Giant Ice Glacier Falls Apart

A giant natural ice beauty - the Perito Moreno glacier - has started to fall apart. Giant blocks of ice sheered off a wall of the glacier, collapsing with a roar into a Patagonian lake - a spectacle unseen in 16 years.

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Poll: Most Iraqis Oppose Occupation

A majority of Iraqis are opposed to the continued presence of occupation forces in Iraq, according to a poll released on Tuesday. A total of 2500 Iraqis were quizzed for a group of international broadcasting organizations, including the BBC, in a poll to

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New Islamic Group behind Istanbul Masonic Lodge Attack

The governor of Turkey's largest city said that a new grouping of local radical Islamic militants with plans to carry out more suicide bombings was behind last week's deadly attack on a masonic lodge in Istanbul. Istanbul governor Muammer Guler told that

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7 Dead in Pakistani Attack against Al-Qaeda

Pakistani forces battled tribesmen and militants suspected of harbouring Al-Qaeda and Taliban fugitives near the Afghan border in a fresh offensive that left at least seven people dead, officials said. The clash came a day after US Secretary of State Coli

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6 Civilians Killed in Iraq

Two Germans working on a water-supply project south of Baghdad were shot to death and their deaths increased to six the number of foreigners killed in drive-by shootings in the past 24 hours. It came after four US missionaries were killed in a drive-by sh

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2 Killed in Israeli Raid over Gaza

Israeli helicopters fired missiles at a building and two cars in Gaza City on Tuesday, killing at least two people hours after the Security Cabinet approved a retaliatory army plan to crack down on the Gaza Strip. Two people were killed and at least 14 wo

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Al-Qaeda "Plans" Bomb Attacks in Sulaimaniya March 21

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan has uncovered what it calls an Al-Qaeda plot to unleash suicide bomb attacks in Sulaimaniya, northeastern Iraq, during the Kurdish new year Newroz celebrations on March 21. A vehicle carrying ten explosive-laden vests and

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Al-Qaeda Leader Killed in Riyadh

An Al-Qaeda leader for Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf was killed in a shootout with Saudi security forces in Riyadh on Tuesday. Yemeni Khaled Ali bin Haj is suspected of having ordered the attacks in Riyadh which killed 52 people in May and Novembe

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Brussels Set to Smash Windows

The European Commission looks set to impose fines of 200 million euro on software giant Microsoft for breaching EU competition laws, according to reports in German daily Die Welt. In addition to the hefty fines, Microsoft would also be forced to offer ver

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New Planet Found in the Solar System

Astronomers have discovered what may prove to be a new planet in our solar system. Named Sedna after the Inuit goddess of the ocean, the lump of rock and ice was found by the Spitzer Space Telescope.

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OSCE: Russian Democracy Flawed

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe has said the Russian elections lacked elements of a genuine democratic contest. The largest regional security organization in the world, OSCE published a report on its website on Monday that condemn

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Israeli Ministers Oppose Talks with Palestinians

Israel's Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert accused the Palestinian leadership of abetting attacks, following a double suicide bombing which left 10 people dead plus the two bombers. Agriculture Minister Israel Katz also called for veteran Palestinian lead

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Exit Poll: Putin on the Lead with 69%

Russia's incumbent President Vladimir Putin seems to be cruising into his second mandate in office. On Sunday evening, exit polls showed that he garnered some 69% of the votes cast, and turnout hit the crucial 50% to validate the vote.

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Four US Soldiers Killed in Baghdad

Four US soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq's capital Baghdad on Sunday. This makes for a total of six Americans killed in Iraq over the weekend.

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Russia Poll Turnout Reaches 51.73%

Turnout in Russia's presidential poll hit the crucial 50% on Sunday afternoon, leaving very few doubtful about incumbent Vladimir Putin's victory. The President faces five other candidates, but they have been going through no active campaigning.

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Putin Set for Landslide Win

Russia's President Vladimir Putin is expected to score a lanslide victory in today's presidential elections. He faces five other candidates, however, their campaigns seemed to attract to great numbers of potential voters.

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Russia's Elections Observed by 500 Outsiders

More than 500 foreign observers will monitor Sunday's elections in Russia. Expectations are high for current President Vladimir Putin to win a second term in office, since there has been no significant opposition to his campaign.

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Football Fans Fray Kills Five in Syria

At least five people died in a stampede in Syria, prior to a football match between Al-Jihad and Fituwya FC. There are reports of more than 200 people injured, as fans of the visiting team started throwing stones at their adversaries in the city of Qamish

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Two US Soldiers Killed in Tikrit

Roadside bomb killed two US soldiers in Tikrit and injured four, exploding as they were patrolling the area. The town, located north of Iraq's capital Baghdad, is the birthplace of ousted President Saddam Hussein, and has been a lair for guerillas ever si

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US Step up Osama Hunt in Afghanistan

The US officially announced a new operation in Afghanistan, in an aim to destroy the local al Qaeda network and hunt for leader Osama bin Laden. He is believed to be hiding somewhere in the border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Serbia Remembers Killed PM Zoran Djindjic

Serbia has marked the one-year anniversary of the assassination of Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic with renewed commitments to fight organised crime and push ahead with pro-Europe reform. Memorial plaques were laid outside the government building where Mr D

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