Avalanche Hits Bulgaria's Pirin Mountain Slopes

A huge avalanche has fallen over the right slope of the Pirin mountain near the Baderitsa hut.

Society » Incidents | March 11, 2015, Wednesday // 13:53 | Viewed: 1249

Weather Conditions in Bulgaria Remain Harsh

The regions of Smolyan and Kardzhali, as well as the municipalities of Ivaylovgrad Laki, Batak, Sarnitsa, Velingrad, Haskovo and Galabovo remain in a state of emergency over the heavy rains and snowstorms in Bulgaria.

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Parliament Committee Approves Glinka Komitov as New Head of State Health Insurance Fund

The Healthcare Commission in Bulgaria’s Parliament has approved the nomination of Glinka Komitov for new Chairman of the state-run National Health Insurance Fund NZOK.

Society » Health | March 10, 2015, Tuesday // 17:58 | Viewed: 897

Director of Bulgarian Road Infrastructure Agency in Kardzhali Fired

The direction of the state agency to the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works in Kardzhali has a new director starting Tuesday.

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Bulgaria Marks 72 Years from Rescue of Its Jews

Bulgarian authorities are commemorating on Tuesday the 72nd anniversary of Sofia's move to save thousands of Jews living on its territory from deportation during World War Two.

Society | March 10, 2015, Tuesday // 10:04 | Viewed: 1273

Five Bulgarian Municipalities Remain in State of Emergency after Snowstorms

Hundreds of towns in southern Bulgaria remain without elеctricity supplies and with severe problems in the road infrastructure after the prolific snowfalls.

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Two Bulgarians Fall Victim to Bad Weather Conditions

Two Bulgarians fell victims to the bad weather conditions in different parts of the country on Monday.

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Horses Rage in the Center of Bulgaria's Kazanlak

Kazanlak managed to get away with a possible tragedy as furious horses raided the streets of the town of Kazanlak, located at the foot of the Balkan mountain range.

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Four More Bulgarian Municipalities Issue State of Emergency

The municipalities of Galabovo, Batak, Mineralni Bani and Yakoruda have issued a state of emergency Monday.

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First Journey Around the World for Innovative Aircraft Solar Impulse 2

The first official flight of the solar-powered aircraft was launched with the plane taking off from the Al Bateen Executive Airport in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Sunday morning.

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Bulgarian Actor Julian Kostov to Join Morgan Freeman in Ben-Hur Remake

Bulgarian actor Julian Kostov, who lives and works in London will participate in a modern re-make of the classic Biblical epic Ben-Hur.

Society » Culture | March 9, 2015, Monday // 11:50 | Viewed: 1249

Bulgaria's Snowstorms Leave Regions Isolated and Without Electricity

Monday is the third consecutive day with continuing state of emergency in Bulgaria after the prolific snowfalls.

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Heavy Snowfall Blocks Roads, Cuts power in Southern Bulgaria

Power supply to more than 800 locations in southern Bulgaria has been disrupted as of Sunday evening due to heavy snowfall now in its third day.

Society » Environment | March 8, 2015, Sunday // 21:51 | Viewed: 2220

Avalanche Kills Three in Bulgaria's Pirin Mountain

Three snowboarders have died in an avalanche in the Prin mountain above the town of Razlog, in southwestern Bulgaria, 24 Chasa daily reported on Sunday.

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Avalanche Hits Two Skiers Near Bulgaria's Bansko

Two skiers have been hit by an avalanche in Bulgaria's Pirin mountain, 24 Chasa daily reported on Sunday.

Society » Incidents | March 8, 2015, Sunday // 16:02 | Viewed: 2293

Snowstorms Claim Man's Life in Bosnia

Heavy snow which has left parts of Southeast Europe paralyzed took on Friday the life of a 53-year-old man buried by a landslide in the central part of the country.

Society » Environment | March 7, 2015, Saturday // 14:17 | Viewed: 1271

Za Zemiata's DIY Contest Awards 19 Green Ideas with Micro Finance

A total of nineteen project applications have been approved for funding in the Do-It-Yourself Contest 2015 organized by Za Zemiata, a non-profit environmental organization.

Society » Environment | March 7, 2015, Saturday // 13:39 | Viewed: 1649

DPS Van Set on Fire in Bulgaria's Sofia

A van owned by the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), a liberal party mostly representing the ethnic Turkish minority, was set ablaze in the small hours of Saturday in Bulgaria's capital.

Society » Incidents | March 7, 2015, Saturday // 11:11 | Viewed: 1274

Emergency in Bulgaria's South as Snow Cuts Power, Sticks on Roads

A state of emergency has been declared due to the heavy snowfall in the municipality of Rudozem, in Smolyan region in Bulgaria's south.

Society » Environment | March 7, 2015, Saturday // 10:36 | Viewed: 2494

Bulgaria's Justice Minister Demands Dismissal of Suspended Sofia City Court Head

Justice Minister Hristo Ivanov stated Friday that he demands that the temporarily suspended Chair of the Sofia City Court, Vladimira Yaneva be officially fired.

Society | March 6, 2015, Friday // 13:25 | Viewed: 904

Harrison Ford Suffers Injury after Plane Crash with Vintage Vehicle

The 72-year old actor was piloting the single-engine aircraft Thursday. The vehicle made a crash landing at a golf course in California.

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