Gus Gus In Sofia

The Icelandic electronic band Gus Gus will perform in Sofia on December 11.

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Boyz II Men In Sofia

The US soul and R&B band Boyz II Men will perform in Sofia on December 12.

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Bulgarian Helsinki Committee Condemns ‘Racist Threat’ of Health Minister

The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC) has expressed indignation at the warning of Health Minister Petar Moskov that emergency medical teams will not enter Roma districts unless their safety is guaranteed.

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Ex Head of Bulgarian Intelligence Missing since Friday, IntMin Confirms

Petko Sertov, a former Chairman of Bulgaria's State Agency for National Security (DANS), has been missing since Friday, police sources say.

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Bulgarian Woman Sets Herself on Fire in Stara Zagora

A young Bulgarian woman has set herself ablaze in the town of Stara Zagora, local officials say.

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Situation in Bulgaria's Flooded Regions Remains Adverse

The Ministry of Environment and Water warned on Sunday that the levels of Maritsa river, in its middle and lower course, and that of river Tundzha are to remain high until December 12.

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Emergency Medical Teams Will Avoid Roma Districts unless their Safety Is Guaranteed

Bulgaria’s Health Minister Petar Moskov has warned that emergency medical teams will not respond to calls in Roma neighborhoods until their safety is guaranteed.

Society » Health | December 7, 2014, Sunday // 16:52 | Viewed: 15867

Runaway Tiger Safely Returned to Cage at Sofia Zoo

The tiger which fled his cage at the Sofia Zoo Sunday morning was sedated and captured by a team of veterinarians and was returned to his cage.

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Tiger Flees Cage at Sofia Zoo

A tiger has escaped from his cage at the Sofia zoo.

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Minor 2.5-Magnitude Earthquake Registered in Sofia

A 2.5-manginude earthquake was registered around 9 pm on Saturday in Sofia, according to reports of the National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy, and Geography at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

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Emergency Remains in Part of SE Bulgaria, Villages in North Covered in Ice

The state of emergency declared after heavy flooding in two Bulgarian municipalities this week is set to remain in force on Saturday, authorities say.

Society » Environment | December 6, 2014, Saturday // 13:01 | Viewed: 1452

Towns, Villages in SE Bulgaria Ready for Evacuation due to Flooding

The Mayor of the southeastern Bulgarian town of Elhovo, Petar Kirov, has urged locals to prepare for evacuation as the water level of the Tundzha River nears the critical level.

Society » Environment | December 5, 2014, Friday // 20:24 | Viewed: 1679

Bulgarians Have Shorter Life Expectancy Than More Europeans

Bulgaria is again among the countries with worst health indicators in the EU, revealed a recent report of the European Commission.

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New Book Tells of Ethnic Bulgarians’ Plight in Macedonia After WWII

A long-awaited book by Temelko Neshkov portraying the sufferings of ethnic Bulgarians in the territory of the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia after WWII has left the printing press.

Society » Culture | December 5, 2014, Friday // 11:10 | Viewed: 1420

After Day of Heavy Rains, Floods Weather in Bulgaria Gets Back to Normal

Following a day of torrential rains, some parts in Bulgaria have been heavily flooded with several rivers and dams overflowing on Thursday.

Society » Environment | December 5, 2014, Friday // 07:36 | Viewed: 1319

US Gov't Invests USD 700 000 to Preserve St John Aliturgetos Church in Nessebar

US State Department is providing USD 700 000 to preserve and conserve a 14th Century medieval church, Saint John Aliguretos, in the ancient city of Nesebar, the US Embassy has announced.

Society » Culture | December 4, 2014, Thursday // 12:24 | Viewed: 3141

Blind Shell Defused in Downtown Sofia

A blind shell has been found in an apartment block in the city center of Bulgaria's capital Sofia, officials say.

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Hundreds Protest over Appointment to Bulgarian Parliament Committee

A crowd of a few hundred people mainly formed by actors, directors, musicians, writers and artists has staged a sit-in at a key square in downtown Sofia and then by the Parliament building.

Society | December 3, 2014, Wednesday // 18:11 | Viewed: 930

Bulgarian Students Call Protest, Demand Resignations

The students behind last year's occupation of Sofia University are organising a protest demanding the resignations of several controversial politicians, who were appointed to high-level positions.

Society » Education | December 2, 2014, Tuesday // 21:50 | Viewed: 968

Bulgaria Reports 195 New Cases of HIV-Positive People in 2014

Bulgaria has registered 195 new cases of HIV-positive people in the period 1 January- 21 November 2014, according to Health Ministry data.

Society » Health | December 1, 2014, Monday // 16:26 | Viewed: 3459

Deputy Minister Pledges Pay Rise for Emergency Care Workers in 2015

Deputy Health Minister Vanyo Sharkov has pledged an increase in salaries at emergency care units in 2015.

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