S Korea Prepares for Defense

South Korea has warned its armed forces to be ready to deal with "provocations" from the North. The call for vigilance came amid heightened tension between the North and South, following reports that North Korea was reprocessing thousands of spent fuel ro

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China Deals with Economic Impact of SARS

China's cabinet has announced a series of measures aimed at minimising the economic impact of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), state media have reported. The state-run news agency Xinhua said the government had issued orders to local officials to

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Seal "Caused" Shuttle Disaster

The Columbia space shuttle disaster was probably caused by a seal that broke between protective tiles on the left wing, according to preliminary results of an official US inquiry. The findings confirmed earlier indications that a piece of insulation foam

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German Jobless Numbers Worsen

German unemployment has risen for a 13th consecutive month, indicating further stagnation for Europe's largest economy. Seasonally adjusted figures showed a rise in April of 44,000 to 4.

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US Denies Kashmir Roadmap

US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage has denied he has a roadmap for peace between India and Pakistan. Armitage was speaking to the BBC before leaving on a tour of the region aimed at easing tensions between the nuclear rivals.

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WHO: SARS Resilience - No Greater Risk of Transmission

Laboratory tests carried out under the Geneva-headquartered WHO's multi-centre collaborative network have shown that the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) virus can survive outside the human body for weeks. The World Health Organisation tried to al

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Mars Mission Agreed

The Russian and US space agencies have agreed to co-operate on a joint unmanned mission to Mars and expand the development of other joint interplanetary probes. The announcement came after talks in Moscow between the heads of the two agencies, Nasa admini

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China Steps Up Sars Curbs

China has quarantined 10,000 people in the eastern city of Nanjing in a bid to contain the Sars outbreak which has claimed 214 lives in the country and infected 4,409 people. Eight deaths and 138 new cases of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome were announc

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Tornado-packed Storms Kill 37

At least 37 people were killed as tornado-packed storms flattened communities in three US states. Ten people were missing, including eight in this southwestern Missouri town.

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EU Foreign Ministers to Visit Turkey

Foreign ministers from the EU countries, gathered to talk common policy aims in Greece, will have a working cruise over to nearby EU candidate Turkey where they will meet their counterpart next Sunday. Turkey is the only one not yet begun EU entry negotia

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Aggression in China as SARS Spreads

Farmers in a town in eastern China beat up officials and ransacked a government office where at least six local residents suspected of having SARS had been quarantined after returning from Beijing it was said May 05.The spread of the disease, which has ki

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3 People Dead After Earthquake in China

Three people were reported dead after an earthquake rattled a remote area of northwestern China - only six weeks after the same area was hit by a massive tremor, killing 268 people. The latest quake hit the Xinjiang region, about 3,000 kilometres northwes

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Over 20 People Dead After Tornadoes in USA

More than 20 people are feared dead after storms and tornadoes struck the central US states of Kansas and Missouri, leaving an extensive trail of damage. In some places a trail of destruction reached some 400 metres.

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Pope John Paul II Proclaimed Five New Spanish Saints

A massive crowd in the shape of a cross gathered around Pope John Paul II on Sunday as he proclaimed five new Spanish saints. An estimated one million people spread out along four boulevards intersecting at Plaza de Colon, where a huge altar was erected f

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Russian Capsule Lands in Kazakhstan Off-target

Two American astronauts and a Russian cosmonaut returned to Earth, off-target but OK, from the international space station Sunday in a cramped Russian capsule. The landing site was about 287 miles southwest of the target in the isolated steppes of Kazakhs

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Mutations of SARS Virus Raise New Concerns

Mutations of the SARS virus and relapses among patients are worrying scientists trying to understand the disease, as the number of deaths in the past month increases five-fold. Doctors at the Chinese University of Hong Kong said two forms of SARS have hit

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Russian Helicopter Crash Kills All 12 Aboard

A transport helicopter crashed Saturday as it returned from dropping water on a forest fire in far eastern Russia, killing all 12 people on board. The Mi-26 helicopter plunged to the ground after a cable for carrying the water container became tangled in

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SARS Claims More Lives in Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong and Chinese health authorities each reported nine deaths from the pneumonia-like SARS. The new figures brought the total number of deaths in Hong Kong to 179 and infections to 1,621.

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Six Arrested in England over Tel Aviv Suicide Bombing

Police have detained six people in England in connection with a Tel Aviv suicide bombing believed to have been carried out by a British man, Scotland Yard said Saturday. Officers detained two men and two women in Derbyshire and another woman in nearby Not

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Massacre in Sicily

A gunman has shot dead the mayor of a Sicilian town and four other people. He burst into the town hall of Aci Castello, 10 kilometres from Catania, and opened fire.

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Bus Explosion in Northern Vietnam

More than 60 people have been injured after a bus exploded in northern Vietnam. The bus was getting ready to leave Dai Bai market in Bac Ninh province, about 30 kilometres north-east of the capital, Hanoi, when it burst into flames.

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