Hamas Leader Killed in Gaza

In a massive gun ship attack by helicopters Israeli army killed Shaikh Ahmad Yasin, prominent Hamas leader, as he left a mosque after dawn. Three loud explosions were heard early Monday morning leaving the Hamas leader soaked with blood in his wheelchair.

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Schroeder Resigns as SPD Chairman

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has handed over the leadership of his Social Democrats to Franz Muentefering. He stepped down on Sunday in the hope of restoring confidence in his government.

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Former Dutch Queen Dies at 94

Former Dutch Queen Juliana died on Saturday at the age of 94. Juliana oversaw the dismantling of the centuries-old Dutch empire and witnessed the birth of a social revolution during her 31-year reign of the Netherlands.

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New Vicious Worm Creeps in Internet

A handful of Bagle worm variants are attacking Windows users with an insidious new twist. They can infect computers without tricking them into opening a file attachment - opening e-mail is all it takes.

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Another Row of Explosions in Baghdad

Explosions were reported near the US-coalition building in Baghdad with Friday night coming on. At least two blasts were heard, followed by the sound of mortars or rockets being fired.

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Bin Laden Deputy Cornered

Pakistani forces believe they have cornered and perhaps wounded Osama bin Laden's deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri, Aljazeera reported. It occurred in a battle near the Afghan border, three senior Pakistani officials said Thursday.

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Powell Lands in Iraq

The US Secretary of State has arrived in Baghdad, on a previously unannounced visit. Colin Powell's trip comes on the eve of the first Anniversary of the US-led invasion in Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein.

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Georgia's President: Adzhara's Crisis Over

Georgia's President Mikhail Saakashvili claimed he had successfully prevented a rebellion by the country's autonomous Black Sea region of Adzhara. Following three-hour crisis talks with Adzhara's leader Aslan Abashidze, Saakashvili said he was ordering th

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Greek PM Reconciles to Cyprus Talks

Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis will attend UN talks on the reunification of Cyprus being held in Switzerland next week, AFP informed. At the same time, Turkish officials expressed their anger at Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash for not informi

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NATO to Send More Troops to Kosovo

NATO is to send reinforcements to Kosovo after the worst ethno-religious clashes since NATO and the UN took control in 1999, AFP informed. Flights in and out were suspended and internal boundaries with Serbia were closed after violence between Kosovo's Al

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Hope Fades for Survivors under Building Rubble

The death toll in Arkhangelsk apartment-building blast surpasses 55. Rescuers called off the search Thursday for victims of a devastating explosion blamed on natural gas that tore through part of a nine-storey apartment building in northern Russia as resi

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US Marine Killed in Attack in Iraq

US Marine was killed and three were wounded in a mortar attack in the Iraqi town of Qusayba on the Syrian border. A spokesman said the attack happened around 10:55 a.

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Madrid Suspects Face Questioning

Five suspects arrested in connection with the Madrid bombings are to appear in closed-door hearings on Thursday. The three Moroccans and two Indians were arrested in the days following the attacks that killed 201 commuters.

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Report: Islamic Group Claims Truce with Spain

The Islamic militant group that claimed responsibility for last week's Madrid train bombings has called a truce with Spain to give the new government time to withdraw troops from Iraq, a London-based Arabic-language newspaper said Wednesday. The Al Hayat

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Madrid Bombers Hunt Stepped Up

Spanish authorities are continuing the questioning of the three Moroccan suspects who might lead them to those responsible for bombing Spanish commuter trains, killing 201 people. The detained including an Algerian held for making terrorist threats appear

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4 Killed in New Israeli Raids against Gaza

Four Palestinians were killed and several others injured in fresh Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip. Israel has stepped up attacks following suicide bombings in the port of Ashdod on Sunday, which killed 10 Israelis.

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Spain PM-Elect Firm on Iraq Withdrawal

Spain's prime minister-elect said his position on withdrawing troops from Iraq is unchanged despite an appeal from US President George Bush. Bush urged America's allies to stick together in the "war on terrorism", saying al-Qaeda wanted to defeat "freedom

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Crete Rocked by 6.3 Quake

A 6.3 Richter earthquake rocked early Wednesday morning the island of Crete, approximately 330 km south of Athens.

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Romania's Death Toll in Madrid Hit 14

Romania's Embassy in Madrid confirmed Wednesday three more fatalities in last week's deadly blasts. Thus the death toll of Romanian nationals raised to 14, making the Balkan country the worst-hit in the train attacks.

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Madrid Commemorated its Victims

Thousands gathered in Madrid last night to commemorate the victims of March 11 terrorist blasts. Around 5,000 mourners, led by Spain's Queen Sofia, filled Madrid's Almudena Cathedral for the memorial service for the 201 people who died in the blasts.

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UN Hopes for Iranian Nuclear Cooperation

UN nuclear watchdog chief Mohamed El Baradei said he was confident his agency can answer questions about whether Iran is secretly developing atomic weapons as long as its inspectors are allowed into the country. El Baradei's comments came as Iran's top nu

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