Four Die after Drinking Fake Alcohol in Southern Bulgaria

Four young men have died and other two are in critical conditions after drinking counterfeit alcohol during celebrations, media outlets report.

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Bulgarian Village Celebrates Feast Day by Unveiling Chapel Dedicated to St. Stephen

The inhabitants of the Bulgarian village of Momchilovtsi in the Rhodope mountains celebrated the feast day of Saint Stephen on Sunday by unveiling a chapel dedicated to the first Christian martyr.

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Bulgaria Commemorates Servicemen Killed in 2003 Attack on Karbala Military Base

Bulgaria commemorates on Sunday the five Bulgarian servicemen, who were killed in a suicide attack targeting their military base in the Iraqi city of Karbala on 27 December 2003.

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Bulgarian Christmas Charity Fundraises BGN 1.8 M in First Month

The thirteenth edition of the annual charity campaign “The Bulgarian Christmas” has fundraised nearly BGN 1.

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Blast at Nigeria Gas Plant Kills More than 100

More than 100 people are believed to have been killed by an explosion of gas tanker truck at an  industrial gas plant in south-eastern Nigeria on Thursday night.

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Rise in Bulgarian Vignette Stickers’ Price Challenged in Court

A decision of Bulgaria’s government to increase the prices of vignette stickers for motor vehicles from the start of 2016 has been challenged in court, Nova TV reported on Wednesday.

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Museum Exhibits Replica of Crown Worn by Medieval Bulgarian Rulers

A replica of the crown, which was supposedly worn by medieval Bulgarian rulers, was presented in the National History Museum (NIM) in Sofia on Tuesday.

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Archaeologists Explore Bulgaria's Submerged Cultural Heritage in Black Sea

The Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project (Black Sea M.

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Rescuers Save Three Tourists Injured in Descent of Bulgaria's Pirin Mountain

The three tourists, who had been lightly injured during their descent of Vihren peak in Bulgaria's Pirin mountain on Tuesday, were rescued in the early hours on Wednesday.

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Christmas Farmers Market in Sofia Offering Bulgarian Products on Sunday

A farmers market is open in Bulgaria's capital Sofia on Sunday, bringing together 50 producers from across the country, officials have said.

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Number of Babies Born in Bulgaria Decreases by 10 000 in 2015

From the beginning of the year until December 17, a total of 57 732 babies were born in Bulgaria, which represents a decrease of nearly 10 000 compared to the same period in 2014.

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Antonio Banderas Performs Traditional Bulgarian Dance in Sofia

Hollywood star Antonio Banderas performed the traditional Bulgarian dance horo together with Bulgarian Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova.

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Specialists from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein to Explore Bulgaria's Perperikon

Specialists from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein will familiarise themselves with the history of the ancient Thracian city of Perperikon near the Bulgarian town of Kardzhali.

Society » Archaeology | December 18, 2015, Friday // 14:15 | Viewed: 3831

Bulgaria's Ruse Hosts Second Edition of Ice Sculptures Festival

The Bulgaria city of Ruse hosts a festival of ice sculptures on Svoboda (Liberty) square between December 14 and 22.

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Bulgarian MPs Adopt National Health Strategy 2014-2020

The Bulgarian parliament adopted on Thursday the national health strategy 2014-2020.

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Balkan Christmas Festival Takes Place in Downtown Sofia on December 17-23

The Balkan Christmas festival Sofia Mezi will take place in the centre of the Bulgarian capital between December 17 and 23.

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Bulgarian Parliament to Vote on National Health Strategy

The Bulgarian parliament is to vote on Thursday on the national health strategy (2014-2020).

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Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Presents New Nanotechnology Equipment

The Institute of Solid State Physics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (ISSP-BAS) held a workshop on “Nanotechnology and nanomaterials: new equipment in the ISSP-BAS” with representatives of leading companies in the nanotechnology field in Bulgaria at

Society | December 16, 2015, Wednesday // 14:51 | Viewed: 1864

30 000 New Software Specialists to be Trained in Bulgaria Until 2030

The Bulgarian government adopted on Wednesday a concept on encouraging the training of software specialists, which foresees creating conditions for the training of an additional 30 000 experts in the next fifteen years.

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Three Separate Protests Held in Sofia

A rally over Parliament's decision to reject part of a proposed judicial reform and two other protests were held in Bulgaria's capital Sofia on Tuesday evening.

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Shooting of Movie Based on Milen Ruskov's 'Summit' to Begin in January

The shooting of Vazvishenie ("Summit"), a movie based on the award-winning book of Bulgarian writer Milen Ruskov, is to start in January, production crew have said.

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