Bulgaria Extends Public Debate on Controversial Changes to Tourism Act until March 28

Discussion of draft changes to the Tourism Act will be extended by two weeks to March 28 due to increased public interest, the Bulgarian Tourism Ministry has announced.

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Police Detain Suspected Author of False Bomb Threat to Sofia Airport

Bulgarian police have detained a man suspected of making a false bomb threat that had led to extra security measures at Sofia International Airport on Wednesday night, the Ministry of the Interior said on Saturday.

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Bulgaria MoD to Raise Donations to Restore Aviation Museum after Fire

Bulgaria’s Defence Staff has launched a donation campaign to restore airplanes damaged by fire at the Aviation Museum in Krumovo, near Plovdiv.

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Culture Ministry, Plovdiv Officials in Dispute over Demolished Warehouse

Bulgaria's Culture Ministry said on Friday it had warned local authorities in Plovdiv against the demolition or other actions affecting an old tobacco warehouse, which was bulldozed last weekend, prompting public outcry.

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Ban on Beach Camping 'Unconstitutional', Bulgaria President Says

Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev will refer a ban on beach camping adopted by MPs to the constitutional court, his press office has said.

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US Director Ted Kotcheff to Work on Film about Bulgaria's King Boris III

US film director Ted Kotcheff, who is on a visit to Bulgaria for Sofia Film Fest events, on Friday said he would start work on a movie dedicated to the fate of Bulgarian King Boris III (1918-1943).

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Three Die in Fire In Central Sofia

Two women and a child have died in a fire that broke out in a building in central Sofia, Bulgaria, authorities say.

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Bulgarian Pop Folk Singer Makes It Into NYTimes' Music Shortlist

A song by Bulgarian pop folk singer Azis has entered a list of 25 songs that, according to the New York Times, are showing trends and directions in music.

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Another Cultural Heritage Building Demolished in Bulgaria

A building declared part of Bulgaria's cultural heritage was razed in the town of Harmanli in February, officials have said.

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Probe Launched into Demolition of Plovdiv's Tobacco Warehouse

Pretrial proceedings have been launched into the demolition of an old building in Plovdiv, Bulgaria's second-largest city, the prosecution has said.

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20th Edition of Sofia International Film Festival Begins on Thursday

The 20th edition of Sofia International Film Festival begins on Thursday with the screening of the new Bulgarian movie “The prosecutor, the defender, the father and his son” in hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture (NDK) in Sofia.

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Sofia Airport Restores Normal Operation After False Bomb Threat

The airport in the Bulgarian capital has restored its normal operation shortly after midnight on Thursday after a false bomb threat led to extra security measures being enforced on Wednesday evening.

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Bulgaria's Constitutional Court Revokes Key Healthcare Reforms

The Bulgarian Constitutional Court revoked on Tuesday key parts of the package of healthcare reforms which had been proposed by Health Minister Petar Moskov.

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Parts of Sofia's Bulgaria Blvd Closed over Subway Construction

Both the right lane and the local lane of a section of Bulgaria Blvd in Sofia will remain closed for the next two years, in the direction leading out of the capital.

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Bulgarian Media Regulator to Consider Chairman’s Resignation Next Week

Bulgaria’s broadcast media regulator CEM has delayed until next week its meeting on the resignation request submitted by its chairman Georgi Lozanov, Nova TV station reported on Tuesday.

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Bulgarian Culture Minister Calls for Restoring Demolished Tobacco Warehouse in Plovdiv

Bulgarian Culture Minister Vezhdi Rashidov called on Tuesday for restoring the demolished tobacco warehouse in the city of Plovdiv to its original look.

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Tensions in Plovdiv over Bulldozing of Cultural Heritage Building

The demolition of an old building once used to store tobacco in Plovdiv, Bulgaria's second-largest city, has topped the domestic news agenda for several days.

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New Protest Against Ban on Beach Camping Takes Place in Downtown Sofia

A new protest against the recent ban on beach camping took place in the centre of the Bulgarian capital on Monday evening.

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Bulgaria Media Watchdog to Decide on Chairman's Resignation

The Council for Electronic Media, which regulates TV and radio stations in Bulgaria, will consider the resignation submitted by its head Georgi Lozanov in February.

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Traffic Resumes on Section of Line 2 of Sofia Metro after Incident

Traffic has resumed between Beli Dunav and Maria Luiza stations of the Sofia underground railway, the city hall said on Monday.

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Human Chain Stops Demolition of Former Tobacco Warehouse in Bulgaria's Plovdiv

A human chain of around fifty people stopped the demolition of one of the buildings of the former tobacco warehouses in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv on Monday.

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