Roma Person Attacks Emergency Medic in Pernik

A Roma person beat an emergency medic in Pernik, demanding that he revives his already deceased wife, reports the Club Z website, quoting the police.

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1.5 Million Bulgarians To Spend Holidays on Less than BGN 10 Per Day

One and a half million Bulgarians will have less than BGN 9.

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Temperatures in Bulgaria Reach Unexpectedly High Levels

The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) measured 19 temperature records in Bulgaria on Tuesday.

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NZOK Refuses to Sign Framework Contract, Doctors Demand Resignation

The chairperson of the National Health Insurance Fund (NZOK) Rumyana Todorova announced on Tuesday that no National Framework Contract will be signed for 2015.

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Great Travel for Holiday Period Begins, Traffic Jams Expected

The great travel during which 700 000 Bulgarians will head to different destinations in Bulgaria and abroad in view of the forthcoming Christmas holidays starts from Tuesday.

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Maria, George Are Most Common Names Among Bulgarians – NSI

The National Statistical Institute (NSI) released its preliminary data on the state of Bulgarian names on Tuesday.

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Petko Sertov Is in Greece, IntMin Calls on Him to Present His Identity Card

Bulgaria's Interior Ministry has been provided with reliable evidences from its Greek colleagues that the former chief of the State Agency for National Security (DANS) Petko Sertov is in Greece.

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French Author Suggests US Military Shot Down MH370 Flight

A former airline CEO and writer has said the US Air Force downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 because the military feared it was about to be used in a 9/11-style attack, international media outlets have reported.

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Joe Cocker Dies at 70

English rock and blues singer Joe Cocker died of lung cancer at the age of 70 on Monday in Crawford, Colorado.

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Stem Cell Transplantation Centre Opens in Varna

A new stem cell transplantation centre opened on Monday in the St.

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Meteorologists Warn Of Heavy Snowfall Before New Year

Unlike Christmas, when the weather in Bulgaria will be warm and sunny, on December 29, the winter will remind of itself, according to Petar Yankov of TV-MET.

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Additional Train, Bus Services Provided over Chrismas Holidays

The Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ) have provided additional carriages for 127 trains on the main routes in the country in view of the forthcoming Christmas holidays.

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Immigrants Storming Turkey-Bulgaria Border Forces Checkpoint Closure

As many as 120 Iraqi asylum seekers stormed a Turkish border crossing into Bulgaria, prompting authorities to close it for two hours on Sunday evening.

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Anti-Discrimination Protest to Be Held in Sofia over 'Racist Remarks' of Gov't

A demonstration targeting discrimination and racism is to be staged in Bulgaria's capital Sofia on Sunday afternoon.

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Cyprus Returns Smuggled Jewellery Items to Bulgaria

Cyprus has returned to Bulgaria three ancient pieces of jewellery, part of Bulgaria`s cultural heritage.

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Maglizh Ammo Plant Blast Caused by Breakdown - Interior Ministry

Bulgarian officials have attributed Friday's accident at the Maglizh ammo factory to a breakdown, but have failed to make clear if it was human-made.

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Bulgarian Ammo Plant Blast Leaves 1 Dead, 3 Wounded, Officials Confirm

The Interior Ministry officially confirmed on Friday that the blast at a Bulgarian ammo factory had claimed one life and had left three wounded.

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Bulgarian MPs Pass BGN 3 B Healthcare Budget

Lawmakers approved on Friday the expenditure of Bulgaria's national health fund for next year.

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Protesters Demand Resignation of Bulgaria's Finance Minister

A group of protesters gathered at an improvised rally in front of the National Assembly in Sofia, demanding the resignation of Bulgaria's Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov.

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Man Presumed Dead After Blast at Bulgarian Hunting Ammo Factory

One man was presumed dead and two women were severely injured by a blast at a Bulgarian fireworks and hunting ammunition factory on Friday.

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Woman Finds Hand Grenade In Sofia

A woman found a hand grenade in a house in Sofia's Strelbishte residential district, reports the Interior Ministry.

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