Sofia Marks 137 Years Since Its Proclamation as Capital of Bulgaria

Sofia is marking on Sunday the 137th anniversary of its proclamation as capital of Bulgaria.

Society | April 3, 2016, Sunday // 16:43 | Viewed: 4210

Bulgarian Culture Ministry, Louvre Renew Cooperation Agreement

Bulgarian Culture Minister Vezhdi Rashidov and Jean-Luc Martinez, director of the Louvre, signed a new five-year cooperation agreement between the culture ministry and the French museum.

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Bulgarian GPs Vow to End Protest on Monday

Bulgarian general practitioners (GPs) decided at their meeting in Veliko Tarnovo on Saturday to end the protest they have been staging since the beginning of the week on Monday.

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Sofia Landmarks Light Up for Autism Awareness Day

Bulgaria's capital Sofia and other citis will mark the World Autism Awareness Day on Saturday, with key buildings lighting up to show support for a worldwide information campaign.

Society | April 2, 2016, Saturday // 11:46 | Viewed: 3870

Poli Genova to Promote Bulgaria’s Entry in Eurovision Song Contest in Riga, Amsterdam, London

Poli Genova will sing the Bulgarian entry in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest “If Love Was A Crime”, at promotional concerts in Riga, Amsterdam and London this month.

Society » Culture | April 1, 2016, Friday // 19:07 | Viewed: 6470

Man Tries to Set Fire to Car Used by Bulgaria MP

A man approached the car of a Bulgarian lawmaker and tried to set it ablaze using a burner, local media outlets report.

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Lukoil Bulgaria Refinery to Get Fined over Air Pollution

Lukoil Neftochim, a Burgas-based oil refinery, will be slapped with a fine for contaminating the city's air with hydrogen sulfide, Environment Minister Ivelina Vasileva has said.

Society » Environment | April 1, 2016, Friday // 11:28 | Viewed: 5268

Bulgaria's Adolescents Show Alarming Rates of Smoking, Drinking in WHO Report

Bulgaria tops or is high in rankings of adolescent drinkers and smokers, according to a recent World Health Organization (WHO) study on youth behavior.

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Sofia Residents to Protest over Planned Hike in Public Transport Ticket Prices

A demonstration will take place in Bulgaria's capital Sofia on Friday over local plans of local authorities to adopt a 60% price increase for the public transport tickets.

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Bulgaria to Test Warning Siren Systems on April 1

The civil defense sirens of Bulgaria are to be tested in 11 Bulgarian cities on Friday.

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Protest of Bulgarian GPs Grows Further as Ten More Regions Join

The protest of Bulgarian general practitioners (GPs) is to grow further on Thursday as ten more regions will join in it.

Society » Health | March 31, 2016, Thursday // 08:03 | Viewed: 4646

Bulgaria Expands Quota for University Students from Bulgarian Diaspora

The government in Sofia has decided to increase 2.5 times the quota for university students from the Bulgarian diaspora living mostly in European countries.

Society » Education | March 30, 2016, Wednesday // 17:30 | Viewed: 4475

Nine Bulgarian Regions Join Protest of General Practitioners

The protest of general practitioners (GPs) is continuing to spread across Bulgaria, with nine more regions joining on Wednesday.

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Two Bulgarian Novels Listed in Dedalus Books’ Initiative in Support of UK Staying in EU

Two Bulgarian novels, “The Black Box” and “Mission London” by Alek Popov, have been included in a list of the best European indie novels in support of the UK remaining in the EU, Alison Fllod writes in a blog post in The Guardian.

Society » Culture | March 29, 2016, Tuesday // 17:31 | Viewed: 4241

Bulgarian PM Reshuffles Deputy Ministers in Education Ministry

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has reshuffled deputy ministers in the country's education ministry.

Society » Education | March 29, 2016, Tuesday // 15:15 | Viewed: 4436

Protest of General Practitioners Spreads to Five Other Bulgarian Regions

General practitioners (GPs) from five other Bulgarian regions will join the actions of their colleagues from the first four regions who began protesting by closing their practices on Monday.

Society » Health | March 29, 2016, Tuesday // 11:22 | Viewed: 4531

Abandoned Luggage Triggers Bomb Scare in Central Sofia

An alert sent to the emergency hotline 112 left a key junction in the center of Bulgaria's capital Sofia sealed off for nearly an hour on Monday evening.

Society » Incidents | March 28, 2016, Monday // 22:52 | Viewed: 4358

Bulgaria Boasts First-Ever Prison Adapted to 'World Standards'

The first Bulgarian prison "meeting all European and world requirements" was opened in the town of Stara Zagora in the country's south, the Justice Ministry has said.

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Bulgarians among Injured in Austria Crash

Seven people, including three children, have been left injured in a crash in the area of Weisskirchen, Austria, local media reports.

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US Deporting Bulgarian Violinist and His Family

Yuliyan Stoyanov, a Bulgarian violinist living in the US, is to leave the States with his family on Wednesday after being refused a petition to stay as a permanent worker.

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Sofia Hosts 16th Edition of European Music Festival

The Bulgarian capital will host the 16th edition of the European Music Festival, which will last between March 28 and June 8.

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