing home in San Juan.

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US Patrols Suspended in Najaf

US troops have agreed to suspend patrols in the Shiite holy city of Najaf in a bid to prop up a shaky truce. The coalition put off until Tuesday a scheduled meeting to decide Iraq's first president in the post-Saddam Hussein era amid a fierce political st

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Saudi Arabia after Al-Qaeda Suspects

Saudi Arabia police continues the hunt for three suspected Al-Qaeda militants, who slit the throats of several foreigners among at least 22 killed in a bloody rampage, escaped a 24-hour siege. The interior ministry admitted three of four gunmen, who took

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7 Die in Moscow Fire

Seven people died in an apartment building fire in eastern Moscow early on Monday. The fire started from an apartment on the sixth floor.

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Bush, Chirac Side by Side on D-Day

French President Jacques Chirac and his US counterpart George Bush will stand side by side at next weekend's D-Day ceremonies, but they remain sharply divided on Iraq and the US-led "war on terror". The French people, 60 years after thousands of young US

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Bomb Blows Up at Monaco Stadium

A bomb exploded outside Monaco's main soccer stadium early Sunday when the building was empty, shattering windows but causing no injuries, a top official said. The device exploded outside an entrance at Stade Louis II, said Jose Badia, Monaco's government

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Sharon Delays Gaza Cabinet Vote

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon postponed a cabinet vote on withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in the face of strong opposition from ministers. He is believed to have had the guaranteed support of only 11 of the 23 ministers for the revised plan ahead of

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Senior Pro-Taliban Cleric Killed in Pakistan

A senior pro-Taliban cleric in Pakistan was gunned down by unknown assailants outside his mosque in the port city of Karachi on Sunday and later died of his wounds. Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai, who called for a holy war against the United States after the in

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Iraqi Council Struggles With Presidency

Iraq's Governing Council met Sunday to try to finalize the makeup of the new government to take power June 30, with the post of figurehead president emerging as the main stumbling block to an agreement. The prime minister's post, the top job in the new in

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Rumsfeld Addresses West Point Graduates

US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told graduating cadets today they are joining a modernizing military force still in the early stages of the battle against terrorism. Rumsfeld received sustained applause from the families of 935 cadets graduating from

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Iranian Governor Killed in Helicopter Crash

A helicopter carrying a provincial governor and three of his aides from the site of an earthquake crashed in the mountains of northern Iran, killing all aboard. The governor of Qazvin province was said to be in the helicopter with three aides and a journa

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Libyan Nuclear Devices Missing

A few days after Libya's historic pledge on December 19 to abandon the quest for nuclear weapons, Libyan intelligence officials met with visiting US diplomats to announce that a sizable quantity of nuclear equipment purchased is missing. The news was brok

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Mubarak Wraps Up Russia Visit

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak left Moscow after a three-day visit during which he discussed the situation in Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. At their meeting on Friday the two leaders agreed on the

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Date for Jackson Trial Set

The judge in singer Michael Jackson's child abuse case set a tentative date for the trial of 13 September. However, Judge Rodney Melville said he expected the hearing would be delayed further to allow lawyers on both sides to prepare their cases.

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US Distances Itself from Iraqi PM

US Secretary of State Colin Powell insisted that the decision on who will lead Iraq after the handover of power rests with the United Nations. Earlier, the White House welcomed a decision by the Iraqi Governing Council to nominate Shia former exile Iyad A

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Terrorism Threats Against US, Israeli Soldiers

Some 2500 volunteers are willing to participate in suicide attacks against American soldiers in Iraq and Israeli army in Jerusalem, the on-line edition of Italian newspaper Corriere della sera reported. This new wave of terrorism threats is instigated by

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Explosion Hits Russian Train Near Chechnya

A passenger train travelling from Moscow to a provincial capital in southern Russia was hit by an explosion early Saturday but no one was killed. The explosion shook the train bound for Vladikavkaz, the capital of the province of North Ossetia near Chechn

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