Thunderstorms, Possible Hails Expected Across Bulgaria

Thunderstorms and prolific rains are expected in the early evening hours of Wednesday evening across Southern Bulgaria.

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Bulgaria to Set Up 6 Regional Centers for Crisis, Disaster Management

A total of nearly BGN 40 M under operational program “Environment” 2014-2020 will go to the creation of six regional centers for crisis and disaster management, according to Bulgaria’s Environment Minister Ivelina Vasileva.

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Bulgaria Ranks 32nd in 2015 Global Peace Index

Bulgaria ranked 32nd in the 2015 Global Peace Index with a score of 1.607, with the state of peace in the country identified as “high”.

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Growth of Newborn Egyptian Vulture in Bulgaria Can Be Watched Online

A hatchling was born into a family of Egyptian vultures living in Bulgaria this week, helping preserve a species whose numbers are rapidly declining across the region, a non-profit has said.

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Former Turkish President, PM Demirel Dies at 90

Former Turkish President Suleyman Demirel died early on Wednesday morning at the age of 90.

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Survey Shows Half of Bulgarians Support Compulsory, Electronic Voting

The latest opinion poll of Gallup International, which was released on Tuesday, shows that half of all Bulgarians of age of majority would vote in favour of compulsory voting, while slightly below one third would vote against its introduction.

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Sofia-Varna Train Stuck in Iskar River Valley

The Sofia-Varna train got stuck somewhere along the valley of the Iskar River on Tuesday afternoon.

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Airplane Makes Emergency Landing at Sofia Airport Due to Broken Cockpit Window

An airplane made an emergency landing at Bulgaria's Sofia Airport on Tuesday afternoon due to a broken window.

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False Alarm on New Ethnic Tensions in Sofia

The Bulgarian Interior Ministry has revoked the information that police specialized teams have been sent urgently near Sofia’s Novi Han.

Society | June 16, 2015, Tuesday // 10:58 | Viewed: 1558

Bulgaria Expresses Concern over EU’s ‘Unrealistic’ Emission Reduction Commitments

Environment Minister Ivelina Vasileva expressed Bulgaria’s concerns over the overly ambitious and unrealistic emission reduction commitments of the EU after 2030 at a meeting of the Environment Council in Luxembourg.

Society » Environment | June 15, 2015, Monday // 21:28 | Viewed: 1684

Bulgarian Businessman Establishes His Own Country on Island in Pacific Ocean

Bulgarian businessman Vladimir Balanov that had expressed his wish to give Bulgaria its very own island in the Pacific Ocean has now established his own county.

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US Rock Band Godsmack Arrives in Bulgaria

The rock band Godsmack arrived in Bulgaria Monday.

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Star of Ancient Sozopol 'Possibly Served as Model for Macedonia's Coat of Arms'

Archaeological excavations in the Bulgarian seaside town of Sozopol on Sunday revealed an interesting find – a leaden bucranium with an eight-ray star, which possibly served as model for the coat of arms of Macedonia.

Society » Archaeology | June 15, 2015, Monday // 12:58 | Viewed: 2542

Illegall Landfills Near Plovdiv Now Investigated

Specialized teams will be removing the illegal landfills in the Plovdiv neighborhood of Stolipinovo.

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Several Injured as Tensions Escalate at Protest in Sofia Neighbourhood

Several people were injured after tensions escalated at a protest in the Orlandovtsi neighbourhood in the capital of Bulgaria on Sunday.

Society » Incidents | June 15, 2015, Monday // 07:57 | Viewed: 2444

Bulgarian Village Hosts Fifth Edition of Meadows in Mountains Festival

Nearly a thousand foreigners, mainly British citizens, flocked to the Bulgarian village of Polkovnik Serafimovo for the fifth edition of the Meadows in the Mountains festival, which began on Friday.

Society » Culture | June 13, 2015, Saturday // 15:08 | Viewed: 2019

Evacuated Passengers Return to Varna Airport, No Bomb Found

The flight schedule at Bulgaria’s Varna Airport hasn’t been disrupted despite a security alert that triggered the evacuation of passengers from one of the aiport's terminals, BGNES reported on Friday.

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Syria is in Bulgaria’s List of Banned Countries for Military Trade

Syria is in the list of countries that Bulgaria is not allowed to export weapons to according to the Bulgarian legislation.

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Bulgaria’s Varna Airport Now Evacuated

Varna Airport has been evacuated.

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Minister Foresees Likely Rise in Salaries of Bulgarian Teachers in Autumn

Bulgarian Education Minister Todor Tanev announced on Friday that the salaries of teachers were likely to increase in the autumn.

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Photo of Winter Plovdiv Voted Best Picture in Nat Geo Russia Contest

A photo of the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv in the winter was voted the best picture by National Geographic Russia.

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