India, Pakistan Agree on Missiles

India and Pakistan agreed to notify each other before testing missiles, to open consulates and to work toward settling their five-decade dispute over Kashmir. The agreements by their foreign secretaries are part of a peace process that began last year, ge

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Iraqi Militants Threaten to Behead Hostages

Insurgents threatened to behead a US Marine and a Pakistani driver they had kidnapped unless the Americans release all Iraqis in "occupation jails," according to a videotape on Arab television. Turkey rejected demands by militants holding three Turkish ho

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Saddam under Iraqi Jurisdiction

Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein has been handed over to the Iraqi jurisdiction and will face court in a week, Qatar-based Al-Jazeera reported. Iraq's interim prime minister Iyad Allawi told an Arab newspaper that Saddam Hussein will be moved at the sta

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Scob Virus Strikes

A new computer virus named Scob has been unleashed, to steal valuable information like passwords or banks' data. Scob is using a new technique that turns popular websites into virus transmitters.

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Israeli Dies in Gaza Blast

Powerful explosion at an Israeli military post in the Gaza strip has killed two people and injured several others. The bomb was planted from underneath the base, after Palestinian militants dug a tunnel, according to Israeli army officials.

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Many Killed in Gaza Explosion

Scores of militaries were reported killed and injured in a blast that hit an Israeli army base in the Gaza Strip. The explosion occurred near one of the largest blocs of Israeli settlements in Gaza, Gush Kadif.

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Iraqi Holy City Blast Shattered

A mighty blast, believed to be caused by a carbomb, rocked the center of the predominantly Shiite Muslim city of Hilla, killing 17 people and injuring about 40. The blast occurred late on Saturday near the former Saddam Hussein mosque, said Polish Lieuten

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Czech PM Spidla Quits

Czech Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla has resigned as both head of government and chairman of the Social Democratic Party. His statement broke on Saturday after narrowly surviving a no-confidence vote in his leadership of the party.

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9/11 Commission Links al-Qaeda, Iran

The commission investigating the September 11, 2001, attacks has concluded that Osama bin Laden's terrorist network had long-running contacts with Iraq's neighbor and historic foe, Iran. While it found no operational ties between al-Qaeda and Iraq, the co

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Iraqi Police Offices Attacked

Offices of the Iraqi prime minister's political party were blown up in Bacuba on Saturday. Another party's offices in the city came under fire.

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Colorful Gay Parade in Tel Aviv

Many people gathered to take part in the annual gay-prime march and celebration in Tel Aviv. The colourful event might gather thousands of people willing to have fun and enjoy themselves, some of the participants explained.

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Over 25 Killed in Falluja Air Strike

The US military launched its third air strike in a week Friday in Fallujah, using precision weapons to destroy a suspected safe house for Abu Musab Zarqawi's terror network. The Jordanian-born terrorist claimed responsibility for coordinated attacks in ot

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Belka Confirmed as Polish PM

Marek Belka has been confirmed as Poland's prime minister on Thursday after a parliamentary vote of confidence ended months of political uncertainty. Belka's successful attempt to gain the Polish parliament's support averts the prospect of a snap general

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Top Air France Executive Shot Dead

The top Air France executive in Haiti, Didier Mortet, has been shot dead by three unknown gunmen as he headed home from the international airport in Port-Au-Prince. Mortet was sitting in his chauffeur-driven car with his Ukranian-born wife during the acci

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Freed UK Soldiers Head for Kuwait

Eight British soldiers freed here after being arrested for straying into Iranian waters, left Tehran on a plane bound for Kuwait. The soldiers will head for their military bases in Iraq from there.

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Latest Iraq Attacks Plotted by al-Zarqawi

A terrorists cell linked to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi claimed responsibility for Thursday's series of attacks in Baghdad. Al-Zarqawi, believed to be a key al-Qaeda operative, is also the main suspect for killing US hostage Nicolas Berg.

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Blast Targets Ankara Hotel

An explosion went off near a hotel in Ankara on Thursday, media said. Early reports say that one person was injured in the blast.

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Iran Frees UK Servicemen

Iran has released the eight British servicemen that were held Monday, according to an official report. The Britons - six Royal marines and two sailors - have boarded a plane to capital Tehran, accompanied by British diplomats.

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US War Crimes Immunity Bid Fails

The US has given up trying to win its soldiers immunity from prosecution at the new International Criminal Court. United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan had warned the Security Council not to renew the measure, partly because of the prisoner abuse sc

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US Offers N Korea Nuclear Deal

The White House urged North Korea to accept a new plan for dismantling its nuclear weapons in return for aid. The plan was submitted at ongoing six-nation talks in Beijing.

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Militants Threaten Iraq's Interim PM

A recording made by Iraqi militants threatened to assassinate Iraq's interim prime minister and fight the Americans "until Islamic rule is back on Earth." The audio, found Wednesday on an Islamic Web site, is supposedly from Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the same

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