4 Detained over Bomb Threat next to Palestine Hotel in Baghdad

A suspected bomb was found in a bag on a street next to Baghdad's Palestine Hotel, where many foreigners are based, and US soldiers blocked off the area while a disposal unit was called in. Four people near to the package had been detained.

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Rescuers Reach stranded Russian Scientists

Rescuers in a helicopter located a group of 12 Russian scientists stranded on an ice floe in the Arctic Ocean. The aircraft landed on the floe and will send details of their position to a heavy transport helicopter that will aim to pick up the men.

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6 Dead as Palestinian Suicide Bombers Attack Gaza Strip

Palestinian gunmen and car bombers attacked a major crossing point between the Gaza Strip and Israel on Saturday. At least four attackers and two Palestinian policemen were killed, and no Israeli soldiers were hurt.

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US Forces Kill 9 Afghan Militants, Capture 14

US-led forces in Afghanistan killed nine suspected militants and captured 14 others in two separate operations in troubled southeastern Afghanistan. The nine suspected Taliban fighters were killed Friday near a coalition base in the town of Orgun near the

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4 Coalition Soldiers Wounded in Iraq

Four coalition soldiers were wounded after being fired on with handguns and rocket-propelled grenades during a three-hour firefight in southern Iraq. The nationalities of the soldiers were not released and their injuries were not considered life-threateni

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Bomb Explodes Near Israeli Tank in Gaza

A large roadside bomb exploded near an Israeli tank in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, and three Palestinian policemen were wounded when the tank started shooting in retaliation. The Israeli tank and several military jeeps were patrolling the area near the Ga

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Shiites Won't Sign Interim Constitution

Shiite leaders refused to sign an interim constitution after Iraq 's top Shiite cleric rejected portions of the charter, in a last-minute dispute that wrecked a planned signing ceremony Friday and marred a landmark in the US plans to hand over sovereignty

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Chavez Opponents Launch Protest amid Talks on Recall Petitions

Opponents of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez prepared to stage massive demonstrations amid ongoing talks over the validity of petitions seeking a recall vote. Chavez meanwhile lashed lashed out at the United States, claiming US President George W.

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Conservatives Tipped to Win Power in Greece

Campaigns for a Greek general election ended Friday with the conservatives tipped to end a decade in opposition and emerge the winners, just five months before the August 13-29 Olympics, world media commented. Costas Caramanlis' conservative New Democracy

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Suspects Detained over Moscow Blast

Police has detained a number of suspects over the blast in the Moscow subway on February 6, which claimed the lives of 40 people and wounded more than 100 others, RIA Novosti reported. Nikolay Petrushin from the Interior Ministry was cited as saying that

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Duma Approves Fradkov as Russia's New PM

The Russian State Duma, lower chamber of parliament, approved Friday the candidacy of Mikhail Fradkov as Russia's new Prime Minister. Fradkov's nomination was supported by 411 votes, 5 MPs voted against and 6 abstained.

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IMF Chief Resigns, Runs for German President

Horst Koehler resigned as IMF chief on Thursday to seek the German presidency, leaving the fund's top job open prematurely and reigniting a politically charged debate over who should run the organization. His deputy, Anne Krueger, will replace him until m

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Bush Campaign Attacked for Using Sept 11 Images

US President George Bush 's campaign launched an advertising blitz that came under immediate attack for using images from the September 11 terrorist strikes. Bush meanwhile went on the offensive against Democratic contender Senator John Kerry saying the M

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Call for Change at China's NPC

China's new leadership is calling for changes to deal with the country's booming economy at the opening of its annual session of parliament. The National People's Congress 10-day session opened on Friday with a state of the nation address by Premier Wen J

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Boss of Main Yukos Shareholder Dies in Crash

UK national Stephen Curtis, the boss of Russian Group Menatep that controls oil giant Yukos, died in a helicopter crash in southern England. The pilot of the aircraft, which was travelling from London to Bournemouth, was also killed in the accident.

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Haiti Rebels Involved in Drug Trafficking

Some of the rebel leaders who drove President Jean-Bertrand Aristide from power are suspected of involvement in drug trafficking, US officials and Haiti experts said on Thursday. While refusing to provide details, a senior Western diplomat in Haiti said i

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South Africa Shows Support for Aristide

South Africa backed the suggestion for an independent investigation into claims that Haitian President Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was forced out of office. After several weeks of intensifying pressure from rebels inside the country, as well

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Germany Rules Retrial for Sept 11 Suspect

Germany's Federal Criminal Court ruled for Mounir al-Motassadek, by now the only convict for the September 11 attacks, to be freed from serving his 15-year sentence, and ordered a retrial. Evidence against him was not sufficient for a conviction, the pres

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Al-Qaeda Denies Iraq Bombings

Al-Qaeda has denied involvement in the anti-Shiite bombing attacks that killed some 200 people in Iraq during the Ashoura religious holiday. In a statement obtained by Aljazeera on Thursday, Al-Qaeda blamed US "crusaders" for the attacks.

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Plane Crashed at Baku Airport, 5 Killed

A cargo plane crashed at the airport in Azerbaijan's capital Baku today, killing five of its seven crew members, the Russian news agency Interfax reported. The Ilyushin Il-76 plane crashed shortly after taking off after a refuelling stop during a flight f

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ASEAN FMs Meet to Boost Ties

Southeast Asian foreign ministers are meeting in Vietnam's picturesque Halong Bay for talks on strengthening regional ties, and resolving a spat with the European Union over Myanmar. Overlooking the spectacular bay of 3,000 towering islets, ministers and

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