Up to 4% Price Hike of Over-the-counter Drugs Expected in Bulgaria

A price hike of up to 4% of over-the-counter drugs is expected, according to professor Ilko Getov, President of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union.

Society » Health | October 4, 2014, Saturday // 16:06 | Viewed: 1156

Man Dies After Being Hit by Train Near Bulgaria's Svoge

A man has been hit by a fast train near Bulgaria's town of Svoge, Saturday.

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Bulgaria Among Countries with Lowest Flu Vaccination Coverage

Bulgaria ranks last among European countries in terms of the implementation of preventive measures against the flu, especially the use of the seasonal flu vaccine.

Society » Health | October 4, 2014, Saturday // 14:33 | Viewed: 1377

Investigators Suspect Human Error Led To Blast at Explosives Plant

Investigators suspect a gross human error had caused the blast at the explosives plant in Gorni Lom, in Vidin region, prosecuting authorities have said.

Society » Incidents | October 3, 2014, Friday // 21:39 | Viewed: 1576

Valuable 10th Century Lead Seal Found in Bulgaria's Kireka

Archaeologists have found a 10th century lead seal belonging to a Byzantine ostiary - dignitary close to the emperor, in a medieval monastery complex in Bulgaria's Kireka area.

Society » Archaeology | October 3, 2014, Friday // 17:20 | Viewed: 1512

Bulgaria's Plovdiv to Allocate BGN 4.5M for New Zoo Construction

The new zoo in Bulgaria's Plovdiv located near the city Rowing Channel will cost BGN 4.5M, Bulgarian National Television (BNT) reports.

Society | October 3, 2014, Friday // 15:56 | Viewed: 1086

Bulgarian Animated Short Film Wins Prize In Hollywood

The Bulgarian animated short film “The Day Of The Bleeding Gums” won a prize for best animation and the Hollywood Weekly film festival in Los Angeles.

Society » Culture | October 3, 2014, Friday // 15:39 | Viewed: 1670

Whiskey Fest Sofia Starts In End October

The third edition of the Whiskey Fest Sofia starts on October 31 at the Sofia Event Center at the Paradise Mall shopping centre.

Society | October 3, 2014, Friday // 15:14 | Viewed: 2093

'Golden Rose' Film Festival Starts In Varna On Oct. 11

The 32-nd edition of the “Golden Rose” Bulgarian feature film festival starts in Varna on October 11.

Society » Culture | October 3, 2014, Friday // 14:50 | Viewed: 1452

Bulgaria's Customs Officers Apprehend 54 Illegal Immigrants at Danube Bridge Checkpoint

Bulgaria's customs officers have apprehended 54 unidentified individuals – reportedly illegal immigrants – at checkpoint Danube Bridge, reports Nova TV.

Society » Incidents | October 3, 2014, Friday // 14:35 | Viewed: 1059

Georgia's Sukhishvili National Ballet To Tour Bulgaria

The Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili will tour five Bulgarian cities in end of October.

Society » Culture | October 3, 2014, Friday // 14:25 | Viewed: 1628

Explosives Plant Should Keep Functioning, Locals Are Desperate for Work – Mayor of Bulgaria’s Gorni Lom

Iliyan Mihaylov, Mayor of the northwestern village of Gorni Lom, which was stricken by a deadly explosion at a privately-owned explosives plant, insisted that the factory had to keep functioning due to the staggering unemployment in the area.

Society | October 3, 2014, Friday // 13:17 | Viewed: 1132

One Architecture Week To Take Place In Plovdiv

The annual international festival for architecture One Architecture Week will take place in Plovdiv in October 10-19.

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Babyface Clan To Perform Entire 'Romantica' Album

The cult Bulgarian band Babyface Clan will perform their entire “Romantica” album on October 10 at the small stage of Sofia's Mixtape 5 club.

Society » Culture | October 3, 2014, Friday // 10:49 | Viewed: 1117

Midzhur Ammo Plant's Permit Scrapped Two Times - IntMin

Authorities have revoked two times the license of the ammunition factory where 15 people died after an explosion razed it to the ground, caretaker Interior Minister Yordan Bakalov revealed.

Society » Incidents | October 3, 2014, Friday // 09:43 | Viewed: 936

Investigators to Inspect Site of Ammo Plant Blast Friday

A 15-strong team from the National Investigative Service is to have access to the area where an explosion demolished an ammunition factory in Bulgaria's north-west, killing 15 people.

Society » Incidents | October 3, 2014, Friday // 07:57 | Viewed: 1102

Bulgaria's Security Agencies Investigate Immigrant Trafficking Scheme

Bulgaria's security agencies are investigating an scheme for trafficking of illegal immigrants from Turkey to Bulgaria, reports Sega daily.

Society | October 2, 2014, Thursday // 21:27 | Viewed: 1138

Construction Of Sofia's 3d Metro Line To Be Financed By EU Programme

The construction of the third metro line in Sofia will start with the stretch between Yanko Sakazov boulevard and Borovo district, said caretaker Transport Minister Nikolina Angelkova.

Society | October 2, 2014, Thursday // 17:24 | Viewed: 1033

Labor Inspectorate Found Out 143 Violations before Closing Down Ammo Plant

Bulgaria's General Labor Inspectorate has issued a decree to close the explosives plant Midzhur, hours after a blast in the factory razed it to the ground killing 15 employees.

Society » Incidents | October 2, 2014, Thursday // 16:41 | Viewed: 1293

President Plevneliev: 'Blatant Non-Observance of Rules' Caused Deaths

Innocent lives were lost due to a blatant non-compliance with prescriptions and rules established by state institutions on how to work with explosive materials, Bulgaria's President said Thursday.

Society » Incidents | October 2, 2014, Thursday // 15:34 | Viewed: 741

Fifteen Dead After Bulgarian Ammo Plant Explosion - Officials

The blast at the Midzhur explosives plant resulted in the deaths of 13 men and 2 women, Interior Ministry officials say.

Society » Incidents | October 2, 2014, Thursday // 13:53 | Viewed: 2546