Most Bulgarians Oppose Return of Death Penalty - Poll

Forty-seven percent of Bulgarian citizens oppose a hypothetical re-introduction of the death penalty in the country, while 33% support it, according to a new survey conducted by Gallup International.

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Bulgaria Says Turkish Driver Sought over Motorbikers’ Deaths Is Most Likely in Germany

A Turkish citizen sought by Bulgaria to stand trial over the death of two motorbikers is most likely in Germany, a senior Bulgarian official has said.

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Bikers Protest across Bulgaria over Court 'Mishandling' of Death Case

Hundreds of motorbikers have taken to the streets of numerous Bulgarian cities to protest over the developments in the death of a couple in an road incident with a Turkish national.

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Wildfire Danger Extends to 16 Bulgarian Regions on Thursday

Bulgaria's weather service has issued a Red Index warning in sixteen out of twenty-eight regions of the country for Thursday, August 11.

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Heavy Rain, Thunderstorms to Hit Bulgaria on Thursday, Friday

A wave of cooler air will reach northwestern Bulgaria on Thursday afternoon, bringing  thunderstorms and torrential rain, bTV has reported.

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Bulgaria Adopts Norms for Integration Agreements with Foreign Nationals

The Bulgarian government has agreed the procedures for the signing, enforcement and suspension of an Integration Agreement between authorities and foreign nationals who were granted asylum or international protection.

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Half of Bulgaria Under Highest Fire Danger Alert on Tuesday

A Red Index warning has been issued by the national weather service of Bulgaria in 15 of the country's 28 regions for Tuesday, August 09.

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250 Fires Raged across Bulgaria in Past 24 Hours

As many as 248 cases of wildfires have been extinguished throughout the country since Saturday, the Interior Ministry says.

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Armed Man Surrenders after Barricading Himself in Germany's Saarbrücken

Police entered the restaurant where an armed man had barricaded himself in Saarbrücken, Germany, national media report.

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Risk of Fire Remains High in Eastern Bulgaria on Sunday

Bulgarian authorities have issued the highest alert for possible wildfires on Sunday.

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Hot Weather Expected in Bulgaria on Sunday

Weather is expected to be sunny in Bulgaria on Sunday, with maximum air temperature forecast in a range from 31 to 36 degrees Celsius.

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Blaze in Bar Kills 13 in Rouen, France

At least 13 people were killed and injuring six others were injured when a fire swept through a birthday party at a bar in the Normandy city of Rouen on Friday night, the French authorities said.

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Wildfire Contained in Bulgaria’s Svilengrad Municipality

A wildfire near Lisovo village, in Svilengrad municipality bordering Turkey, has been contained, the Executive Forests Agency with the Agriculture Ministry announced on Friday.

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Bulgaria to Have Sunny Summer Day on Friday

The weather will be mostly sunny and dry in Bulgaria on Friday, with mild to moderate eastern winds along the Black Sea coast.

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Bulgaria Wins Praise for Achievements in Fighting HIV/AIDS

Bulgaria has achieved impressive results in the fight against HIV/AIDS, according to Sandra Irbe, Portfolio Manager for Bulgaria at the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Bulgarian public radio broadcaster BNR reported on Thursday.

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Wildfire Rages on 50 Ha in Bulgaria’s Svilengrad Municipality

A wildfire spread over an area of more than 50 hectares near Lisovo village, in Svilengrad municipality bordering Turkey, the government’s Executive Forests Agency announced on Thursday.

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Nearly Third of Bulgarians Aged 25-54 Attained Higher Education - Eurostat

Some 31.

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Fire Near Bulgaria's Topolovgrad Contained

The blaze that broke out in the area of Topolovgrad municipality in Southern Bulgaria has been largely contained, private bTV station reports.

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Large Wildfire Raging Near S Bulgaria's Topolovgrad

Authorities are fighting a fire that extends over 5 km into the area of three villages near the town of Topolovgrad, Southern Bulgaria, local officials say.

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Forest Fire Breaks out in Harmanli Municipality, in Southern Bulgaria

A wildfire engulfed 30 hectares of forest near Cherna Mogila village in Harmanli Municipality, in southern Bulgaria, the authorities in Haskovo Region said on Wednesday.

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Emirates Flight from India Crash-lands in Dubai, All People on Board Safe

An Emirates flight from the Indian city of Trivandrum crash-landed at Dubai International Airport, the airline annouinced on Wednesday.

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