Italian Coast Guard Secure Drifting Cargo Ship Carrying Migrants

A coast guard vessel was towing to safety on Friday a ship with some 450 migrants aboard that had been abandoned by its crew and left drifting without power off Italy's southeastern coast.

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Search Resumes for Crashed AirAsia Jet’s ‘Black Boxes’

Weather at the suspected site of the crash of AirAsia Indonesia's aircraft has improved enough on Friday to allow the deployment of two ships carrying acoustic equipment to detect the ‘pings’ from the plane’s cockpit voice and flight data recorders, inter

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Bulgaria’s PM Boasts of Achievements in Final Months of 2014

Shortly after midnight, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov congratulated his Facebook subscribers in a brief New Year’s address.

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Bulgaria’s President Praises Disaster Relief Volunteering in New Year’s Address

In his New Year’s address to the nation, Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev cited volunteering as a bright example of social solidarity during the critical periods in 2014 when the country was grappling with the damage caused by natural disasters.

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Moldovan Ship Blue Sky M Arrives in Italy

The Moldovan-flagged cargo ship Blue Sky M docked in the port of Gallipoli early on Wednesday after the Italian Navy undertook an operation to save some 700 migrants aboard, reports Deutsche Welle.

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Sofia Traffic Police Hands Out Presents, Instead of Fines

On New Year's Eve Sofia traffic police hands out presents to motorists with minor violations, instead of fining them, reports BGNES.

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Mountain Rescuers Warn of Avalanches in Ski Resorts, Frostbite

There is real risk of freezing and avalanches in the mountains, Kamen Yakimov of the Mountain Rescue Service told the BNR public radio.

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Road Conditions in North Eastern Bulgaria Deteriorate

The road conditions in north eastern Bulgaria are deteriorating, Georgi Zlatev of the Road Infrastructure Agency told the Focus agency.

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Number of Norman Atlantic Victims Reaches 13, Survivors Tell Stories of Horror, Chaos

The number of victims of the fire on the Greek ferry Norman Atlantic has reached 13, but rescuers fear the figure might rise.

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Extreme Cold, Strong Winds Grip Bulgaria for New Year

The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) has issued a yellow code for extremely low temperatures and strong winds for the last day of the year.

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Three AirAsia Jets Involved in Minor Incidents in Thailand, Philippines

Three further incidents involving AirAsia jets took place on Tuesday, causing no heavy injuries or casualties.

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Scottish Nurse Becomes First Person Diagnosed with Ebola in UK

The Scottish nurse Pauline Cafferkey, who had volunteered in West Africa, became the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United Kingdom.

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Cargo Ship Sends Distress Signal Near Corfu

A cargo ship, believed to be transporting illegal migrants sent a distress signal near the Greek island of Corfu on Tuesday.

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Bulgarians Are Half as Happy as Eastern Europeans – Gallup

Only 31 % of Bulgarians identify themselves as being happy in 2014, which is almost twice less than the share of Eastern Europeans who declare happiness.

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Bulgarians Spent BGN 6 M Per Hour Around Christmas

The Bulgarians were spending BGN 6 M per hour in preparation for the Christmas holidays, shows preliminary data of the National Revenue Agency (NAP), quoted by the Nova TV national channel.

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Bulgaria's Health Ministry Launches Additional Emergency Hotline

Bulgaria's Health Ministry launched an additional emergency hotline for those who cannot reach the 112 number.

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Vice PM Kuneva Expects Migrant Pressure to Rise Again in March 2015

Bulgaria's Deputy Prime Minister Meglena Kuneva said the authorities were expecting a new rise in migrant numbers in March next year, reports Focus agency.

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Indonesian Rescue Teams Retrieve Bodies from Java Sea

Indonesian search and rescue teams began recovering bodies of passengers from the disappeared AirAisa flight, reports The Guardian.

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Bulgarian Academy of Sciences to Receive EUR 237 M for Research for 5 Years

Stefan Vodenicharov, President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), has said that the institution expects to receive EUR 237 M for research over the next 5 years.

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Refugee Centers in Bulgaria House 3770 Refugees – Interim Agency Chair

Vasil Varbanov, interim Chair of Bulgaria’s State Agency for Refugees, has suggested that the entity needs restructuring.

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Possible AirAsia Debris Found Off Indonesia's Coast

Items resembling an emergency slide and plane door have been seen in the search for AirAsia flight QZ8501, which lost contact with air controllers on Sunday morning en route to Singapore's Changi Airport, Indonesia has said.

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