EU Imposes Sanctions on Russian Intelligence Chiefs

The EU announced on Saturday that it widens its sanctions list against Russia to include Russian chiefs of intelligence services.

World | July 26, 2014, Saturday // 12:29 | Viewed: 1215

German Tourists Bring Hitler Mugs From Bulgaria, Face Court

German customs officers at the airports watch for coffee mugs with Hitler and swastikas, which German tourists bring home from Bulgaria, reports DPA, quoted by BTA.

World | July 25, 2014, Friday // 10:18 | Viewed: 1872

MH17 'Black Box' Data Intact, Not Tampered With

Air accident investigators successfully extracted data from Malaysia Airlines flight MH17's two black boxes, Air Accident Investigation Branch lab in Farnborough said.

World | July 25, 2014, Friday // 10:07 | Viewed: 837

Air Algerie Plane Wreck Found In Mali

The wreckage of the Air Algerie airliner carrying 116 people that disappeared early on Thursday has been found in a semidesert area in Mali near the border with Burkina Faso.

World | July 25, 2014, Friday // 09:38 | Viewed: 812

Dutch Call for Deportation of Putin's Daughter From the Netherlands

Outraged Dutch people called for the deportation of Russian president Vladimir Putin's daughter Maria from the Netherlands, reports the New York Post.

World | July 24, 2014, Thursday // 15:59 | Viewed: 2052

Missing Air Algerie Passenger Plane with 116 on Board Crashes in Niger

Air Algerie’s missing passenger plane has crashed in the Republic of Niger, according to international media reports based on information of Algerian TV.

World | July 24, 2014, Thursday // 15:29 | Viewed: 1229

Algerian Plane with 110 Passengers On Board Goes Missing

A flight of Algeria's national airline, Air Algerie, has disappeared from radar en route from Burkina Faso to Algiers, Thursday.

World | July 24, 2014, Thursday // 13:40 | Viewed: 1275

Taiwan Plane Crash Leaves over 40 Dead

A TransAsia Airways passenger plane with 54 people on board crashed after a failed emergency landing in Taiwan.

World | July 23, 2014, Wednesday // 17:06 | Viewed: 699

Donbass Rebels 'Down Two Ukrainian Su-25 Fighters'

Pro-Russian rebels in the east of Ukraine reportedly shot down two fighter jets of Kiev's military forces, agencies from the country said.

World | July 23, 2014, Wednesday // 15:37 | Viewed: 1470

Germany Questions Appropriateness of Russia's Hosting FIFA World Cup

After flight MH17 crash, German politicians question Russia's role as host of the FIFA World Cup in 2018, report German-language media.

World | July 23, 2014, Wednesday // 13:07 | Viewed: 979

Netherlands Mourns, Bodies of Malaysia Airlines Crash Victims Return

Bodies recovered from the crash site of Malaysian flight MH17 will be flown to the Netherlands Wednesday as the country mourns 193 citizens killed in the crash.

World | July 23, 2014, Wednesday // 11:43 | Viewed: 812

OMV Finds New Oil Reservoir at Romanian Black Sea Offshore Well

Austrian OMV announced that it had found a new oil reservoir in Romania's Black Sea shallow-water Istria XVIII offshore perimeter.

World | July 23, 2014, Wednesday // 11:34 | Viewed: 523

Ukrainian Rebels Give MH17 Black Boxes after UN Resolution

Pro-Russian rebels handed over the two black boxes of the Malaysian Airlines' Boeing 777, which crashed  in eastern Ukraine on Thursday leaving all on board dead.

World | July 22, 2014, Tuesday // 09:44 | Viewed: 804

Gaza Death Toll Surpasses 500, UN Calls for Truce

At least 512 Palestinians have died and more than 3000 have been injured since the start of Israel's offensive in the Gaza strip earlier in July.

World | July 21, 2014, Monday // 16:05 | Viewed: 582

Russia 'to Back' UNSC Resolution on Crashed MH17 Plane

Moscow has said it is ready to support a resolution at the UN Security Council condemning the shooting down of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 downed in Ukraine last week.

World | July 21, 2014, Monday // 12:37 | Viewed: 875

Ukraine Rebels Retain Control of Crash Victims' Bodies, Black Boxes

Pro-Russian separatists are still keeping custody of about 200 (out of 298) victims of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777's plane crash in Eastern Ukraine.

World | July 20, 2014, Sunday // 16:02 | Viewed: 1253

Ukraine to Demand Donetsk, Luhansk Rebels be Declared Terrorists

Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko announced his country is preparing international requests that the Donetsk and Luhansk "republics" be considered as terrorist organizations.

World | July 20, 2014, Sunday // 11:26 | Viewed: 1250

Russia Publishes List of 12 US Citizens Banned from Entering Country

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has announced a list of twelve US citizens barred from entering Russia for violations of fundamental human rights and freedoms.

World | July 19, 2014, Saturday // 16:09 | Viewed: 1402

Bus Crash Near Germany’s Dresden Leaves 9 Killed, 43 Injured

Nine people were killed and 43 injured when several buses crashed on a German motorway near the eastern city of Dresden.

World | July 19, 2014, Saturday // 15:38 | Viewed: 601

18 Migrants Die of Suffocation Aboard African Boat to Italy

18 migrants have died, reportedly by suffocating, aboard a crowded boat travelling from North Africa to Italy carrying hundreds asylum-seekers on Saturday.

World | July 19, 2014, Saturday // 14:41 | Viewed: 563

US, EU Discuss New Sanctions Against Russia

US President Barack Obama has discussed new sanctions against Russia in a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

World | July 19, 2014, Saturday // 14:25 | Viewed: 1249