Merkel 'Proposed NATO Membership to Japan'

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly told Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe last year that his country could joint NATO counting on her support.

World | May 2, 2016, Monday // 14:15 | Viewed: 926

Die Welt: Six EU States Urge Extension of Schengen Internal Border Controls  

Austria, Belgium, Denmark France, Germany and Sweden have proposed to the European Commission to extend temporary controls at the internal borders of the Schengen Area to tackle migration flows more efficiently, Die Welt reported on Saturday.

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Roaming Charges in EU Fall as of Saturday

Roaming charges in the EU for making calls, sending SMS or surfing online fall on Saturday as a prelude to their abolition from the middle of next year.

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Helicopter with Thirteen People on Board Crashes off Norway

A helicopter carrying eleven passengers and two crew members crashed off the western coast of Norway on Friday.

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Austria Adopts New Tougher Asylum Law

Austria will be able to declare a state of emergency, if migrant arrivals suddenly rise, and reject most asylum-seekers directly at the border under a new bill adopted on Wednesday, newswires reported.

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Suicide Bombing in Turkey’s Bursa Injures at least 13 People

At least 13 people were injured when a female suicide bomber blew herself up near the Grand Mosque in Bursa, in northwestern Turkey, local media reported on Wednesday.

World » Southeast Europe | April 27, 2016, Wednesday // 21:15 | Viewed: 1620

Spain to Hold Early Election in June amid Political Deadlock

Spanish King Felipe VI has announced no new candidate will be put forward as Prime Minister, paving the way for early elections.

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Almost 182,000 Migrants Enter Europe by Sea since Start of 2016

An estimated 181,476 migrants and refugees have entered Europe this year, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported on April 26.

World | April 26, 2016, Tuesday // 16:11 | Viewed: 1734

Bulgaria President Dismisses Attacks over Joint Brigade with Ukraine

Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev has not made any official steps on behalf of Bulgaria set up a joint army brigade with Ukraine and Romania, his press office has indicated, according to the Bulgarian News Agency (BTA).

World » Ukraine | April 26, 2016, Tuesday // 07:36 | Viewed: 2316

Austria Re-introduces Checks on Border with Hungary

Austria has re-introduced checks on its border with Hungary to curb the flow of irregular migrants, AP reported on Monday.

World » EU | April 25, 2016, Monday // 20:05 | Viewed: 2058

Preliminary Results Show Serbia's Incumbent PM Winning About Half of Votes

According to the latest preliminary results, the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) of Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic won about half of the votes in the early parliamentary elections held on Sunday.

World » Southeast Europe | April 25, 2016, Monday // 09:02 | Viewed: 1739

Serbia Holds Early General Elections

Early parliamentary elections along with elections for the assembly of the autonomous province of Vojvodina and for most local assemblies are taking place in Serbia on Sunday.

World » Southeast Europe | April 24, 2016, Sunday // 12:14 | Viewed: 1721

Ukraine Deputy PM Praises Joint Army Brigade Proposal with Bulgaria, Romania

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko has said the idea to set up a joint army brigade with Bulgarian and Romanian forces sa "very timely and right.

World » Ukraine | April 23, 2016, Saturday // 14:41 | Viewed: 2499

Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Albania to Cooperate in Tackling Migrant Crisis

During their meeting held in Thessaloniki on Thursday and Friday, the interior and foreign ministers of Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia and Albania agreed that the countries from southeastern Europe will seek common decisions for tackling the migrant crisis.

World » Southeast Europe | April 22, 2016, Friday // 19:37 | Viewed: 2993

Migrant Pressure on Bulgarian-Turkish Border Has Decreased by Nearly 50 %

The pressure exerted by migrants on the Bulgarian-Turkish border has decreased by almost 50 % in the past months compared to the same period last year.

World » Southeast Europe | April 22, 2016, Friday // 17:43 | Viewed: 1781

EU-Mediated Macedonia Crisis Talks in Vienna Cancelled

The EU-mediated meeting of Macedonian political leaders for resolving the country’s political crisis has been cancelled after the main opposition Social Democrats declined to attend, the EU mediators have said.

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Ukraine Will Not Buy Russian Gas, Coal - PM

Ukraine's new Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman has said his country will neither hold negotiations nor purchase fuels from Russia.

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Tensions in Macedonia Continue to Run High as Vienna Meeting Approaches

Tensions in Macedonia continue to run high as protests took place in Skopje for the eighth consecutive day on Wednesday.

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Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Macedonia to Discuss Migrant Crisis

Interior and foreign ministers of Bulgaria, Greece, Albania and Macedonia are to meet in Thessaloniki on Thursday and Friday to discuss possible measures to control the migrant inflow into Europe.

World » Southeast Europe | April 21, 2016, Thursday // 08:44 | Viewed: 3249

Bulgarian Truck Drivers to Block Border with Greece Before Easter

Bulgarian road haulage companies are to seal off all checkpoints along the border with Greece, a trade union has said.

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European Commission Proposes to Drop Visas for Ukraine Citizens

The European Commission proposed on Wednesday to lift visa requirements for the citizens of Ukraine for travel to the Schengen area.

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