Bulgaria's MPs, Ministers Get Pay Rise

The recently elected Bulgarian MPs and ministers are getting a pay rise, shows data of the National Statistic Institute on the average salary in Bulgaria.

Society | November 11, 2014, Tuesday // 13:46 | Viewed: 1301

Photo Exhibition Shows Abandoned Places In Bulgaria

The photo exhibition “The Abandoned Bulgaria” shows 30 deserted places in the country.

Society » Culture | November 11, 2014, Tuesday // 13:03 | Viewed: 2827

Saint Petersburg State Ballet On Ice To Tour Bulgaria

The famous Russian Saint-Petersburg State Ballet on ice will perform in four Bulgarian cities in November.

Society » Culture | November 11, 2014, Tuesday // 11:28 | Viewed: 1835

Bulgarians Had Only Four Occasions For Hope Since 1996 – Survey

Bulgarians had only four occasions for optimism since the darkest moments of the transition, shows a survey of the Gallup International agency, presented on the occasion of the 25-th anniversary of the fall of Todor Zhivkov from power.

Society | November 10, 2014, Monday // 17:35 | Viewed: 1222

“Night Of The Theatres” On Nov. 15 In 11 Bulgarian Cities

The second Bulgarian edition of the Night Of The Theatres will take place in 11 cities on November 15.

Society » Culture | November 10, 2014, Monday // 16:06 | Viewed: 1209

Sofia Hosts 7th International Triennial of Graphic Arts

The Seventh International Triennial of Graphic Arts “Sofia 2014” opens at 6 pm on Monday in the exhibition halls of the gallery of the Union of Bulgarian Artists (UBA), located on 6 Shipka Street.

Society » Culture | November 10, 2014, Monday // 15:57 | Viewed: 1307

28-th Edition Of Kinomania Film Festival Starts In Sofia, Varna

The 28-th edition of Bulgaria's Kinomania film festival starts on November 13 in Sofia with a screening of the Bulgarian film “The Sinking Of Sozopol” (Potuvaneto na Sozopol).

Society » Culture | November 10, 2014, Monday // 15:45 | Viewed: 1378

Tram, Bus Collide in Downtown Sofia

A collision of tram # 10 and bus #72 occurred Monday morning at the intersection of the Evlogi Georgiev Boulevard and Graf Ignatiev Street in downtown Sofia.

Society | November 10, 2014, Monday // 11:44 | Viewed: 1198

Sofia Self-Immolator Lidiya Petrova Dies in Hospital

The woman who set herself ablaze in front of Bulgaria's presidency last week has died, doctors say.

Society » Incidents | November 10, 2014, Monday // 10:59 | Viewed: 1269

Bulgaria’s New Health Minister Pledges Electronic Services by end-2015

Petar Moskov, Bulgaria’s new Health Minister, has vowed to make everything possible to make sure that Bulgarians have electronic medical records, electronic health insurance account, and electronic prescription forms by end-2015.

Society » Health | November 10, 2014, Monday // 10:37 | Viewed: 990

94% of Bulgarians Aged 16-30 Admit They Know Nothing about Communist Era

25 years after the democratic turn in Bulgaria, the collective memory for the socialist period continues to fade away, according to a survey of polling agency Alpha Research.

Society | November 9, 2014, Sunday // 15:29 | Viewed: 1518

Bulgaria’s Environment Minister: Shale Gas Moratorium Will Remain in Place

Bulgaria’s new Environment Minister, Ivelina Vasileva, has vowed to keep the 2012 moratorium on the exploration and production of shale gas through hydraulic fracturing.

Society » Environment | November 9, 2014, Sunday // 12:34 | Viewed: 1279

German Activists to Stage Symbolic Demolition of Bulgaria-Turkey Border Fence

A group of German activists, who arrived Saturday in Bulgaria for a commemorative ceremony on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, are to stage a symbolic performance at the Lesovo border crossing point on Sunday.

Society | November 9, 2014, Sunday // 10:46 | Viewed: 1947

Code Red Issued over Rains in Regions near Bulgaria-Greece Border

Rains and high waters of rivers expected in the south of Bulgaria and the north of Greece have prompted the Environment Ministry in Sofia to issue a warning for Saturday.

Society » Environment | November 8, 2014, Saturday // 14:05 | Viewed: 1469

Bulgarian Orthodox Christians Celebrate Michaelmas

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors on Thursday Michaelmas, the feast of St Michael the Archangel, or the feast of Michael and All Angels.

Society » Culture | November 8, 2014, Saturday // 11:12 | Viewed: 1436

Truck Drivers Face Queues at Kapitan Andreevo, Lesovo Border Crossing Points

A 5km queue of TIR trucks has accumulated at the Kapitan Andreevo border crossing point, with twice as many TIR trucks waiting at the Lesovo border crossing point.

Society | November 7, 2014, Friday // 18:52 | Viewed: 1182

Flood Damage in Bulgaria’s Burgas Estimated at BGN 13 M

Burgas District Governor Pavel Marinov has informed that a total of over BGN 13 M is necessary to cover flood damage in the region.

Society » Environment | November 7, 2014, Friday // 16:20 | Viewed: 1087

'Freedom Run' To Mark Berlin Wall Fall In Sofia, Varna

The 25-th anniversary of the fall of the Beriln Wall on November 9 will be marked by a “Freedom Run” in Sofia and Varna, organised by the German embassy to Bulgaria.

Society | November 6, 2014, Thursday // 13:05 | Viewed: 1210

Archaeologists Uncover Veliki Preslav's Eastern Gate

The team of archaeologist Georgi Maystorski uncovered the eastern gate of Veliki Preslav - the second capital of the First Bulgarian Kingdom, reports the BTA wire service.

Society » Archaeology | November 5, 2014, Wednesday // 20:43 | Viewed: 4053

Half Of Bulgaria's Journalists Under Economic and Political Pressure – Survey

Every other journalist in Bulgaria is subjected to political and economic pressure, shows a survey of the “Reporter” and the “Konrad-Adenauer” foundations, quoted by the Union of Bulgarian Journalists.

Society | November 5, 2014, Wednesday // 19:54 | Viewed: 1312

20% Of BG Teenagers Believe Drinking Improves Driving Skills

Almost 20% of Bulgaria's teenagers between 16 and 18 years think that drinking alcoholic beverages improves one's driving skills, reports Mediapool.

Society | November 5, 2014, Wednesday // 18:43 | Viewed: 1279