Govt Employee Fired Following Drunk Driving, Car Crash

An employee of the Council of Ministers was fired Tuesday.

Society » Incidents | June 10, 2015, Wednesday // 10:19 | Viewed: 1653

Cars With Cameras To Assist Bulgarian Roadside Police

Hundreds of Bulgarian drivers will be joining the battle against violators of road traffic rules.

Society | June 9, 2015, Tuesday // 21:45 | Viewed: 4281

US Contractors Hurt in Anevo Incident Were Testing Arms for Syrian Opposition Army

The three US citizens injured near Bulgaria's Anevo were in fact sent on a mission to test weapons that would then be sold to the Syrian opposition, Reuters reported.

Society » Incidents | June 9, 2015, Tuesday // 20:01 | Viewed: 4745

Bulgarian, Mongolian Archaeologists Launch Excavation Works Near Perperikon

This year, the team of archaeology Prof.

Society » Culture | June 9, 2015, Tuesday // 18:29 | Viewed: 4487

European Royal Families Attend Memorial Service for Bulgaria's Last King Eldest Son

European royal families attended a memorial service in memory of Prince Kardam, the eldest son of Bulgaria's Last King and former Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

Society » Obituaries | June 9, 2015, Tuesday // 12:09 | Viewed: 5514

Renovation of Sofia's Ruski Pametnik Begins

Reconstruction of the rotary at the Ruski Pametnik square is scheduled to begin June 10.

Society | June 8, 2015, Monday // 07:59 | Viewed: 4333

One Still in Critical Condition after Grenade Launcher Accident at Shooting Range in Bulgaria

One of the four injured in Saturday’s grenade launcher accident at the shooting range in the village of Anevo remains in critical condition, according to doctors at the University Hospital "Sveti Georgi" in Plovdiv.

Society » Incidents | June 7, 2015, Sunday // 10:33 | Viewed: 2385

US Citizen Passed Away in Accident Near Bulgarian Military Polygon

A US citizen has passed away after the explosion at the military polygon Anevo, as reported by BGNES.

Society » Incidents | June 6, 2015, Saturday // 15:24 | Viewed: 3209

Blast Injures People Near Military Polygon in Bulgaria

One person passed away and four others were severely injured during a blast at the military polygon Anevo, as reported by BGNES.

Society » Incidents | June 6, 2015, Saturday // 12:33 | Viewed: 2990

Former Iraqi Deputy PM Tariq Aziz Dies

Tariq Aziz, Iraq's former deputy prime minister and foreign minister, died Friday after suffering a heart attack.

Society » Obituaries | June 5, 2015, Friday // 19:10 | Viewed: 1754

Maritsa Motorway Section Svilengrad - Kapitan Andreevo Opens for Traffic June 7

On June 7, an 8.

Society | June 5, 2015, Friday // 16:20 | Viewed: 2593

Bulgarian Village Boasts Impressive Living Conditions

Residents of the Bulgarian village of Chavdar are extremely proud of its new modern vision.

Society | June 5, 2015, Friday // 13:43 | Viewed: 3638

Turkish Airlines Plane Resumes Istanbul-Prague Flight After Emergency Landing in Sofia 

The Turkish Airlines plane, which made an emergency landing at Sofia Airport on Wednesday afternoon, has taken off, BGNES reported.

Society » Incidents | June 3, 2015, Wednesday // 21:02 | Viewed: 2389

Turkish Airlines Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Sofia

A Turkish Airlines plane has made an emergency landing at Sofia Airport on Wednesday but there were no injuries, BGNES news outlet reported.

Society » Incidents | June 3, 2015, Wednesday // 20:36 | Viewed: 1680

Monument of Medieval Bulgarian Tzar Samuil Opening in Downtown Sofia

A monument in honor of the Bulgarian Medieval Tzar Samuil will be opened in the very heart of Sofia - near Saint Sofia basilica, approximately 50 meters away from the Saint Alexandar Nevsky monument.

Society » Culture | June 3, 2015, Wednesday // 13:54 | Viewed: 2052

Bulgarian Actress Stoyanka Mutafova Honored by Lady Diana Foundation

Stoyanka Mutafova is the first Bulgarian actress to receive a honorable mention certificate from the Diana Memorial Fund.

Society » Culture | June 3, 2015, Wednesday // 10:33 | Viewed: 1484

Mentally Ill Patient Commits Suicide in Teteven Hospital

A mentally ill patient has jumped off the last floor o the Teteven hospital Wednesday morning.

Society » Incidents | June 3, 2015, Wednesday // 08:34 | Viewed: 1303

Sofia Citizens Leave Cars to Ride Subway amidst Street Repairs

The extreme renovation works taking place all over the infrastructure network in Sofia made thousands of people use public transportation.

Society | June 3, 2015, Wednesday // 08:02 | Viewed: 1773

Candidate PM in Denmark Appears Half-Naked in Public Posters

One of the candidates in the election campaign for a new Prime Minister of Denmark, John Erik Wagner has appeared half naked in his agitation posters.

Society | June 2, 2015, Tuesday // 16:01 | Viewed: 2151

Tensions Heighten in Bulgaria's Garmen amid Protest over Roma Buildings

Tensions are mounting in the village of Garmen, southwestern Bulgaria, as a protest of locals against illegal Roma buildings is entering into its third hour.

Society | June 2, 2015, Tuesday // 14:13 | Viewed: 2407

World Bank Supported IT Hackathon to Take Place in Sofia

The World Bank is organizing a competition for young programmers in the form of a hackathon to be held in Sofia.

Society » Education | June 2, 2015, Tuesday // 14:07 | Viewed: 1383