Bulgaria Needs BGN 870 M for Reinforcing Landslide-Prone Areas

Bulgaria's Ministry of Regional Development estimated that BGN 870 M will be needed for reinforcing areas prone to landslides.

Society » Environment | February 13, 2015, Friday // 09:57 | Viewed: 1147

Sofia Mayor Refuses Permit for Torch-Lit Lukov March

Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova has refused to issue permission for the holding of a torchlight procession in honour of a Bulgarian army general known for his pro-Nazi and anti-Semitic activities during WWII.

Society | February 12, 2015, Thursday // 16:13 | Viewed: 973

Bulgarian Films Screened At Berlinale Film Festival

Nobody Wants the Night is a Spanish-French-Bulgarian co-production recently opened the 65th edition of the Berlinare Film Festival. But it was not the only Bulgarian co-production there.

Society » Culture | February 12, 2015, Thursday // 16:08 | Viewed: 1467

Road to Grammy Awards for Bulgaria's Professor Konstantinov

This is the incredible story of a Bulgarian, who fled prosecution, then emigrated to the US, became Vice President of Sony International and eventually ended up winning a Grammy award.

Society » Culture | February 12, 2015, Thursday // 14:32 | Viewed: 1692

Barge Carrying Fertilisers Sinks in Romanian Port on Danube River

A barge carrying 850 tonnes of fertilisers on board sank in the Romanian port of Moldova Veche on Wednesday, while conducting manoeuvres.

Society » Incidents | February 12, 2015, Thursday // 11:50 | Viewed: 1855

Landing Gear Glitch with Govt Plane Most Probably Caused by Electronic System Malfunction

Pencho Penchev, former director of Flight Crew 28, the operator of the government aircraft, commented Thursday that the electronic systems of the plane carrying Prime Minister Borisov had malfunctioned on Wednesday.

Society | February 12, 2015, Thursday // 10:34 | Viewed: 808

Bulgaria Drops to 106th in World Press Freedom Index

Bulgaria is situated right between Nepal and the Republic of Congo. Meanwhile, Greece, Kosovo and Albania score slightly higher, but are in the same group of countries with moderate freedom.

Society | February 12, 2015, Thursday // 10:27 | Viewed: 1352

Aircraft Malfunction Delays Bulgaria PM Borisov’s Departure to Brussels

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov will leave for Brussels on Wednesday night after a technical malfunction forced his plane to return to Sofia Airport in the evening, 24 Chasa daily reported.

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Bulgaria PM Borisov Safe as His Plane Returns to Sofia over Technical Glitch

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has returned safely to Sofia Airport on Wednesday evening after his aircraft developed a technical malfunction shortly after takeoff, 24 Chasa daily reported.

Society » Incidents | February 11, 2015, Wednesday // 21:09 | Viewed: 1306

New Boat Incident in Mediterranean Leaves 200 Migrants Dead

More than 200 migrants died after their boats sank as they were attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea from Libya to Italy.

Society » Incidents | February 11, 2015, Wednesday // 13:56 | Viewed: 754

60% of Calls to 112 Emergency Phone Number in 2014 Were Unjustified

Around 60% of the calls to the 112 emergency phone number in 2014 were unjustified, according to Stoyan Gramatikov, head of the National System 112 Directorate at the Interior Ministry.

Society » Health | February 11, 2015, Wednesday // 12:21 | Viewed: 795

Personalities in the News 2014 Poll Closes in 5 Days

Voting is nearing its end in the "Personalities in the News" 2014 poll, organized Bulgaria's largest English-language news website Novinite.

Society | February 11, 2015, Wednesday // 11:26 | Viewed: 776

Fastest Human-Powered Vehicles in the World Invented by Bulgarian

For more than 14 years, the brand Varna has been holding the world record on the fastest human-propelled vehicles.

Society » Culture | February 11, 2015, Wednesday // 10:35 | Viewed: 1400

Frosty Northern Winds Settle in Bulgaria

The weather in Bulgaria will remain partially cloudy on Wednesday.

Society » Environment | February 11, 2015, Wednesday // 08:04 | Viewed: 933

58% of Settlements in Bulgaria to Access Emergency Care in 20 Minutes by 2020

58% of Bulgarian cities, towns, and villages will have access to emergency medical services within 20 minutes by 2020, according to a draft healthcare reform plan of the Health Ministry.

Society » Health | February 10, 2015, Tuesday // 20:24 | Viewed: 1202

Telenor To Launch Internet Safety Educational Campaign in Bulgaria

Mobile operator Telenor said on Tuesday it is launching an educational campaign on Internet safety in collaboration with the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior and the Bulgarian Safer Internet Node.

Society | February 10, 2015, Tuesday // 14:06 | Viewed: 1382

Brazzobrazie Music Festival Storms Sofia In February

The fourth winter edition of the festival is dedicated to the sweet madness of funk and soul music.

Society » Culture | February 10, 2015, Tuesday // 11:44 | Viewed: 1590

River in Southern Bulgaria Bursts Dike, Threatens to Flood Village, Motorway

The river Stryama burst a dike on the territory of Maritsa municipality in southern Bulgaria, threatening to flood the nearby village of Trilistnik and Trakia Motorway.

Society » Incidents | February 10, 2015, Tuesday // 10:45 | Viewed: 1374

Bulgaria Launches Its First Comedy Festival

Bulgaria's very First Comedy Festival is to start on February 22 and will continue up until March 9 in Sofia.

Society » Culture | February 10, 2015, Tuesday // 10:38 | Viewed: 1654

New Bulgarian-Language Book about Morocco Seeks to Boost Tourism, Bilateral Ties

A book containing seventeen stories of Bulgarian journalists and writers who traveled to Morocco was presented in Sofia on Monday.

Society » Culture | February 10, 2015, Tuesday // 08:53 | Viewed: 1953

BBLF Raises BGN 36,000 to Fight Breast Cancer and Child Abandonment  

The Seventh Annual Ball of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF) raised a record BGN 36,000 to support the prevention of breast cancer and child abandonment.

Society | February 9, 2015, Monday // 17:20 | Viewed: 637